Volume 9 Chapter 7 – Suicide (Part 2)

He was grateful to Xena for being so thoughtful that she opened an gap here so that he would not have to take off his armor at a critical moment. He took out the long-held rifle and sent it to Saya’s mouth.

Although Saya was a reserved woman, she couldn’t take so much into account at this time. She grabbed Aiwa’s meat stick and put into her mouth, licking it.

Aiwa’s Lewd Serpent flew out sometime and got into Saya’s meat hole, which made lick his stick harder.

Aiwa was licked by Saya. He kept moaning, but the bed was not high enough. He had to bend his legs to prevent the stick from slipping out of her mouth.

While Saya was enjoying herself, Aiwa suddenly pulled out and separated her two jade legs and inserted the meat stick in.

The meat hole was already flooding, and Saya quickly pulled it up and down without needing Aiwa pumping.

Saya pushed her hips hard and tried to play with Aiwa’s rough dick. Compared with her husband’s penis, Aiwa’s meat stick naturally made her even more paralyzed, and it was able to penetrate directly into her deepest part of the bud and smash on her happy Island.

“Ah… It’s so cool…

Saya adjusted her body and let her legs stick to Aiwa’s waist. It’s not too addictive. She simply turned her legs up and raised them in the air.

When Aiwa injected the hot semen into Saya’s body, she was still struggling with the stick, and her body was convulsed.

“Are you comfortable now?”

Aiwa leaned down and asked, kissing mother-in-law on the cheek.


Saya’s face was already red, mother-in-law was fucked by son-in-law!

“Do you think… Is Mom a lewd woman?”

Saya was embarrassed to see Aiwa’s eyes.

“No, Mom is a good woman… However, I just couldn’t control it and shot it in. I think you might be pregnant with my child… You don’t mind? “

Aiwa was still touching a pair of breasts of mother-in-law.

“Never mind. I can’t kill a little life, can I?”

Saya looked at Aiwa shyly, her face red with happiness.

“If you’re pregnant with my child, it’s the blood of the Dragon Clan. You must have a good life!”

“By the way, what’s the relationship between those two girls and you?”

Saya inquired. She knew that her daughter was not good at dealing with women’s problems, fearing that her daughter would suffer.

“They are also my girls. It’s normal for my family to have three wives and four concubines.”

“That’s right. I’m just afraid my daughter will be bullied…”

“Mom, you can rest assured that my woman will not be so narrow-minded.”

Aiwa cuddled mother-in-law and slept in her room at night until dawn, when he slipped out of the room without anyone’s notice.

After leaving Plum’s home, Aiwa took two girls straight to Hohfeld barracks.

When Aiwa had just entered the barracks gate, a Major named Hans came up first.

Seeing this man, Aiwa remembered the driver who had murdered him, because there were only three people in the barracks who looked bad at him. The first one was his uncle Ferderer, the second one was the captain who had fought with him, and the third one was Hans. Although Ferderer was at odds with Aiwa, Aiwa was his brother-in-law after all; the captain seemed to have followed him with all his heart; and Hans was the only one who had always hated Aiwa and had the ability to kill him.

“Ha-ha, Young Master Aiwa is back? It seems that after this special training, you have grown a lot. But I want to know where the coachman I sent to work for you?”

No sooner had Hans met than he questioned the coachman, it’s clear that he’s guilty.

Soon after hearing Aiwa’s return, many people poured. Neither Lovna nor Ferderer could walk in, but they could only stand outside.

“He fell off the cliff and dead.”

Aiwa looked at Hans and answered calmly.

“Dead? In order to encourage him to accomplish his task smoothly, I remember that I paid him 1,000 gold coins in advance as a reward. Was is not someone who killed him for his money? Did he intentionally push him off the cliff?”

Hans’s small eyes stared coldly at Aiwa, then turned to the faces of the onlookers to see how people reacted to the incident.

No one knew the truth, so they all have half faith in Major’s words.

Instead of rushing to defend, Aiwa sneered, looked up at Hans and said, “I heard him say when he was dying that he was forced to push the three of us off the cliff.”

“You talk nonsense!”

Hans roared at once.

“What are you excited about? Did I say it was you? You seem guilty of being a murderer, don’t you? Haha!”

Aiwa looked up and laughed. Hans’s conspiracy was so clear that Aiwa affirmed his conjecture.

“Aiwa, you have tarnished my reputation. I will fight you!”

Hans roared again.

“According to the rules, you shouldn’t duel with me. Today, however, I would like you to use your own strength to pay back your own innocence! Come on!”

Aiwa waved his hand, and the crowd immediately flashed aside.

Xenova became nervous when she saw Aiwa promising to fight Hans Major.

“Don’t worry, Aiwa’s months at the base are not for nothing!”

Lovna whispered, standing there calmly watching what was happening.

“Major Hans, as a Major, you have no right to challenge a junior officer unless you go through a military court.”

