Volume 8 Chapter 8 – Prime War (Part 1)

The wonderful thing about Lewd Serpent is that when they touch a woman’s body, she won’t feel them like a snake, but rather like a part of a man’s.

As for which part of a man, it depends entirely on the master’s of the Lewd Serpent.

Then, with his ideas, Aiwa transformed the two Lewd Serpents into his hands and stroked them on the plump breasts of the Devil Lady.

When the Devil Lady looked alertly at Aiwa, she found Aiwa lying there quietly with his hands at his side. But when she closed her eyes again, that strange feeling came again. After the careful sensation, however, she realized that the feeling of being stroked was not made by the real hand, but a softer thing, which she could not tell.

In short, it was a wonderful feeling, and she liked it very much.

What makes her feel better was that when she closed her eyes and get a feel for it silently, she would feel that it seemed as if a softer hand had touched her jungle and slid all the way between her legs. Although it’s just the beginning, the feeling has made her intoxicated. She even was unwilling to open her eyes, as if once she opens her eyes, that feeling would disappear.

In the midst of the pink smoke, the Devil Lady shamelessly separated two jade legs and exposed her vulva, because she felt as if a man’s hand was touching her labia, and some mucus was gradually secreted from her honey hole, and that hand was dipping in her mucus and rubbing back and forth in her vaginal orifice.

“Oh… Ah…”

The Devil Lady groaned comfortably, twisted her body slightly and could not help rubbing and kneading her two rounded breasts with her hands.

“Ah… you are so bad”

Just like a drunken woman, the Devil Lady rolled gently on the cot.

“I didn’t touch you.”

Aiwa defended.

“I… don’t believe you… You must be… Touching me…”

The Devil Lady enthusiastically split her legs and squeezed her breasts with hands.

Aiwa knows that this is just the beginning. With the willpower of the Devil Lady, she will definitely not be put down now. He must wait patiently for the opportunity.

Aiwa’s Lewd Serpent licked the Devil Lady’s meat seam and slowly got in. The body of the snake, like a meat stick, slid into the Devil Lady’s vagina, where it was already wet and slippery.

Aiwa feels as if his meat stick had penetrated the Devil Lady’s vagina, but it’s actually his idea that is combined with the Devil Lady’s naked body.

Up and down, the two Lewd Serpents flirted with each sensitive part of the Devil Lady. What’s more, the pink smoke itself has a very powerful erotic effect. Even without these two little Lewd Serpent to drill and touch her, she would be sexually aroused by the pink smoke.

The Devil Lady’s body twisted more and more violently, at which time she was so eager to be caressed by a man with the real organs.

“Ah… Aiwa… Fuck me please…”

The Devil Lady licked her lips and looked very horny.

Her neck fell back, and the white jade neck appears more attractive.

Aiwa was surprised that the explosion did not even hurt her body, but her face. It can be seen that her reaction speed and combat ability is extremely strong. If she hadn’t been injured, Cartel would not have been no match for her.

“How, don’t you say your willpower is strong? You wanna give up now? Ha-ha, are you not afraid that I steal your energy?”

Aiwa sat up and watched the Devil Lady twisting her butt.

Aiwa might have fallen in love with the Devil Lady if they two had not been enemies, but he knew very well that the Devil Lady had a beautiful face but her heart was merciless, so he would never fall in love with such a woman.

“I know, your ability disqualifies you from that yet…”

The Devil Lady grabbed at her breasts and she seemed could no longer bear the flirtation. Her desire burned her so badly that she wished to jump into the water immediately.

“Ah… Hurry up and help me…”

She kept licking her lips, splitting her legs desperately, and seducing Aiwa with her wet vulva.

The Devil Lady’s vulva is very delicate, with glittering drops on her pink labia.

“Oh… I can’t…”

No matter how the Devil Lady wriggles, her legs are always split, the bright hole is so charming, Aiwa immediately has the desire to fuck her.

“I’m afraid you won’t let me in later, isn’t that worse for me then? I won’t promise you unless you promise me first.”

“What… promise?”

The Devil Lady can’t wait. From her tone, as long as Aiwa won’t kill her, she will agree to any conditions.

“You can’t refuse me before I stop fucking you!”

“I… Feel free to fuck me… You can do it no matter how long you want…”

The Devil Lady readily agreed to him.

But Aiwa knew that once the Devil Lady was satisfied, she would immediately turn her face away. At that time, it was unhelpful to say anything.

Aiwa knows it very well in his heart, retracts Lewd Serpent, lifts one Devil Lady’s leg, and pulls her body in front of him.

He asked the Devil Lady to lean sideways and poke the big meat stick into her vagina.

Aiwa did not move his butt, but pulled the Devil Lady’s leg against his body. Actually, Aiwa needed not to move at all, the Devil Lady stirred herself up. She struggled to lean her crotch towards Aiwa and let the meat stick go deeper. Only in this way did she feel addicted.

But Aiwa did not want to satisfy her immediately. He kept the delight of Devil Lady on the verge of orgasm. When the Devil Lady feels about to orgasm and wants to speed up the rhythm, he pulls his buttocks back and pulls the stick almost out of the vagina.

