Volume 9 Chapter 6 – Fight Against The Devil Lady (Part 2)

The huge suction slowly absorbed prime-energy in the White Hair Bride’s uterus. What makes Aiwa both excited and frightened is that while her prime-energy is being sucked into his body, her face is getting withered and her shiny face is getting wrinkled.

Aiwa really didn’t know if she would become a corpse after absorbing White Hair Bride’s prime-energy, so when Aiwa absorbed the last drop of prime-energy, he could not wait to pull the stick out of her body!

Aiwa collapsed and watched White Hair Bride quickly become an old woman! He felt a little uncomfortable at the thought that he was still puncturing in her hole just now.

Absorbing prime-energy from White Hair Bride took all Aiwa’s energy, and even an unarmed child could knock him down.

Aiwa gasped and was powerless. He wanted to leave the hut he was afraid of, but he couldn’t even get up from bed.

At this time, the aging White Hair Bride came back to life, but now she is completely lost in beauty, just like an old monster. Her body crawled slowly on the bed and opened her senile eyes.

Aiwa hardly dared to see White Hair Bride’s ugly face.

“You… Did you take my prime-energy?”

White Hair Bride wants to sit up, but feels powerless.

Aiwa once took Xuan Er’s prime-energy from White Hair Bride, so when she woke up, she immediately realized whether Aiwa had taken her prime-energy. She adjusted her breath and verified her guess.

White Hair Bride relied entirely on the powerful prime-energy to keep her face looking, and now there is not even a bit of prime-energy in her body!

The sudden blow made her angry.

White Hair Bride’s eyes burst with horrible ferocity. Anger made her sit up and try her best to fight Aiwa for the last time. She believed that Aiwa had just captured her prime-energy, and at that time he must have exhausted his strength, and that she would be able to kill him!

When he saw White Hair Bride sitting up, Aiwa was frightened because his body could not move. He pulled the meat gun out of her body with his last bit of strength.

White Hair Bride, who has been sucked up prime-energy, suddenly bounces out of bed and pounces at Aiwa, turning sharp nails on both hands into sharp weapons.

Aiwa closed his eyes in despair and thought, “Damn. Her ten sharp nails will pierce my throat through.” Suddenly, White Hair Bride’s body fell heavily on Aiwa with a dagger in her back. Meanwhile, a figure jumped in through the window of the cabin.

Aiwa opened his eyes and found it was Aini.

“Aiwa, are you okay?”

Aini pushed White Hair Bride off Aiwa and asked.

Aiwa saw that it was Aini, and immediately became relaxed and let out a long breath. He stroked his chest and cried, “I’m scared to death!”

“Aren’t you very brave? Why are you so timid this time?”

Aini couldn’t help teasing Aiwa. It was the first time she saw him in a tight corner. In fact, even without Aini’s help, White Hair Bride had little strength to hurt Aiwa, but the way she jumped on him was horrible.

“All her prime-energy is here with me! But I… I can’t move!”

Aiwa tried to get up, but failed. Aini lifted him up and sat him up.

Aiwa’s body was so weak that he was almost breathless.

Aini glanced at White Hair Bride, and she was also shocked by her aging appearance.

“Who is this?”

Aini almost let Aiwa go.

“White Hair Bride…”


Xuan Er rushed over.

When Aini found the hut, she ran first, and Xuan Er fell behind with heavy armor on her back. When she saw Aiwa, she threw armor and flew over.

Seeing Aiwa lying in Aini’s arms, Xuan Er thought Aiwa was no good! She pounced on him and burst into tears.

“He’s not dead. Why are you crying?”

Aini gave Xuan Er an angry look. All of this is due to Xuan Er, otherwise there is no need to take so many risks and hardships.

Xuan Er stopped crying immediately, but when she saw Aiwa’s sick appearance, she was still not reassured and looked up and down.

“Aiwa, are you really all right?”

Aiwa was touched by Xuan Er’s caring look. He smiled hard and said he was okay.

Xuan Er looked at White Hair Bride on the ground and knew it was her master. Now she has no sympathy and compassion for this evil master. When she saw her dead, she only felt relief.

“How can we help you?”

Aini didn’t want to stay here for a long time and wanted to leave as soon as possible, but when he saw Aiwa, she was worried.

“I took all the prime-energy of White Hair Bride, but I couldn’t digest it all. What’s more, I used up all my energy just now, and now I have no strength at all. You guys pass a little energy to me, just a little, then I can recover slowly by myself.”

“How to pass?”

Asked Aini puzzled. She had never done anything like that, only once did Aiwa deliver energy to Xuan Er through intercourse.

“Come on! Anyway, my kungfu hasn’t been restored. It’s no use keeping so much energy.”

With that, Xuan Er volunteered to take off her clothes.

Although it was not the first time, Aini was still shy to see Xuan Er take the initiative to unfasten her clothes to make love with Aiwa. She lay Aiwa down in silence, stepped aside and let Xuan Er, the winner, fall on Aiwa.

