Volume 9 Chapter 8 – Redemption (Part 3)

“Aiwa, if you can save Linda, I’ll marry her to you!”

The Queen said firmly. She has her intention, rescuing her daughter is the first priority, and in the future, if the second princess can marry such a heroic teenager, her status will be more stable.

But when the Queen said this, Aini beside her suddenly turned pale. Although she hadn’t really wanted to marry Aiwa, a rogue teenager before, when she heard that her mother was going to marry her sister to him, the seed of love that had just sprouted in her heart suddenly moved.

But now, to save her sister, Aini dares not say anything. All, as a princess, she can only accept silently!

Now Aini’s only hope is that when Aiwa rescues her sister, her sister will tell her mother that she doesn’t like the scoundrel. Although the Queen has promised, after all, as the elder sister, Aini can’t make that happen, so everything can be remedied, so in her view, her sister does not like Aiwa, is the perfect ending.

“I want you to rescue the second princess in safe and sound, you can’t hurt even a hair upon her body! Do you understand?”

Sofia looked at Aiwa with gleaming eyes. After pondering over it, she had pinned all her hopes for saving her daughter on the young boy. Before, she did not send someone to rescue Linda, not because she was distressed by their requirements, but because she was afraid that once their requirements were met, they would go back on their word and kill her daughter. Because the Aegean Military did not admit that Princess Linda was kidnapped by them at all. And although they promised to actively search for Princess Linda’s whereabouts, God knows the truth. 

“Rest assured, as long as I am here, the second princess will come back safely!”

Aiwa said firmly.

“I want you to live, too. You are the pillar of Hass Empire. I can’t live without you!”

What the Queen said was not hypocrisy, but sincerity.

At the kidnapper’s request, Aiwa and Aini brought Xuan Er to the border with the Aegean Kingdom with a million gold coins.

The Aegean Kingdom is a semi-nomadic country, and the border between the two countries is a semi-desert area. It is winter now, and the whole desert looks even more desolate.

Aiwa took out the map and looked at it.

“It should be here!”

Looking at the quiet desert, Aini and Xuan Er are not sure whether the kidnapper will come or not.

“Rest assured,  for the sake of gold coins, they will not be absent. Even if they don’t intend to hand over the second princess, they will come and get the gold coins.”

Aiwa affirmed.

“If they come, shall we give them the gold coins in vain?”

Xuan Er said worriedly.

Aini glared at Xuan Er, Xuan Er, who was so frightened, quickly lowered her head.

The reason why Aiwa brought Xuan Er together to save Linda this time is that Xuan Er not only regained her vitality but also acquired the prime-energy from her master, which can double her talent abruptly. It is no problem to deal with those kidnappers with such strength. Besides, it takes manpower to escort so much money, and in Aiwa’s view, Xuan Er is the most trusted person besides Aini.

“We’ll make them payback. Remember, we can’t care only money, if possible, they can’t get even a gold coin. I want them to be completely destroyed!”

Faced with the vast desert, Aiwa vowed.

But Aiwa’s pledge made Aini suspect that he was trying to get Linda, her beautiful sister.

Aini wanted to ask, “Will you marry my sister?”

But the words died on her lips, that is nonsense. As a courtier, Aiwa can’t disobey the Queen’s orders, let alone her sister is so beautiful, will he give up? But the doubts that held in her heart had been tormenting Aini’s heart.

“Aini, if your sister wants to marry me, do you agree?”

To Aini’s surprise, Aiwa asked her first.

“What can I do?”

Aini looked up at Aiwa with tears in his eyes. What kind of mood is it for a princess not to marry her loved man, but also has to watch the loved man marry her sister?

“Aini, I will always love you, no matter what happens!”

Aiwa held Aini in his arms.

Perhaps because it was too cold here, her body was shaking in Aiwa’s arms.

Suddenly, in the distance came the noise of horses’ hoofs.

The three of Aiwa looked up and saw a large group of people coming from afar on horseback.

“They’re here at last!”

Aiwa’s blood boiled.

No matter how many and how powerful the other side is, there is no difference for Aiwa who is good at killing the general among the armies. The Wolf Kingdom’s three-star general is a good example, otherwise, the Queen would not have handed such an important task to him!

Aiwa had already put on the armor and covered with a simple warrior costume. In such a cold winter, the costume wouldn’t arise suspicion from the other side, because the armor was so well made that it did not seem bloated at all.

Aiwa and the two girls had been standing next to the car with millions of gold coins, and the troop of people soon came in like dark clouds and surrounded them and the car.

“Are you the Hass people came to give ransom?”

A bearded man rode out of the line. The man was tall and powerful, at first glance, Aiwa could figure out that he was an experienced robber, but Aiwa did not rule out the suspected collusion of these guys with the military.

“We are. Where the people we want?”

Aiwa asked calmly.

“Ha-ha, open the box!”

The man pointed his whip at the car and said.

Xuan Er suddenly lifted a piece of cloth that covered the car and uncovered the layers of packaging. The shining gold coins immediately appeared in front of everyone.

One of those guys, afraid of cheating, opened several other boxes with a saber and found that they were full of gold coins.

“Master, all gold!”

The man’s face was immediately filled with excitement.

“Well, it seems that your queen is quite credible, then we will be frank! Take these gold coins first!”

At the leader’s command, several men rushed up immediately. Depending on the crowd. they never took this man and the two women seriously.

“Hold on!”

Aiwa roared, which made several people unexpected, all of a sudden stunned.

“So, do you want to take the money?”

The leading man turned his horse’s head back again, looked at Aiwa with an obscene smile and said, “I’m so kind not to take your two girls!”

“If you don’t return the second princess to us, we won’t give you gold coins!”

“I said, give us gold coins first!”

The other side did not give in.

“We must at least meet the second princess first and make sure she is still alive.”

Aiwa also had no intention of giving in.

“Well, show them.”

As soon as the voice fell, a masked girl was pushed over by a big man, but she was still surrounded by a group of people.

A man slowly unveiled the veil on the girl’s face. Aini and Aiwa recognized her. She was indeed Linda, the second princess.

Although Linda was blocked and unable to speak, Aiwa could tell from her eager eyes that she was in the exciting mood to see her sister at the moment.

“Now can we take the money away?”

The leader’s words had not been finished yet. One of them came up again to take away the gold coin.

Suddenly Aiwa shook his wrist, and the man immediately fell down. A bamboo stick pierced his throat directly, blood flowing!

“Dare you to kill my man?”

The leader immediately stared angrily and came out with a knife.

“If you don’t give the second princess to us first, you never want to take even a gold coin!”

Aiwa’s firm eyes convinced the other side that he was not talking big.

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