Volume 8 Chapter 8 – Prime War (Part 2)

Cartel looked behind Aiwa for a long time and assured him that Devil Lady had not caught up.

“First try your armor!”

The first thing Xena saw Aiwa was to let him try on the rushed snakeskin armor again. This time, Xena thought it was perfect, and there should be no more problems.

“Has the snakeskin come yet?”

“The armor has been made!”

Xena couldn’t restrain her excitement. Not only was she excited about the snakeskin armor, but Aiwa also returned safely to the base.

Aini and Xuan Er followed Aiwa to Cartel’s office. The snakeskin armor was always there and nobody could move it.

“Didn’t that woman do anything to you?”

Xena looked like an elder sister and mother, and Aiwa was moved by her concerned eyes.

“No. I’ve got Xuan Er’s Prime back. However, this time, we must find a suitable time to return it to her. I need to adjust my body first.”

Aiwa came back in one breath and is still out of breath.

“You’re so great!”

Xena looked passionately at Aiwa and said.

Xuan Er’s eyes were filled with tears of gratitude. Prime is too important for her. Without Prime, she would be better off dead than alive.

“Thank you, Aiwa.”

Xuan Er looked at Aiwa tenderly and emotionally. If Cartel hadn’t been there, she would have hugged and kissed Aiwa.

“I don’t know when she will come again. These days we have to be on guard. You can’t fall into the hands of the Devil Lady anymore.”

Aiwa gasped and warned seriously.

“I know.”

Xuan Er was moved to tears.

“Rest assured! Cartel instructor has already rearranged a rigorous alarm structure around the base, and the Devil Lady can no longer easily break in.”

Aini said.

“Why nothing have happened when I just came in?”

Asked Aiwa puzzled.

“When we saw it’s you, then we canceled the alarm.”

Aini laughed triumphantly. Because she also contributed to the establishment of this alarm service.

Cartel had been sitting silently, without speaking, but he was more excited than anyone else.

He didn’t care whether Xuan Er’s Prime can be brought back or not. But if any accidents happened to Aiwa, he would blame himself.

“Try your armor!”

Cartel muffled.

Then Aiwa remembered that instructor was still sitting here. He was shy for a while. He looked at three women and they went out together.

Aiwa took off his training clothes and wore his new snakeskin armor naked.

Once put on, Aiwa felt very fit. Even more exciting to him was that the connection between the main joints was boldly removed by Cartel, so it was much more flexible, only in the elbow and wrist joints to preserve the hydraulic mechanical transmission device, which would not affect the speed of attack, but also increase the strength of the impact. With the protection of those scales, the whole armor was stronger.

“You can come in!”

After Aiwa was dressed neatly, Cartel called three girls into the office. He took out a sword and handed it to Aini.

“What are you doing?”

Aini looked at Cartel puzzled.

“You stab him, be brave!”

Cartel ordered.

Aini hesitated, but Cartel looked very relaxed.

“Try it, Tony.”

Xena didn’t know that Tony was Princess Aini, so, of course she called her Tony.

Aini carefully scratched the tip of the sword on Aiwa’s armor. When she tested the skin with a dagger that day, Aini saw the toughness of the skin, but now she had no courage to stab Aiwa directly.

“Don’t be womanishly fussy, like a woman! Be bold!”

Cartel urged.

Aini tried to stab Aiwa again. The force of the sword this time was much heavier than before, but Aini still had some reservations for fear of injuring Aiwa. After all, Cartel’s sword was unusual. But when the tip of the sword pierced the armor, it rubbed against the scales and slid away.

“That’s all your swordsmanship?”

Cartel was a little impatient, and now he was trying to prove his armor’s defensiveness.

After this experience, Aini felt that the armor really could withstand Cartel’s sword, so she stabbed it hard again, which turned the whole body of the sword upside down!

“Instructor Cartel, is my snakeskin good?”

Aiwa was the first to get excited. He thought the snake skin was so strong that even Cartel’s sword couldn’t pierce it out.

Whoever it was, it’s a surprise.

“The needlework is quite good, too. You did not find that all the thread I used was made of fibers drawn from snake skin, which can bear the swords! The snakeskin is really strong enough. You don’t know how much effort I’ve spent on extracting snakeskin fibers!”

Xena said proudly.

This armor combines the sweat and wisdom of Xena and Cartel.

“Good! With this armor, I’m no longer afraid of the Devil Lady!”

Aiwa waved his fist and felt quite flexible and powerful. If he hit the Devil Lady, he was sure that she will be turned into a meat pie.

“You can wear this armor whenever you want. The march will not affect your speed at all. And it’s also very convenient to pee.”

Speaking that, Xena did a demonstration on the front zipper of the armor in front of several people.

But her demonstration was so complete that Aiwa’s sausage inside was exposed.

