Volume 9 Chapter 1 – Saliva Therapy (Part 1)

Antecedent of Volume 9

[Introduction to the Contents of Volume 9]:

Aiwa fought alongside Aini and eventually recaptured Xuan Er’s Prime.

When Aini tried to dedicate her virginity to Aiwa after the Effeminacy Secret was found, she fell into a trap designed by White Hair Bride. And Aiwa made use of the opportunity to achieve his end to take advantage of the greed and lust of White Hair Bride to completely drain her prime-energy.

After returning to Hohfeld headquarters, Aiwa found the envoy who wanted to kill him. At the same time, he got the news that the second princess had been kidnapped.

Aiwa rushed to the palace to see the Queen, who was in a dilemma to choose a man to rescue the second princess. Then, Aiwa offered to do the rescue…

Volume 9 Chapter 1 – Saliva Therapy (Part 1)

Aiwa didn’t relax his vigilance since he had laid down. Although he had fallen asleep, a sword was always beside his pillow.

Just as White Hair Bride broke through the door, Aiwa’s body bounced off the bed almost at the same time. He wondered if it’s caused by the scale of the armour or the hydraulic transmission or his own power. When he bounced off the bed, the whole body stood in the air, and the sword next to the pillow was in his hand.

Although it was late at night, the cold light of the sword immediately made White Hair Bride realize that she had broken into the trap. Otherwise, how could Aiwa be so prepared?

White Hair Bride made a quick decision before she attacked… got out of the room!

But when her body bounced into the courtyard, she heard only a loud roar and suddenly rushed out from all sides a dozen people, each holding a long sword, and surrounded her in the center.

At the same time, Aiwa came out of the house and was shocked by the scene. He didn’t expect the base people to move so quickly.

Aini and Xuan Er quickly put on their clothes and ran out of the hut.

“Ha-ha, Cartel, you’ve already arranged it?”

White Hair Bride sneered, adding a creepy atmosphere to the silent night sky.

“You are so confident that you have exposed yourself miles away. Since you have come all the way to attack our base, then we should be ready to pay tribute to you. Maybe I’m no match for you alone, but don’t forget, we are a base! “

Cartel stepped out of the line and met White Hair Bride face to face.

“Cartel, if you have the guts, just one-for-one. Don’t you think you are losing your reputation of the base captain if you let so many people fight with me?

Hearing White Hair Bride’s words, Aiwa stood up and said, “Old Witch, how could you attack us at midnight since you are so kind? However, since you have put it forward, we can grant your request and defeat you fairly and squarely. Just no need my instructor, I’ll fight with you.”

“Aiwa, you’re too conceited! Among the students in the base, I am the number one. And the first battle should be started by me. What makes you think you can be the first?”

Sassi rolled up his sleeves and came out with a sword in his hand.

Indeed, among the base’s students, Sassi excelled in all aspects. Before Aiwa arrived, he was one of Cartel’s most favorite disciples.

Aiwa looked at Cartel, who nodded, agreeing to let Sassi be the first. It was also a practical training, and such an opportunity was rare.

Sassi was strong, and he came to White Hair Bride with a calm look. White Hair Bride had not had much grey hair. Most of that hair had been burned down in the explosion created by Aiwa. Now she was afraid to show her face, so she had to wear a veil all day.


White Hair Bride gave a sneer. For the average person, Sassi may be able to threaten them with his big size, but for her, she just sneered. Now, Aiwa and Cartel were the people she most wanted to fight.

“Fear? Don’t worry, I won’t let them do it!”

Far from White Hair Bride’s three swords long away, Sassi stopped and pushed the sword out. White Hair Bride kept her sword in its original position.

“Old White Hair Bride, why don’t you start?”

Sassi was a little impatient.

“If I make an attack, you will die!”

White Hair Bride’s voice was colder than before.

“Ha-ha, your death is at hand, how dare you still talk about such a big story! Haha!”

Sassi laughed wildly.


Aiwa suddenly shouted. He saw the murderous look in White Hair Bride’s eyes.

Sassi’s laughter stopped before it was over!

After a flash of cold light, he covered his stomach. But with the exception of Aini, Cartel, Aiwa and Xena, few people saw the sharp sword light.

When Sassi’s body slowly bent down, almost everyone, except Aiwa, stepped back in horror; Cartel spread out his long arms to protect his students.

Aiwa held a sword in his hand. Although his snakeskin armor did not affect his movements, it still lagged behind his usual speed. It may not matter if the gap was in the competition within the students, but it should not be overlooked if he was to fight against the fierce White Hair Bride.

From the light of the sword just now, if Aiwa competed with White Hair Bride with a long sword, it was totally beyond his power. So, Aiwa unexpectedly threw his sword out, which shocked everyone!

“Aiwa, that’s your weapon!”

Many people exclaimed.

White Hair Bride could not help but look at Aiwa’s snakeskin armor shining under the night. For the first time, her sword shivered vigilantly and pointed at Aiwa.

Even Cartel did not understand why Aiwa had to throw away his weapon. White Hair Bride thought Aiwa was going to surrender.

“Boy, if you want to go with me, you can talk to me, why do you get to this point?”

Aiwa was still calm. He rotated his wrist, made a “click, click” sound between his joints, and stepped closer to White Hair Bride, which made White Hair Bride step back involuntarily.

“If you can cut off my head, of course, you can take it away.”

Aiwa went on.

“Do you think I won’t?”

White Hair Bride’s sword shook. She really did not want to kill him, even for Prime in his body, she did not want to kill him. What’s more, Aiwa was now unarmed and wore only a snakeskin armor.

“Not that you won’t, but that you don’t have the guts at all!”