“Ah… Quick… Give me…”

The Devil Lady grabbed Aiwa’s buttocks with both hands to keep him from retreating, but how could she outweigh Aiwa’s strength? The more she wants Aiwa to fuck her, the more Aiwa avoids her.

The Devil Lady had no choice but to stop forcing herself to orgasm.

But the pleasure of approaching orgasm is so torturous. Gradually she lost herself, and was almost confused about whether the man who fucks her was a foe or a friend.

Aiwa watched her expression as he fuck the Devil Lady. Although her expression was illusive, Aiwa believed that he could tell if she was out of control.

The Devil Lady’s butt has been twisting and becoming more and more intense, which undoubtedly consumes a lot of her physical strength, but Aiwa knows that this physical consumption is not enough to reduce her combat ability. It would be too risky to steal her Prime at this time.

But Aiwa was in a very anxious mood. He wondered if the Devil Lady would suddenly stop having sex.

In that case, he would waste all the previous efforts. So Aiwa must keep her pleasure on the verge of orgasm.

Several times, the Devil Lady’s vagina contracted violently, almost to jerk, frightening Aiwa to stop the attack. Because if he sticks in a little bit more, or continue to grind his glans on the bud, it’s very likely that the Devil Lady will shoot out.

Once she is satisfied, she may stop having sex and absorb his Prime from his body in a tough way.

At that point, Aiwa had no chance.

Aiwa was afraid that the Devil Lady would find out about his attempt, and that their sexual intercourse would stop immediately, so he had to be careful.

“Oh… Quick… Fuck me…”

The Devil Lady’s nails penetrated deeply into Aiwa’s flesh, but he got through.

“Hang on a bit longer!”

Aiwa also managed to control himself, not daring to let his orgasm come at once. But the drunken expression and twist of Devil Lady deeply affected him.

“Oh… Ah…”

The Devil Lady’s breathing became more and more urgent and her consciousness began to be messy.

Aiwa feels that it’s the chance, and if he doesn’t take the opportunity to absorb her Prime, it will be wasted.

Aiwa slowly straightened the Devil Lady’s body, splitting her legs on both sides and gently pressing himself up. Now he’s going to take the initiative.

Aiwa picked up the Devil Lady’s two white legs and stuck them in his crotch, with the long meat stick against her bud. At this time, the bud has opened a small gap, Aiwa read the mental cultivation methods silently, let the front of his meat stick become thin, slowly inserted it into the small gap on the bud.

Aiwa did not twitch violently, but continued to move in. He secretly ran Dou Qi to concentrate all his power on the meat stick.

A tremendous force drove the Prime of Devil Lady to revolve in her Dantian area.

By this time, the Devil Lady’s mind had been somewhat messy. She just enjoyed the pleasure caused by Aiwa’s strong meat stick, but ignored her attempt.

Aiwa nervously inspired the Prime in Devil Lady with Dou Qi, slowly moved and gradually controlled it.

With Aiwa’s power, he could not absorb the Prime of Devil Lady into his body, but only the part that she had not had time to integrate into her body.

In the twist of the Devil Lady’s happiness, Aiwa silently absorbed the Prime in her body, while experiencing the tremendous pleasure of severe vaginal contraction.

Admittedly, the Devil Lady’s vagina is long and powerful. Aiwa has never met such a powerful role before, but he focuses more on absorbing her Prime. Only this time, otherwise Xuan Er could never recover to her former state.

But Aiwa also knows that once the Devil Lady finds out what he’s trying to do, he’s likely to lose his life.

Aiwa let go her hands holding her legs, stroked her plump breasts, bent down and kissed her lips, and the delight of Devil Lady had reached its peak.

Aiwa dared not neglect and absorbed the Prime, which had not yet been dissolved, with the greatest strength.

The tip of his tongue flicked in the Devil Lady’s mouth and his buttock flicked from time to time, keeping the Devil Lady’s pleasure at its climax.

“Ah… Hmm…”

The Devil Lady can only moan with her nose. She has never experienced such intense pleasure. Her mind is completely controlled by Aiwa’s caress, and sex fluids are sprayed out again and again.

Finally, after ten minutes, Aiwa sucked all the undissolved Primes from the Devil Lady into his body.

At this time, Aiwa suddenly stirred up violently, his speed was incomparable, fuck the Devil Lady dead and alive. Because Aiwa’s meat stick had been deeply embedded in her uterus, the intense pain and unbearable pleasure made her almost spasmodic.

She pushed Aiwa aside and screamed.


With that force, Aiwa suddenly bounced out of her stomach, bursting through the roof of the hut and shooting out.

He’s too late to dress. It’s good to be able to survive.

By this time, the Devil Lady was completely exhausted, and when she understood what was going on, Aiwa had escaped from the roof.

“You bastard!”

The Devil Lady cursed angrily. She ran out of the hut and chased for a while, but how could she be match for Aiwa in terms of the footwork? What’s more, she was naked at this time. Even if she went to the base like this, she could not see anyone.

Aiwa ran back to the base as fast as possible, where at least Cartel and others could resist for a while, and the Devil Lady could do nothing to him.

When Aiwa ran back to the base, it was not dark, and almost everyone saw Aiwa’s naked appearance.

But Aiwa doesn’t care about this, and even the Duty Office Xena forgets shyness and offered to help Aiwa find a training suit to wear.

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