Volume 9 Chapter 5 – Mental Cultivation Methods on Effeminacy (Part 1)

“Xuan Er… do you know the first mental cultivation method of the effeminacy martial arts?”

Aini asked, lying on Xuan Er. At this point, her vulva has been tightly pressed by Aiwa’s lips, but she did not know whether Aiwa can complete the Cultivation Methods on Effeminacy with them.

“I do. What’s wrong?”

“Just now… When you had sex with Aiwa… Have you tried it?”

“No… I… Just care about the cool feeling…”

Xuan Er lay under Aini and said. Indeed, when she was riding Aiwa just now, she was only concerned about happiness. She did not know that after drinking Fengming stream, she should use Mental Cultivation Methods on Effeminacy. Although she had read the book, she did not understand several keywords.

“Aiwa… Would you like to practice with Xuan Er first? She has studied with her master for more than ten years, but never had the chance to try. Now you practice with me, don’t you think it’s too unfair for her?”

Aini had been tormented by her crazy sexual desire and was still thinking about Xuan Er. She thought Xuan Er was so kind that if she hadn’t been powerful enough, she would inevitably be bullied in the future.

“Well, I’ll have sex with her first, and then I’ll do it with you. Can you bear it for a moment?”

Aiwa raised his head and stroked Aini’s delicate breasts, paying more respect to her.

“I won’t blame you. If in a moment, you’re physically fit… I’ll practice with you…”

Aini struggled to endure intense eroticism, and how she longed for Aiwa’s massive meat stick to get right into her hole and give her pleasure now.

“That’s all right. It’s just a matter of time. In that case, I’ll practice with Xuan Er first. You can recite the pithy formula to me! “

Ordinary people at this time should have been mentally chaotic, but Aini, after all, has a special talent, even if she is tormented by the madness of sexual desire, she can still remember clearly what she just read in the book.

Aini went through it silently, tried to keep her mind clear and recited it quickly. For Aiwa, it was not difficult to understand the formulas. Within a few minutes, he recited them. Xuan Er also reorganized her memory according to Aini’s recitation.

Aiwa bent down, kissed Aini gently on her lips and slid down to suck her plump breasts.

Although Xuan Er’s flesh hole was the next thing he was going to attack, now it was Aini’s body that he touched and kissed. This satisfied Aini, and it could not only achieve her cultivation with Xuan Er, but also soothe her restless heart and reduce the torment of sexual desire.

At this time, Xuan Er, lying at the bottom of the river, being in heat due to the streams.

“Ah… Aiwa… Fuck me now. It’s itchy inside…”

Xuan Er couldn’t help shouting. She is a girl of true disposition, and nothing can be hidden in her heart. At this time, her cry is expressing her real feelings of the body.

Aiwa stroked and kissed Aini’s smooth body while holding a long stick to look for Xuan Er’s meat hole.

Now Xuan Er’s meat hole is muddy. Aiwa’s meat stick easily find the hole. He just pushes his buttock forward and the long meat stick gets in!


Xuan Er gave a shrill cry. The feeling of being filled with meat stick gave her instant comfort.

As Aiwa stirred up in Xuan Er’s meat hole, he meditated on the formula of the effeminacy techniques. His special dragon blood gradually flowed along the meridians of the effeminacy techniques, which was totally different from his obscene skill, it required more energy to be consumed, which he had never expected.

Aiwa has never practiced the effeminacy techniques, so it is difficult to control his special dragon blood in another way with the formula of the effeminacy techniques?

Aiwa had been pumping through Xuan Er’s muddy meat hole for half an hour before the special dragon blood worked according to his will, but by this time he was already sweating with fatigue.

It was an unprecedented event. The joy of finally overcoming the difficulties made Aiwa embrace Aini’s head with excitement and kiss fiercely. He sucked Aini’s delicate tongue crazily, which made her gasp for breath.

Xuan Er feels Aiwa’s power below, too. He bumps so hard that his strong glans into her delicate bud one after another. She feels that she is now the happiest woman in the world!

Xuan Er is more likely than Aiwa to manipulate her blood and breath with methods of effeminacy, even a few minutes ahead of him.

After all, she is a girl and has been taught by White Hair Bride for more than a decade. All the mental cultivation methods and Kungfu she has learned are related to effeminacy martial arts, but White Hair Bride never explicitly told her.

While Aiwa was strongly bumping Xuan Er, Xuan Er was silently manipulating her blood flow with the effeminacy techniques formula. She didn’t want to waste this great opportunity. She had already regarded herself as the sexual slaves of Aini and Aiwa, but she was moved that Aini regarded her as a sister. She felt that the only way to pay off was to practice effeminacy martial arts so as to contribute to them.

Xuan Er’s vagina is getting tighter and tighter because of Aiwa’s strong pump, but this does not prevent Aiwa from attacking. Moreover, the tighter Xuan Er clamps, the more excited he is, the stronger the pump force is.

And whenever Aiwa fuck Xuan Er, his body rubs against Aini’s bloodshot clitoris in stiffness, which is an unparalleled pleasure.

“Ah… Oh…”

The two girls groaned almost at the same time.

Now Aiwa is kissing, pumping and kneading Aini’s snow-white breasts.