Aiwa stopped just one sword long away from White Hair Bride. This distance was an ideal offensive position for White Hair Bride, but for an unarmed man, it would be a dead end.

“Do you really want to die?”

White Hair Bride looked at Aiwa in amazement, and the tip of her sword retracted slightly.

She wanted to exterminate the entire base, leaving only Aini and Aiwa, two talented people.

“Did I say I want to die?”

Aiwa prepared to fight with the Devil Lady and showed a confident look in his face. The armor armed Aiwa to the tips of his fingers, which made him more confident.

“Ha-ha, do you think wearing this armor will double your strength? If you really want to die, I can make you!”

Hardly had White Hair Bride’s voice faded away, a cold light flew towards Aiwa, stabbing his left arm.

Aiwa did not shuffle away, but went straight up with his left arm and cut the sword of White Hair Bride!

White Hair Bride took a step backwards, with a startled look on her face. She had never seen anyone dare to cut her sword with the arm. Aiwa was the first! She did not understand why his snakeskin armor was so strong that he was not afraid of her sword.

White Hair Bride seemed irritated. After shaking a sword wave, she stabbed Aiwa in the chest with her sword, but to her surprise, and to the surprise of all the present, Aiwa still blocked the sword stabbed by White Hair Bride with her own body. Both of them were powerful enough to force the sword directly into a bow.

By this time, Aiwa had approached White Hair Bride, and his right arm had turned to White Hair Bride in a sudden. He suddenly leaned forward. Under the effect of hydraulic transmission, his arm just hit White Hair Bride in the abdomen. The power was totally beyond White Hair Bride’s expectation. She only resisted Aiwa’s attack according to her previous experience, but her strength was less than half of Aiwa’s strength.

The heavy hit made by Aiwa was just what Cartel had taught him before. 

White Hair Bride stopped, and a sharp pain made her sweat on her forehead, and her sword fell to the ground.

Sassi was still pounding his stomach as blood trickled from his fingers.

Xena rushed to send Sassi to the infirmary to treat the wound.

Aiwa stepped on White Hair Bride’s sword falling in the ground and came up to her.

“Old Witch, you wanted to take my Prime, don’t you? Take it!”

By this time Aiwa had completely relaxed his vigilance and was overwhelmed by the joy of victory.

But how could White Hair Bride so easily be defeated? Just as Aiwa was standing in front of White Hair Bride, she suddenly exerted all her strength, and somewhere a sharp dagger flashed out, stabbing Aiwa straight in the abdomen.

In the faint moonlight, White Hair Bride unexpectedly found a flaw of the armor.

When Aiwa was sleeping, in order to relax a little, he drew a gap in the armor, which was designed by Xena to make it easier for two people to have sex in armor. But Xena never thought that this gap had become a fatal defect.

Aiwa suddenly felt a pain in his lower abdomen. He swiftly twisted his body so that the dagger that passed through his muscles could change direction quickly, and he hit White Hair Bride in the neck with a strong elbow.

Only a “click” was heard, and White Hair Bride fell softly at once.

Others didn’t see the dagger piercing Aiwa’s belly, but White Hair Bride was knocked down by Aiwa with a heavy elbow. They cheered together.

When someone came forward to throw Aiwa into the air, Aiwa waved his hand, and the pain was all written on his face.

“Aiwa, what’s wrong with you?”

Aini shouted.

Aiwa pointed to his belly. He clenched his teeth and could not speak.

Aini looked in the direction Aiwa pointed and saw blood dripping down the handle of the dagger.


Aini was anxious to see the blood flowing from Aiwa, and her voice was crying.

Several trainees immediately carried Aiwa into the infirmary.

Sassi’s wound was not dressed yet, and Aiwa was brought in again, which made Xena even more worried. Despite the presence of many others, she immediately removed Aiwa’s armor and examined him.

Fortunately, Aiwa dodged in time and the dagger stabbed obliquely, so that it did not hurt his internal organs, but cut his skin. However, Aiwa finally hit White Hair Bride with a heavy elbow, the force made his wound more open.


Aiwa grinned with pain.

Xena asked her assistant to deal with Sassi’s wound, while she did her best to treat Aiwa.

“Don’t be afraid. It’s not very serious. It’s just skin and flesh.”

Xena comforted Aiwa as she dealt with the wound.

“Didn’t my intestines come out?”

Aiwa dared not open his eyes to see his wound.

“It’s just skin and flesh. It’s all right.”

Aini held Aiwa’s arm and said.

After the dressing, Aiwa returned to his residence with the help of Aini and Xuan Er.

“What about the Devil Lady?”

Asked Aiwa.

“She’s dead.”

“What? I just hit her a little.”

Aiwa couldn’t believe it. How could such a powerful White Hair Bride be so weak?

“You’re using a robotic hand, which is three times as powerful as the original one. Who can withstand such a strong attack?”

Aini said. These data are all what Cartel said to Aini. Although they were only the values calculated by Cartel, they wouldn’t be very different from the reality.


Aiwa looked at his hand curiously, as if he had forgotten the pain of the wound, but with all his strength the wound began to ache again.


“Be careful! Your strength was great and the effect of this armor can’t be ignored.”

Aini said, holding Aiwa to his bed.

Facilities of the base were simple, even if the body was injured, one could not rest in the medical room, so Aiwa had to rest in his dormitory.

For Aiwa, this was what he most wanted, he could ask the two little girls to treat him.

After bounding up Sassi’s wound, Xena went to Aiwa’s room and brought some anti-inflammatory drugs.

“Remember to take the medicine on time, otherwise the wound will be infected.”

Xena gently pressed her hand on Aiwa’s wound with concern, looked at Aiwa with both eyes moving, and said, “Now you don’t have to worry about that stinky Devil Lady. Take a good rest and get well. I’ll reward you.”

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