Volume 9 Chapter 4 – The Effeminacy Secret (Part 2)

“Oh, are you not afraid of my raping you?”

“We are not afraid that even sleep with you every day. How we will be afraid to take a bath with you?”

Aini was no longer so shy in front of Aiwa. She stood up deliberately and teased Aiwa with her beautiful figure.

Aiwa stood up and looked around, saw no figure, and listened to it with his ears on the ground. He did not find any movement, so he walked confidently towards the Fengming River.

Aini and Xuan Er lie in the stream, silently looking at Aiwa, who was undressing. When he was naked, their eyes focused on the big sausage between his crotch.

The most exciting one is Xuan Er. She knew that Aini was a princess and could not give her body to Aiwa for the time being. Now the only person Aiwa could possibly commit adultery was her. Last night he was so drunk that he didn’t have sex with her. Now is the chance to have sex in this Fengming River. What a pleasant thing!

But when Aiwa stripped naked and walked into the stream, Aini still retreated behind Xuan Er in some fear.

“What for?”

Xuan Er shyly pushed Aini forward, while Aini shyly clamped her legs and arms, but when she folded her arms, the two jade boobs became even more prominent.

Aiwa hugged Aini, leaned over her breast and sucked on a nipple.


Silverbell like laughter rippled across the stream.

Aiwa not only sucked Aini’s nipple but also delivered his long stick to Aini’s snow-white legs; Xuan Er boldly grasped the huge stick from behind.

It wasn’t until Aiwa sucked enough on Aini’s nipples that Aini held his face tenderly and said, “Take two sips of the brook! We still have a long way to go!”

“Didn’t you pee in the stream?”

Aiwa laughed mischievously.

“It’s your blessing to drink our urine!”

Aini laughed, with a snow-white breast steeping.

Aiwa leaned down and drank in the stream.

After a morning’s walk and half a day’s search in the ruins, he was really thirsty. He felt that the Fengming stream was sweet, so he drank a few more mouthfuls.

Bathing with two beautiful girls, Aiwa really didn’t want to leave the Fengming River.

“Aini, will you come to me?”

After Aiwa had finished drinking, he lay in the shallow water of the stream, with the raised meat sticks standing tall.

“Don’t bully me!”

Aini swam to him with her mouth pouted. As she bent down, two snow-white breasts hung down and seemed larger. Before she reached Aiwa, he reached out and grabbed her two breasts.

“You are so bad!”

Aini lay smiling on Aiwa, her heart beating wildly with a long stick on her smooth stomach.

Aiwa turned Aini over and let her lie on her back. Instead of touching her breasts, he slid down her smooth stomach and touched her thighs. The clear stream flooded her lower abdomen. Her two jade legs were separated by Aiwa’s two big hands. Xuan Er, who squatted in front of her, could see her tender meat hole. Her delicate clitoris was standing up in the water.

Aiwa deliberately separated Aini’s legs for Xuan Er to see. Looking at Aini’s vulva can also stimulate Xuan Er’s sexual desire, at least he can make love with Xuan Er here once.

Xuan Er seems to inadvertently scrub her privacy while looking at Aini’s privacy, the original desire guided Aiwa’s fingers slowly slid to the edge of Aini’s vulva. Her delicate body shook slightly as the finger stroked through her vulva.

Not that Aini is insensitive, but that she has been in control of herself these days. She feels that she should give her body to Aiwa at the most meaningful moment.

When Aiwa’s finger touched Aini’s clitoris, she could not help closing her eyes.


Aini moaned softly, and Aiwa’s hand did give her unusual pleasure.

“Princess, do you want me to serve you?”

Xuan Er’s sensitive sexual nerves have been touched by the current situation, she slowly moved over.


Aini just moaned, as if she hadn’t heard Xuan Er’s question, but in Xuan Er’s opinion, that was acquiescence.

So Xuan Er leaned back, put her hands on Aini’s thighs, bent her head, and put her lips on Aini’s lower abdomen.

Aiwa lifted Aini’s body out of the water to expose her vulva.

Xuan Er sensibly slides her tongue down and sticks it on Aini’s vulva…

“Oh… Don’t… I can’t stand it…”

But Aini’s words did not stop Xuan Er. In her opinion, it was not a refusal, but a request.

“En… Oh…”

Aini shivered all over her body; Xuan Er’s tongue sucked her vulva more forcefully, and the tip of her little tongue had already penetrated into her hole, and quickly stirred up…

“Oh… Don’t… I… I will… I will lose my control…”

Aini closed her eyes and twisted slightly.

Aiwa’s arms crossed through Aini’s armpits, grabbed her legs and kept stroking inside her thighs.

“Then don’t control…”

Aiwa gently bit Aini’s earlobe.

Xuan Er’s tongue slipped through Aini’s seam and slid vigorously over her little labia, causing her little labia to contract.

