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[Content Abstract of Volume 10]

When Aiwa rescued Princess Linda, he found another person behind the kidnapping…

Queen Sofia’s failure to live up to Aiwa’s promise made Aiwa resentful. To cow Queen Sofia into submission, Aiwa started a huge project, and his first goal was the Wolf Kingdom.

Aiwa skillfully won the heart of Mrs. Prince of Wolf Kingdom and helped her get what she wanted. However, this is only the first step in Aiwa’s project…

Aiwa showed extraordinary willpower in Ecstasy Pavilion. In front of the famous prostitute Xiao Fei Yan, who is both charming and talented, he acted like a gentleman, but his big hand has already traveled all over her body…


Linda: Queen Sofia’s second daughter and Hass Empire’s second princess, 16, are twin sisters with Aini.

Aini: Queen Sofia’s eldest daughter, Hass Empire’s eldest princess, 16, are twin sisters with Linda.

Ferderer: Son of Hass Empire’s Prime Minister, uncle of Aiwa, military commander of Hohfeld, Lieutenant Colonel.

Lovna: Inferior officer of Ferderer, secretly in love with Aiwa. It was she who recommended Aiwa to the Mandeff base. Later she helped Aiwa build his own barracks.

Sassi, Pienne, Bo: Aiwa’s classmates in the Mandeff base. At first Aiwa and they were enemies, then friends because they fought together with White Hair Bride, and then generals of Aiwa.

Xuan Er: Once a disciple of White Hair Bride, she was taken over by Aiwa and became Aiwa’s sexual slave and right-hand man.

Geller: Prince of Wolf Kingdom, husband of Asina.

Sophie: Geller’s daughter, Prince Dell, aged 16 or 17.

Asina: Mrs. Prince of Wolf Kingdom, wife of Geller.

Chastain: Viscount, in his early twenties.

Xiao Fei Yan: A geisha, 17 or 18 years old.

Urusen: General of Wolf Kingdom, one contestant of the Marshals’ Battle.

Lewd Serpent: The derivant of the man who practices the obscene skill, can not live alone without the master’s mind and body. It is the antenna of the master’s body and mind. It can replace the master to finish the work of promoting the sexual maturity of women and transmit the pleasure from the woman to the master. Its scope of influence is about two feet. It moves with the host’s idea.

Its ability level is constantly rising with the master’s ability level, and it is strong when the master is strong. When the host has no energy, he can’t release Lewd Serpent to promoting the sexual maturity of women. In some specific cases, the master also will use it to promote the sexual maturity of men, but in general, men who practice obscene skill will not waste energy to men unless they want him to make a fool in some cases.

Volume 10 Chapter 1 – Causing Havoc in Palace (Part 1)

After Aiwa killed the man who came to steal the gold coin on the spot, the leading man immediately turned his horse’s head around, jumped off the horse’s back, pulled out the shining sword and pointed at Aiwa.

“Boy, you are brave! Dare to kill my people!”

The man was full of murderous aura. He was not out of anger, but because he had not met such a bold opponent for a long time. There were three people, including two girls, even dared to fight against more than 100. It’s really bear heart leopard gall.

But they didn’t know that Aiwa had treated them as energy Plated Meals. Normally, he didn’t want to kill anybody. Now he just felt I sorry for them, they were unlucky.

Now that Princess Linda has been found, Aiwa has no scruple about anything, he just wants to kill those guys more than a hundred first.

Aiwa suddenly stretched out his long arm and, as sudden as lightning, grabbed Princess Linda from the opponent’s hand and let Xuan Er and Aini protect her, while he immediately rushed into the enemy’s position.

A small gang of kidnappers rushed to Xuan Er and Aini, but they were all maimed by the two girls.

What Aiwa practiced was Dark-system Dou Qi, which was naturally horrible, but he rarely had a chance to show it.

When Aiwa rushed into the enemy’s position, he did not use hidden weapons but grasped them directly with his hands. The snakeskin armor on his body completely blocked all kinds of weapons from the other side’s intensive stabbing. But strangely, those who had been caught by him immediately curled up and became smaller and smaller until they became balls of meat, and finally, only skeletons remained!