“Ah… It’s itchy…

Although Aini was not fucked, the intense pleasure caused by the friction had thrown her into the mist of happiness. Her honey cave had ejected the sex fluids. This vent somewhat alleviated some of the sufferings.

“Ah… Aiwa… Quick… I can’t stand…”

Xuan Er finally couldn’t resist Aiwa’s bombardment. She felt that her buds were going to be smashed by Aiwa, and now she urgently needed him to shoot that hot semen into her cave, because that was what she needed to practice effeminacy martial arts. Without men’s semen, effeminacy martial arts could not be practiced!

Aiwa was venting on both girls at the same time, and of course, it is cooler for him. By this time, he had reached the climax, watching the two girls’ body writhing fiercely under him, he could no longer hold it. After a burst of madness, a strong pleasure that he could not control converged betwixt his thighs, and a sex spirit ran down his spine.

Aiwa’s buttocks suddenly straightened up, the long meat stick firmly against Xuan Er’s bud, hot semen ejected out, hit Xuan Er’s delicate body straight trembling, but Aini’s body pressed her, she would have raised her two jade legs high.


Xuan Er finally breathed a long relief, her whole body was knackered, paralyzed on the grass.

Aiwa had been reluctant to pull the stick out of Xuan Er’s body for a long time because her hole was twinning with spasms, which made him very excited.

A long-time later, Aiwa reluctantly pulled the meat stick out of the hole, and then he picked up Aini and they both soaked into the warm stream.

Aini helped Aiwa clean up, but now his meat stick has softened down, after all, the fierce battle just now consumed a lot of his energy.

“Are you all right?”

Asked Aini fearfully. She didn’t want Aiwa to be too tired, let alone lose his spirits because of her.

“I’m fine. You can help me do it. Wait a minute and it’ll be ok!”

Aiwa said confidently, holding Aini’s smart face.

Aini, of course, knew what Aiwa meant. She asked Aiwa to stand up from the water. She crouched under his crotch, opened her mouth and swallowed the soft meat stick into her mouth.

At this time, Aini’s flushed face is more charming and touching, because it is a princess who holds his penis with her noble little mouth!

“Haha… Look at you, two little prostitutes!”

Aini was concentrating on the Aiwa stick when she heard a wild laugh on the shore.

The three of them looked up at the shore at the same time, but they saw a short-haired woman standing there, White Hair Bride, who was supposed to have been killed by Aiwa!

The three were shocked at the same time. White Hair Bride died long ago in their minds. How come she’s back now? Is it her ghost or her siblings?

“Who are you?”

Aiwa’s face was so grim that he pulled the stick out of Aini’s mouth. He felt the hairs on his back stand up. White Hair Bride was killed by him in person, but now she stands in front of him!

“Ha ha ha ha… Have you forgotten me just after a few days?”

The short white hair had proved her identity, but her face had returned to its original look. It seems that she is very good at repairing her appearance, otherwise the explosion even did not completely hurt her appearance.

If Aiwa were wearing snakeskin armor now, he would not be afraid of White Hair Bride. After all, she had lost to him once; but now all three of them are naked and have no weapons in their hands, while White Hair Bride holds a sharp sword in her hand!

“Aren’t you dead?”

Aini immediately rose from the water.

“Ha-ha, sorry, I have good luck. Stinky boy, you hit me hard. I have to admire you. But you’re a little naive when it comes to the scheme. You are so many and powerful that I can’t take advantage of anything, so I can only pretend to be dead. You never thought that, did you?”

“Nothing worth to show off. Didn’t you just pretend to be dead?”

Aiwa raised his chest and cursed. He knew that it’s no use asking for mercy if White Hair Bride really wants to kill him; if she doesn’t want to kill him, she won’t do anything to him even if she scolds her like a dog.

“Don’t be stubborn. If I hadn’t been reluctant to waste the plaything under your crotch, I would have cut you down! Oh, I knew Xuan Er would bring you here to take my secrets, and I knew you would come to Fengming River to have sex!”

“Xuan Er, you really deserve to be my obedient apprentice. Since you are my apprentice, I won’t embarrass you today, but Aiwa must be with me. If any of you dare to resist, I’ll take off her thighs first!”

White Hair Bride waved her sword in her hand and said fiercely.

“Master, everything is caused by me. It’s none of Aiwa’s business. You can let them go! After that, I will obey what Master wants me to do, as long as you don’t hurt them!”

Xuan Er, who had been paralyzed on the ground, got up and knelt down to beg her master for mercy.

“Ha-ha, think too much! Fucking girl, it seems that you are loyal to them, but what about your master? It’s benevolence and righteousness that I didn’t kill you. Let me let them go? Never think about it!”

“Xuan Er, don’t ask the devil, just let her take me away! It’s no big deal. I’ll fuck her to death and die with her!”

Aiwa said without fear.

“Oh, I really like your meat stick, otherwise I won’t be here for you today. But never go back on your word! Let me see how you fuck me to death.”

As White Hair Bride spoke, she came to Aiwa and gently touched his penis with the tip of her sword.

Aini clings to Aiwa and watches the scary sword carrying his beloved man’s lifeblood. She can’t do anything for fear of angering the devil who will hurt Aiwa.

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