Volume 10 Chapter 1 – Causing Havoc in Palace (Part 2)

“How dare you jerk me around!”

Lisa grabbed the man by the neck.

“I… I’m afraid you will kill us after getting the gold coin. So… I have to… Find a scapegoat…”

The man was scared to pee his pants.

“Where’s the true one?”

Lisa’s Angry staring eyes, just like she was eating the man.

“Nebula Inn…”

That guy has turned pale due to seize by his throat by Lisa.

“Are you sure?”

Aiwa also steps forward and grabs the man’s skull.

“I’m sure… sure as a gun…”

Before his words were finished, the man’s face began to deform, his whole body began to twitch, and his whole body shrank down, leaving only skin and bones in the blink of an eye.

“He’s dead!”

Lisa cautioned.


Aiwa didn’t seem to know what was going on. Out of anger and overexertion, he inadvertently released the Dark Demonic Palm he used to the enemy he had just killed.

“Aiwa, what’s that? It’s so scary.”

Xuan Er was so frightened that she stepped back, she was afraid Aiwa would accidentally use this skill on her, turning her into a pile of skeletons in an instant.

Aiwa looked at his hand, and he felt a little strange. Just now, he had no time to think more about the skill, just blindly killing people, sucking their blood essence, but now even he felt this skill was horrible.

“Never mind. Go and save my sister!”

Aini was quite anxious.

“Where is Nebula Inn?”

Aiwa was not familiar with this area.

“I know it, let’s go!”

Lisa pulled Aiwa and was about to set out.

“How about the gold coins?”

Xuan Er asked.

“You stay and watch, and we’ll be back in a minute!”

Aiwa said back. He believed Xuan Er’s talents would not be a problem to deal with the passing thieves.

Aini untied a horse from the car. Aiwa and Lisa rode on Lisa’s horse. The three people drove towards Nebula Inn.

Aiwa was about a dozen miles away from Nebula Inn, so they quickly arrived at Nebula Inn, but the door of the inn was closed.

Lisa broke through the door and saw a man lying on the ground with a machete in his stomach. Another man was lying in front of Linda. A machete penetrated the man’s abdomen and pierced his back. From the clotted blood on the ground, it could be seen that they had been out of breath for a long time. Linda was moved to a big pillar with cloth sticks stuffed in her mouth.

Needless to say, anyone could figure out that the two men must have been hurt by Linda’s unbounded feet when they tried to molest Linda. As a princess, Linda’s strength won’t be usual, even if she only used her feet, it was enough to kill the common people.

When Aini helped Linda untie the rope, the two sisters immediately cried in one another’s arms.

Watching the situation, Aiwa gave Lisa a stern look. Lisa lowered her head in shame.

On the way back, Lisa finally stated the purpose of kidnapping Princess Linda. She wanted to use the money to build an army and recapture everything that belonged to her.

“Why don’t you wait for me?”

“Do you want to hear what I really thought?”

“Do I want you to lie to me?”

“You can be my lover. As for the throne, however, I don’t think you can give me any hope.”

That’s what Lisa really thought. It’s impossible for one or two people to regain power? For now, Aiwa was just a captain of Hass Empire. He couldn’t do anything even if he climbed to his father General Kyle’s position?

“You have no confidence in me?”

Aiwa’s hand touched Lisa’s plump breasts.

“You weren’t that good before, but it seems you’ve been stronger after the training. Why haven’t I seen that kind of skill before? What a horror!”

“I don’t know what it is. At first, I just wanted to suck some energy from them, but I didn’t expect to suck up all their blood! Even I think it’s incredible, I hope it won’t hurt my relatives! “

Said Aiwa, mixed hope and fear. After all, he still has no idea under what circumstances the skill will hurt people.

“You know what? Now when you put your hand on me, you’ll make my flesh creep, afraid that you suddenly exert yourself, will make me a skeleton…”

“Maybe my idea can control it. When I’m angry, I kill people naturally, but now I just want you to moan…”

Aiwa’s fingers clipped Lisa’s nipples across her clothes.