Ferderer squeezed into the crowd and said. At the critical moment, he still didn’t want the brother-in-law to suffer. In his eyes, Aiwa was not necessarily Hans’s opponent. If something happened to Aiwa, not only his sister would be widowed, but also his face would be lost.

“Thank you for your attention, my uncle. I’ll see how powerful this Major is!”

With that, Aiwa prepared for the contest. He made such a serious appearance, just to stimulate Hans to risk everything to fight with him, so that he could vent his rage!

“Aiwa, you can’t kill Major, or I’ll demote you!”

“Haha! Don’t worry, uncle, I won’t hurt him half a hair! “

Aiwa could hear the poisonous hint from his uncle.

“Aiwa, are you sure?”

Aini whispered in Aiwa’s ear.

“Honey, I’ll be fine. You wait for the show!”

Aiwa winked to Aini and whispered.

At this time, Hans, who had condensed his deadly Dou Qi to the limit, wanted to kill Aiwa with one slap. In that case, at least he would kill one of his biggest competitors in his career.

Hans, with his palms facing each other, suddenly pushed forward, and a big blue fireball hit Aiwa.

Unexpectedly, instead of using his Dou Qi, Aiwa dodged Hans’s deadly blue fireball.

Aiwa’s reaction speed was not the same as before. He almost waited until the fireball reached his eyes before moving his body. For this reason, many people pinched a cold sweat for Aiwa. One can saw at a glance that the fireball had condensed Hans’s 100% power, and he wanted to kill Aiwa in one blow.

Even Ferderer could not help exclaiming. Although he couldn’t defeat Aiwa, Hans’s skill was definitely not a trick. That’s really a martial arts job! 

Hans became angry when he failed to beat Aiwa down in one blow. Then he quickly released the second blue fireball. This time, he not only used all his strength, but also approached Aiwa. He thought to himself, “If Aiwa could escape at such a close distance, he would admit defeat.”

To Hans’s surprise, such a close attack did not hurt Aiwa half a hair. And just after that blow, Aiwa suddenly turned to him and waved his arm and hit him hard in the ribs. However, Hans did not fall down because of the blow.

Immediately after the blow, Aiwa jumped to one side and clapped his hands as if he were afraid of being dirty by Hans’s body.

The whole site was silent. A minute later, Hans’s body slowly fell down and his eyes were wide open.

A medical soldier quickly squatted down and put his hand under Hans’s nose.

“Lieutenant Colonel Ferderer, Major, he… is dead!”

Ferderer rushed over, squatted down, reached out, and found that Hans was really dead.

Ferderer raised his head, stared at Aiwa and shouted, “Aiwa, I’m going to dismiss you! Don’t you know that Major Hans has heart disease?

“How could I know?”

Aiwa said in horror.

“Lovna, test Hans immediately to see if he died of heart disease?”

After that, Ferderer turned around and shouted at Aiwa, “I must punish you with the severest punishment!”

“Report Colonel, you should not punish Captain Aiwa. If it hadn’t been for Captain Aiwa’s martial arts, we would have been killed by this man. We can both testify!”

Two soldiers who had served as Aiwa’s escort stepped out to defend Aiwa.

“I’ll find out!”

After that, Ferderer gave Aiwa a fierce look and turned back to his office.

William, Tom, James, Louis… The magical archer, along with Captain Charlee, came up and surrounded Aiwa in the middle.

“Captain Aiwa, everybody misses you very much!”

Several people scrambled to express their concern for Aiwa, but at this time, Aiwa had seen Lovana and Xenova standing there silent from the crowd. Although they had been standing far away and did not say hello to Aiwa, he could feel their thoughts in their eyes, which was no worse than those of the brothers.

“Oh, I miss you too. I just came back. I have to report some things to the officers. How about I invite you to drink in the evening? I have to talk to Captain Lovna about the training first! “

Aiwa was both enthusiastic and clear about his intentions.

He saw Lovna smiling triumphantly and turning towards his office.

“That’s settled!”

Aiwa was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of his brothers. Although he spoke eagerly to his brothers, his thoughts had long gone with Lovna’s plump buttocks.

“Brothers, if you go on, Captain Lovna will be angry. Don’t forget, I was sent by her!”

“Go, go, go! Captain Lovna is still waiting for Aiwa to report!”

At that moment, Xenova came over and helped Aiwa out.

The soldiers warned Aiwa as they walked back.

“Of course.”

Aiwa was relieved to see them go.

Several soldiers carried Hans’s body to the morgue and put it there. Now, Lovna didn’t have time to do some testing for this insidious fellow.

“Xenova, please arrange accommodation for them. I’ll report to the captain.”

Aiwa did not forget Aini and Xuan Er.

“All right. You can rest assured, Captain Aiwa!”

After that, Xenova turned to Aini and Xuan Er and said, “Come with me!”

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