Xuan Er separates her legs, holds Aiwa’s stick in her cleavage, stimulates him with warm body, and slowly hardens his dick.

In order to insert it smoothly, Xuan Er rode to Aiwa’s neck and asked him to lick her vulva for a few times. Her vulva became lubricated.

Xuan Er pointed her vulva at Aiwa’s stick again, whirling her butt and slowly stabbing the hardened stick into her lower body.

On the other side, Anni thought to herself, “The master and apprentice are both of the same virtues. Both lewd. But at the same time, Xuan Er’s affection for Aiwa moved her very much. Xuan Er was so concerned about Aiwa that she was willing to give up her life.

Xuan Er’s body began to rise and fall slowly on Aiwa.

“Xuan Er, while you are delivering energy to me, you can also absorb some prime-energy from my body. Too much, I can’t bear it, and it’s good for you too! “

Aiwa lay there, letting Xuan Er play with his meat stick. He was also touched by Xuan Er, and at this time, her eyes showed both lewdness and gratitude, while hiding love.

Xuan Er’s plump snowy breasts keep swinging with her body’s rise and fall.

Her breasts were round and plump, full of temptation, and Aiwa could not help reaching out and touching them gently.

To facilitate Aiwa’s touch, Xuan Er bent down again. Although the gesture was tiring, she persisted.

Xuan Er wants to absorb a part of prime-energy from Aiwa into her own body, so she must use Cultivation Methods on Effeminacy.

Fortunately, today she learned the elementary Cultivation Methods on Effeminacy, which was enough for her. After all, Aiwa took the initiative to give her the undissolved prime-energy instead of snatching it from his body, so it was much easier.

Xuan Er first transported half of her energy to Aiwa, and then began to absorb prime-energy from him. Maybe Xuan Er couldn’t digest it completely for the time being, but with more time, she could digest it slowly.

When Xuan Er’s energy was transported into Aiwa’s body, he immediately felt his body hyperactivity. When Xuan Er’s energy was transported, he immediately turned over and pressed Xuan Er under his body.

Now, Aiwa punctures Xuan Er actively. While he is puncturing, he delivers prime-energy to Xuan Er. Although Xuan Er’s vagina is not so deep, it is more delicate, tighter and suffocating, and it is more pleasant to puncture.

Xuan Er’s reaction was very strong. Her blindfolded eyes kept looking at Aiwa affectionately. Which made Aini so jealous that she almost wanted to drag Xuan Er down.

“Oh… Ah…”

Xuan Er couldn’t help moaning, and her beautiful crotch tried to keep up.

A huge prime-energy, with Aiwa’s strong ejaculation, was transported to Xuan Er’s body. When the hot semen was ejaculated, it hit her blooming bud straight, causing her body to shiver.

After a long time, Xuan Er didn’t want Aiwa to pull the stick out of her body. She enjoyed it very much. But when she saw Aini’s jealous eyes, she realized that she had gone too far. She quickly clipped Aiwa greedily and then let him pull it out.

Xuan Er tried to lick Aiwa clean with her mouth, but Aini stopped her.

“No. Here’s water. It’s like it’s from Fengming River.”

Aini found a bark bucket from the cabin, which contained clear streams.

To make sure it wasn’t White Hair Bride’s poison, Aini licked it with her tongue, which could tell if the water was poisonous.

Aini decided that the water was Fengming stream and then used it to clean Aiwa.

Although Aiwa was not puncturing in Aini’s body, looking at her smart appearance and feeling her wet hands, his meat stick strengthened again.

As Aiwa’s body had not yet recovered, Aini did not want him to be overtired and had to wipe it gently and carefully, but for Aiwa, it felt as if he was puncturing in a hole.

After Aini wiped him for nearly ten minutes, she asked Aiwa rest in bed and let his strength recover slowly.

“Your Highness, it’s past noon now. Shall we go back to the base first? You won’t like to spend the night in the forest, will you?”

Xuan Er was anxious to see Aini didn’t mean to leave immediately. She didn’t want to sleep with the dead White Hair Bride at night.

“Don’t call me Highness, just call me my name! I don’t want people to know my real identity yet.”

“Yes, Princess highness…”

Before she finished, Xuan Er was stared at by Aini.

Aiwa could not help laughing at the conversation between the master and the servant.

“Almost, I can walk now. It’s easy to get lost in the forest. Let’s go while the sky is still shining!”

Aiwa sat up from the bed and said, “By the way, where’s my armor?”

Xuan Er quickly took the backpack over. She carried it all the way for Aiwa, but for a girl, it was a bit heavy.

“Don’t wear it now! It’s too heavy.”

Aini said with concern.

“Won’t you feel it heavy on your back? Can’t a big man support a suit of armor? Besides, I have to adapt to this armor, otherwise I will not be able to fully exert its power in the future. Moreover, once you encounter any unexpected situation, it’s too late to wear it again.”

Aiwa said as he pulled the armor out of the backpack.

In Aiwa’s mind, this armor is arguably the best protective equipment in the Empire, after all, it was the work of the mechanical engineer Cartel.

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