Volume 9 Chapter 8 – Redemption (Part 1)

“You finally back!”

Aiwa had just walked into Lovna’s office when she said that. It seems that she has been waiting for his return for several months.

“Didn’t you have to let me go?”

Aiwa sat without invitation, just across from Lovna. This position allowed him to see her upper body, especially the beautiful face.

“If you had been squatting here, I might have been tired of you!”

Lovna gave Aiwa a charming glance, and a woman-specific ambiguous smile appeared on her smart face.

“Did Sassi and Pienne come by?”

Aiwa suddenly remembered the three men on the base who had been enemies, but now they were friends.

Lovna meditated for a moment and thought, saying, “Yes, but Ferderer drove them away. Can’t help it, Ferderer is such a person that no one else can be better than him. Are they your friends?”

Aiwa smiled and asked about Lisa and Cassia again.

“Neither of them is in the barracks. Here, they seem to be unable to stay, especially Cassia, who always likes to steal something. Later, she offered me she would to leave and said she wanted to find the Phoenix Sword for you. By the way, who are the two girls you brought with you?”

“They are all my friends. Let them stay with me for the time being.”

“It seems that you really don’t want to make progress, so you like to take women to the barracks. Ferderer is preparing to punish you!”

“Just leave him alone. I’m just staying here for the time being. I want to do something really meaningful.”

Aiwa felt that after leaving the base, he should exercise his abilities somewhere, but not to piss away his time in such a barrack.

“If you really want to do something, chances will come naturally. I’ve heard that Princess Linda has been kidnapped. Her Majesty is in a terrible hurry…”

“Princess Linda?”

Aiwa’s eyes lit up immediately. Isn’t that Aini’s twin sister? Since it’s Aini’s business, of course, he couldn’t sit back and ignore it.

“Who kidnapped her?”

“It’s said that she was kidnapped by the Aegean Kingdom, but that’s not what the army did. Her Majesty is currently negotiating with Aegean King through diplomatic means, and no clear answer has been received from the other side. Her Majesty does not want to use the army yet, and is in a hurry to find a competent person to rescue his daughter!”

Aiwa felt it was a good opportunity for him to show his skill. His excitement about building a successful career far outweighed his concern about the safety of the princess.

“How can I be chosen by your Majesty?”

Aiwa could hardly wait.

“Do you want to be a hero to save the beauty? I can warn you that those who can take the princess away are definitely not ordinary masters. To participate in such rescue, one needs to risk his life!”

“Does the captain lack confidence in me who has graduated successfully?”

“Oh, what’s the use of my confidence alone? You have to give your majesty confidence first.”

“Is the news reliable?”

“Have you forgotten my expertise?”

Lovna smiled. At other times, Aiwa would surely fall for her smile, but now his mind is on Princess Linda.

“I’m going to Montelago today. Bless me, Lovna!”

Aiwa stood up with some excitement.

“If the rescue is successful, Your Majesty will appreciate you. How will you thank me then?”

Lovna also slowly rose from her chair. At this time, her figure appears more tall and beautiful, revealing the charm of women everywhere, her lips slightly open, as if implying something.

“Lovna… I… Can I kiss you now?”

Aiwa slowly stepped forward and stood opposite Lovna. He felt her intoxicating fragrance.

Lovna closed her eyes silently and her long eyelashes blinked because of her mood swings.

Aiwa moved a little closer to Lovna. He held her gently, and his lips slowly approached her sexy fragrant lips.

Unlike the kisses of other girls, Aiwa was reluctant to eat Lovna in one bite, but let his lips close to her fragrant lips bit by bit. Before touching the sexy lips, Aiwa could feel her lips trembling slightly.

Two people’s lips in less than a centimeter apart, but the process even kept for a minute! By this time, Aiwa had felt the warmth from Lovna’s two towering breasts.

Aiwa finally did not let Lovna’s lips touch his lips first, but wrapped them up first, and then they kissed like a storm; Lovna’s smooth tongue was wildly flicked in Aiwa’s mouth, as if there was any valuable energy available in each other’s mouth, and neither of them wanted to spit out each other’s tongue.

Aiwa sucked Lovna’s smooth tongue and kneaded on her full breast.

Every time he kisses a girl, his hands are not idle. He always grabs and pinches the other’s boobs. Otherwise, he will feel that this is an imperfect kiss.

When Aiwa spits out Lovna’s tongue, she blushes, which is Aiwa’s first kiss with her.

Lovna’s uniform was scratched by Aiwa, and she tidied it up a little, and the mature face suddenly appeared to be immature. She was a mature woman who let a seventeen-year-old boy kiss her senselessly!

“I’m waiting for your good news. Don’t forget, thank me for coming back!”

Lovna looked at Aiwa charmingly and tidied up the snakeskin armor for him. Actually, the armor didn’t need to be tidied up, but she wanted to touch him again.

“I will.”

Aiwa’s eyes were full of tenderness.

“Let me hug you again, will you?”

Lovna looked at Aiwa expectantly.

Aiwa threw himself into Lovna’s arms.

Lovna hugged Aiwa and put her face on his face, tender and affectionate.

“Let Ferderer’s punishment go to hell!”

Lovna patted Aiwa on the back and laughed.

When Aiwa rose from Lovna’s arms, he saw her eyes moist.

“Don’t do that, will you?” It’s not a parting, we’ll meet again soon! You have to believe that I can’t die!”

Aiwa is not talking nonsense. Several times in the base, he dealt with White Hair Bride, every time he was almost dying, but eventually, he was able to turn the corner.

“I believe it!”

Lovna tried to choke back the tears in her eyes.

Xuan Er and Aini were dragged out of bed by Aiwa.

“We have to go!”

Aiwa grabbed Aini and left.

“Are you nervous? Are we leaving as soon as we get here? Are you afraid that Ferderer will dismiss you?”

Aini is unhappy. She is really tired from the journey. But she is leaving now. How can she stand it?

“Go to Montelago, something urgent!”

Aiwa had no time to explain, and now he didn’t want to tell the truth.

After all, Aini’s sister had an accident, and he was afraid that she would not stand the blow.

“Are you in a hurry to meet Plum? Is it so urgent?”

Aini suddenly associates with Plum, who is pregnant with Aiwa’s child.

Aiwa was so anxious to go to Montelago, not to meet Plum and who? She was a princess. Aiwa didn’t put all his thoughts on her, but cared about a village girl. Of course, she couldn’t stand it.

“Go yourself.”

Aini lay back in bed.

“Young Master, what’s the matter? Why are you so anxious to get back to Montelago?”

Xuan Er naturally understands Aini’s mood, but she feels that Aiwa is not unreasonable. He is in such a hurry to go to Montelago that there must be something urgent.

“I can’t tell you now. You’ll know when I get there. We must go as soon as possible!”

Aiwa can only vent his emotions on Xuan Er, making his tone of voice less tender.

Seeing Aiwa anxious, Xuan Er immediately turned back to her dormitory and patted Aini on his shoulder. “Aini, I think Aiwa must have something important to do to Montelago. Let’s go together! We are all together here. How can we be separated?”

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