“Ah… Xuan Er… Do it with him now…”

Aini tried to separate her legs and enjoyed Xuan Er’s licking, but was afraid that the feeling would continue.

Xuan Er raised her head and swept Aini’s clitoris, causing her body to tremble again.

Aini struggled to straighten up from Aiwa with her will power and fled to one side.

“Xuan Er, you come!”

Aiwa was angry, but he did not want Aini to feel that, he had promised her that he would not go against her wishes.

Xuan Er looked at Aini. Aini pushed her, and Xuan Er fell on Aiwa.

Xuan Er holds Aiwa’s huge dick and inserts it into her vulva. Then she slowly sits down and lets the stick go straight to the bottom of the hole.

“Do you know why this stream is called Fengming River?”

Aini lay on her side and looked at the two who were having sex.

Before they could answer, Aini began to talk to herself, which she had just seen from the secret.

“If you drink the water in this stream, you will make a phoenix-like voice, and your sexual desire will increase greatly. If a gifted girl drinks a stream and understands the techniques of effeminacy, she can cultivate effeminacy arts with a man in the course of intercourse.”

Aiwa and Xuan Er were both in pleasure. They didn’t listen to Aini’s story at all, but suddenly they heard a clear sound of the phoenix.

“What’s that?”

Xuan Er suddenly stopped rising and falling, Aiwa erected his ears, and the sound of the phoenix was clearly beside them.

Aiwa pushed Xuan Er aside and saw Aini lying in the stream, rubbing her breasts and looks very painful.

“Aini, what’s wrong with you?”

Aiwa immediately rushed over, grabbed Aini from the water and held her in his arms. The sound of the phoenix came from her mouth.

“Ah… Hmm…”

Aini wriggled painfully in Aiwa’s arms.

“I… Poisoning…”

Aini’s hands were still rubbing her breasts like an erotic girl.

Aini doesn’t usually look like this. Obviously, something’s wrong.

“What poison was it?”

Aiwa was very anxious to see the painful look of her beloved girl.

“I… Drink the stream… Ah… I am uncomfortable…”

“What about now?”

Aiwa looked at Aini’s snow-white body in bewilderment.

“Quick… fuck me now…”

At this time, Aini was flushed, her shyness had lost.


Aiwa remembered Aini’s wish that he really didn’t want to take advantage of her.

“Never mind… Fuck me now… I… I won’t blame you…”

Aini suddenly tightened Aiwa’s neck and kissed him. She had never taken the initiative. Her red lips were so attractive to him.

Xuan Er drank the stream just now, but she didn’t have such a strong feeling, because she was comforted and vented on Aiwa when her feeling had not fully sprouted, while Aini did not vent, but was induced by Aiwa and Xuan Er’s lewd. When she talked about the legend of Fengming River, she began to react, but she persevered and did not believe it would be so.

Aini’s body and mind were tempered, but at this time, Aiwa’s bosom was shaking. No matter how hard she tried, the torment of that desire was so strong that she could not resist it.

Her teeth were trembling and making noises, her breasts were trembling and her breathing was completely irregular.

“Aiwa… Help me… Ah…”

Aini was a little incoherent, her arms around Aiwa’s neck, and her hands scratched around his back.

“Xuan Er, it’s not convenient here, can you… be a sheet for Aini?”

Looking at Aini’s pain, Aiwa had to go ahead regardless. Maybe she’s not very sane now, but he wants her to get through it this time, he can’t bear to watch his sweetheart suffer so much.

Xuan Er has long regarded herself as a sexual slave of Aiwa and Aini. Whatever the owner wants to do, she is willing to cooperate.

After hearing Aiwa’s words, she automatically lay down on the soft grass beside the stream.

Aiwa took Aini ashore and gently placed her on Xuan Er’s body; Xuan Er held Aini’s body in both hands and let Aini lie down on her body. Her hands passed under Aini’s armpit and stroked Aini’s plump breasts. Xuan Er feels it’s a privilege to be the master’s quilt.

At this time, Aini had ignored the shyness. She forked her legs and turned her tender vulva towards Aiwa, which was also burning with desire.

Under Aini’s body, Xuan Er’s body is as white as snow. The two girls bodies are stacked together, which is more attractive. Because Xuan Er’s hole was just inserted by Aiwa’s meat stick. At this time, the muddy hole was flowing with crystal honey.

“Oh… Aiwa… Quick…”

Aini’s beautiful eyes have been covered by long eyelashes, and her beautiful body has made Aiwa out of control.

Aiwa didn’t know if Aini’s words were her heartfelt wishes, but it must be her body’s need. When her legs were staggered, her labia majora opened, revealing her delicate lips.

Aiwa, who had been burned with desire, did not want to enter Aini’s body immediately. His body slowly bent down and pressed his lips on her delicate vulva. When those two lips had just pressed up, her delicate body shook.


Aini’s legs, forming a diamond, Aiwa just shakes his hands and holds up her hips, so that her vulva and his lips are closer together…

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