Aiwa just reached out and grabbed them. He was absolutely invincible.

Less than a few minutes later, half of the kidnappers were killed by Aiwa, all of them turned into skeletons and scattered on the ground!

Even Aini and Xuan Er were shocked to see this terrible sight. They had never seen such terrifying martial art!

“What kind of kungfu is this?”

Xuan Er could not help asking Aini.

Aini shook her head and looked puzzled. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen it before. Maybe the Dark Demonic Palm?”

She had just heard about the demonic palm, but could not name it. She felt that there was a chill on her back after seeing it.

The abductors who had just been caught by Aiwa immediately showed a very painful expression on their faces, and soon became distorted into shapes, and then they became white bones, which made people shudder.

Aiwa seemed to be red-eyed, constantly charged in the enemy position, although he saw cold rays piercing him, but he didn’t withdraw but became faster and faster.

At this moment, every time Aiwa killed a person, he would feel more strong in his whole body. It was a martial art of great darkness, made up of his obscene skill and the Effeminacy technique of White Hair Bride. Every time he caught a person, he instantly absorbed the essence, and then that person would be sucked up in a moment and became a skeleton.

Seeing their companions turn from living people to white bones, some of them started to run away in horror, but no one could escape from Aiwa. He who fled far would be shot by Aiwa’s sharp stick; he who was near would be sucked up the blood and essence.

Within fifteen minutes of the battle, the battlefield was covered with white bones, and the scene was horrible.

Now there was only the leading man, but he was already stunned by the sight and his legs trembled.

At this time, a horse suddenly appeared in the distance. On the horse’s back was a masked woman in a cloak. Before the horse arrived, she flew over and ran straight to Princess Linda, who was guarded by Xuan Er and Aini.

Aiwa was still at the other end of the battlefield, handling the last kidnapper.

The woman broke through Aini’s and Xuan Er’s defense lines and pointed her sword at Princess Linda’s throat.

“Stop it!”

Aiwa roared, but he was too late to save Princess Linda.

“Hand the money, I can let her go!”

The sword in the woman’s hand was still pointing at Princess Linda’s throat.

Aiwa always thought the woman’s voice was familiar, but he couldn’t see her face clearly. The woman also felt that Aiwa’s voice was familiar and she was stunned.

“Who are you?”

The woman still pointed at Princess Linda, but turned her eyes to Aiwa in the distance.

“I am Aiwa, on the orders of the Queen to ransom the person!”

Aiwa said as he approached.


The woman threw herself down on her knees and lifted the veil off her face. Lisa’s smart face suddenly appeared.

“Lisa? Why are you?”

This plot development was beyond Aiwa’s expectation.

Xuan Er and Aini almost simultaneously pointed their sword at Lisa kneeling on the ground.

“Don’t do that!”

Aiwa shouted and flew over.

“Did you kidnap Princess Linda?”

Aiwa asked doubtfully.

“Give me a break, master!”

Although Lisa begged for mercy and knelt there, she seemed indifferent to Aini and Xuan Er’s sword and still had a noble pride on her face.

“Who is she?”

Aini’s anger was not diminished by Lisa’s plea for mercy. She wanted to kill the woman who dared kidnap her sister immediately.

“She’s my girl.”

Aiwa stepped forward and helped Lisa stand up. He was not afraid of Lisa’s assault on him because of his serpentine armor. Moreover, he firmly believed that Lisa, who had been planted chasteness maggots, would never risk her life for the gold coins.

Lisa stood up slowly without explaining why she had kidnapped Princess Linda.

At this time, Princess Linda’s face was still covered. Aini cut the rope that tied her with a sword and uncovered the veil on her face, but he was shocked.

It’s not Linda. She’s just another strange girl! It’s just that she looks a little like Princess Linda.

“Aiwa, this is not my sister Linda! We are fooled!”

Aini exclaimed.

Aiwa immediately looked at Lisa, and only she could explain what was going on. Everyone present could not help worrying that Princess Linda might have been killed long ago.

Upon hearing that the girl was not Princess Linda, Lisa immediately turned her eyes to the frightened kidnapper leader.

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