Watching the scene, Xuan Er and Aini blushed with shame. Cartel’s eyebrows wrinkled and felt that a Duty Office should not be so profligate in front of students. Xena only ignored Cartel’s displeasure and pulled the zipper up again.

“Convenient or not, you can just try it yourself.”

Xena appeared no shyness at all.

“Well, I’ll teach you a set of unique techniques. If you combine it with your speed, you’ll surely be able to show great power.”

Since Cartel founded the base, only physical training had been given to the students. No one could learn the unique techniques from him.

The reason why he wanted to teach Aiwa this unique skill was not only that Aiwa was his favourite disciple but also that Aiwa was facing a strong enemy. In Cartel’s view, only Aiwa could exert the power of the unique techniques, and once he wore the armor, he would be invincible.

“Start now?”

“Do you want to wait for the Devil Lady to come and then to learn?”

Cartel glared at Aiwa. He really didn’t know what this guy was thinking. No matter how severe things happened to him, he didn’t take them seriously.

Cartel took Aiwa to the open space outside. The rest of the students had returned to their rooms, and now Aiwa had been back, and alarms had been laid around the base so that they could rest easy.

Cartel rehearsed himself first. Aiwa, smart as he was, only had a general idea about that. He only imitated the drill, but he didn’t do the essence of Cartel.

Cartel slowly demonstrated again and guided Aiwa’s actions again and again. When Cartel’s hand was simply assisted on one of his joints, Aiwa felt the subtlety of the technique.

With Aiwa’s cleverness, he learned the whole set of techniques in half an hour.

“Now you just learn the form, if you wanna get the essence, you need to work hard.”

Cartel asked Aiwa to go back to his room and continue practicing. Now he didn’t want other students to see this technique. If a person’s physical training was not to a certain extent, then he could not use this set of techniques, otherwise, not only he couldn’t hurt the enemy, but also expose his weaknesses to the enemy.

The unique techniques was to kill the enemy in a way that is almost suicidal.

Aiwa wore the armor and went back to his room. It was late at night, and Xena distributed today’s energy food to the students one by one, and she gave one more to Aiwa.

Aiwa dared not to take off his armor in case of the Devil Lady raid. He rehearsed dozens of times in his room before returning to bed.

Aini and Xuan Er were sitting in bed watching Aiwa drill. They appreciated not Aiwa’s techniques, but his armor. The armor wore on Aiwa, making him even more handsome and powerful.

“Are you sleeping with it?”

Asked Aini. Now she wanted to see Aiwa’s body. Just now, when he ran back to the base naked, she thought he was very strong, especially his muscles were very sexy.

“Of course, I like this armor. And if the Devil Lady comes, I can fight right away.”

“You’d better take off and have a rest. Anyway, alarm systems are installed around the base. It doesn’t matter.”

“I can’t be careless anymore. The Devil Lady must have guessed that I would transport Xuan Er’s Prime into her body when I came back. It would take a lot of energy. Could she not sneak in at this time?”

Aiwa was wearing that armor and lying in bed.

When the base fell into silence, a dark shadow rushed towards the base, without any stir. It seemed that the shadow was flying ridding the wind. Only the weeds under her feet rustled against the skirt corners.

When she reached the edge of the base, her footsteps slowed down suddenly, and with her nighttime experience, she slowly approached the base.

When she was less than 100 meters from the dormitory area of the base, she suddenly stopped.

The whole base was so quiet that didn’t even have a patrol, which attracted her attention. After looking around for a minute with her keen eyes, she threw a long silk from her sleeve with a stick tied to one end. The stick, with its long silk, flew dozens of meters away before falling, but it was silent.

However, she found that the long silk did not fall to the ground, but fluctuated like a wave, apparently there was an alarm in this area.

She laughed quietly and said, “Cartel, can you hide this little trick from me?”

The Devil Lady leaped up with a long sword and lightly floated towards the place where the stick fell. Her feet landed on the soft soil without making a sound.

In the same way, she skipped Cartel’s defense and moved slowly towards Aiwa’s hut.

The Devil Lady did not stop until he reached the foot of the hut wall. She stood there, keeping her breath steady, and then looked around leisurely. Now, she hasn’t found a patrol around the base. Are they better prepared?

The Devil Lady shook her head. Now she didn’t know exactly where Aiwa lived. So she could only conclude from her last experience that this was where Aiwa and Xuan Er lived. She thought Aiwa would not live alone without Xuan Er and Aini.

Now she could only gamble. Even if Aiwa was not in the cabin, she would try to get him out.

If she couldn’t take Aiwa away today, she would kill him with a sword. At least she would kill a foe who always interfered with her cultivation.

The Devil Lady turned to the door and took a deep breath. Suddenly, he kicked at the weak wooden door.

“BOOM”, the door immediately broke into dozens of small boards, scattered in the narrow room…

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