Lisa had not been intimate with Aiwa for a long time. Suddenly she was touched like this, and her body immediately became soft.

“No, the two princesses are still ahead! Is the eldest princess your girl, too?”

Lisa asked enviously.

“Of course!”

Aiwa’s bad habits remain unchanged. As soon as he approaches a woman, he wants to dally with. With a firm grip, Lisa’s breasts change shape immediately.

“Oh… You are so bad…”

Lisa could not help tightening her body, holding Aiwa’s dick in one hand.

“Sister, who is that boy?”

Although Princess Linda met Aiwa, she never paid attention to him. As a princess, she can’t put a few people in her proud eyes.

“He’s the man mother sent to rescue you.”

Aini wanted to tell her sister that in order to save her, their mother had promised her to Aiwa as his wife, but she did not want to mention it.

“Sister, you must be familiar with each other since you come together. Isn’t he my brother-in-law?”

Linda turned around and looked at Aini excitedly. Linda has recovered from the terror of being kidnapped and is in a funny mood with her sister.

Aini did not answer, but just laughed.

“I’ll tell you, you’re perfect match! He must be good at fighting, isn’t he?

“Would Mother pick him if he had no ability?”

Aini was a little proud, but immediately regretted it. She really shouldn’t let her sister know Aiwa’s merits, lest her sister liked him too. At that time, even if her mother didn’t mention her promise, it would be irreversible. If one day she could only call Aiwa her brother-in-law, it would be very distressing for her!

When Aiwa and others returned to the original place, they five people took the car of gold coins and prepared to go back to the capital, Montelago City.

“What about this girl?”

Aini looked at Linda’s stand-in and asked.

Aiwa looked at the girl and saw that she was beautiful. He could not bear to abandon her and said, “Take her with us. If the palace needs her, let her be a maid; if the queen does not like her, then let her be my servant. I can afford her.”

Aiwa remembered that Plum was about to give birth and that the family needed manpower.

Back in Montelago City, when the Queen saw Princess Linda, she cried bitterly with Linda in her arms. After that, they exchanged feelings of missing each other. In this situation, of course, Aiwa can’t mention the engagement, besides, Aini would be unhappy if he took the initiative to mention it.

Before the reward, Aiwa returned home with Xuan Er and Linda’s stand-in. What made Aiwa do not know whether to cry or to laugh was that when he came back, several women ran out of the house, all bare their belly. One is his stepmother Margaret, the other two are Plum and his aunt Sheila, and another two are Beira and Dolly. Even Sili is here, but her stomach is not big yet. Margaret seems to have the largest belly because she was the first to conceive.

Xuan Er was amused to see so many pregnant women coming out to meet Aiwa. It was spectacular, but she did manage to keep a straight face.

Ole Kyle was even more excited when he saw Aiwa coming back, and could guess from the expression on his son’s face that he made a triumphant return.

“Did Princess Linda rescued?”

Ole Kyle was absolutely more excited than anyone else. Although he did not expect the Queen to marry her daughter into their Holtzer family, her son’s outstanding contribution to the royal family should make the Queen regard him with special respect.


Aiwa didn’t seem happy because the Queen only talked about the old days with Princess Linda, and never mentioned her previous promises. He had a vague feeling that the Queen had the idea of breaking the contract, which made him very unhappy. In fact, Aiwa did not expect to marry Princess Linda, because he was already satisfied to have Princess Aini. but he felt as if he was working in vain, his was very uncomfortable.

Ole Kyle held a celebration dinner at home that night, but it did not make Aiwa happy.

At night, Margaret went into Aiwa’s room.

Margaret was wearing only a large nightgown, not as slim as before, but Aiwa still thought she was beautiful.

“You don’t seem happy?”

Margaret went to the bed and held him in her arms.


Aiwa shook his head in a despondent way.

“Can you hide it from Mom?”

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