Volume10 Chapter 2 – The Princess is Enchanted by Ecstasy (Part 1)

Actually, Aiwa doesn’t care whether Lisa is pregnant or not. Queen Sofia’s going back on her word has broken his heart. He realizes that only when he is really strong can he conquer everything, including the Queen.

He decides to conquer Queen Sofia one day, and Lisa is undoubtedly a good tool to take advantage of.

Now Lisa has been his sexual slave, and her desire to regain Wolf Kingdom’s power is so strong.

If he can help her regain the throne, then the whole Wolf Kingdom will be under his rule, and by then Queen Sofia will have to regard him with special respect.

After a brief explanation to the women in his family, Aiwa sets foot on the journey south, bringing Lisa and Xuan Er with him, as well as the gold coins the Queen rewarded him.

To help Lisa regain the throne, they need military power. To build a military force of their own, of course, they need money. It was also the idea that came to Aiwa when the Queen sent the gold coin.

On the edge of the southern city of Hass Empire, Hohfeld, Aiwa built his own barrack.

Ferderer is the military leader of this military town. He not only offered Aiwa a lot of materials but also sent a group of people and horses to help him build the barracks. And Lovna is one of them.

Ferderer is not unaware of his brother-in-law’s ambiguous relationship with Lovna, but he knows better than Aiwa is not what he used to be, and that her Majesty is in favor of him (the Queen has given Aiwa a car of gold coins, which is known to all) so what he has done today is a human relationship.

When Lovna came to help Aiwa, she naturally brought her liaison officer, Xenova.

Lisa has to take care of her toad, so she has to often return to Khalila Grand Canyon, so Aiwa will make love with Xenova whenever he had a chance.

Sometimes when Lovna passes by Aiwa’s office, she always hears his and Xenova’s moans, but she never takes the initiative to act like an Aiwa-chaser. It’s not that she doesn’t want to, but that she wants to seize the best opportunity. She thinks it’s too early.

Aiwa’s small barrack is built in less than a month.

After hearing about Aiwa’s arrival at Hohfeld, Pienne, Sassi, Bo, and several other Mandeff students came in succession. They had become Aiwa’s sworn followers, and when they heard that Aiwa was so respected by the Queen, they wanted to follow him even more.

Lisa also returned from Khalila Grand Canyon then, bringing more than 100 people with her, all Wolf Kingdom soldiers. Aiwa realized that these days, Lisa was not going to take care of her toad, but to recruit soldiers and horses.

Aiwa arranged several of the Mandeff base’s classmates to be the chief instructor to strengthen the training of the newly established team.

Sassi and Pienne and others have not only a lot of ideas but also a set of skills on training soldiers. So Aiwa can give them the full authority. Sassi and Pienne also work harder because they have taken important positions.

Aiwa had nothing to do but have sex with three women. It was no fun, however, so he began to miss Aini.

Then, Aini suddenly appeared, but instead of being Princess Hass Empire, she was dressed as a civilian.

Sassi and Pienne only look Aini familiar, but they can’t remember where they have met, because Aini is now dressed entirely in a girl’s costume, totally different from the one in the Mandeff base at that time.

Although Aini had suffered from sexual desire several times after drinking Fengming stream, she survived, and her ability improved greatly.

Aini was used to sleeping with Aiwa when she was in the Mandeff base. This time, she naturally stayed in Aiwa’s room, sleeping in the same bed with Xuan Er and Lisa. Just every night, Aiwa rubbed and licked Aini’s exquisite body, but didn’t fuck her.

But just like that, Aini is satisfied. Since Queen Sofia broke her promise to Aiwa, Aini has increasingly felt that she is not free as a princess. She can decide who she wants to love, but not who she wants to marry. The princess’s marriage must be decided by her parents.

A week later, in the afternoon, there came another beautiful girl in the small barracks, who made all the men in the barracks look straight at her. It was Princess Linda.

“How did your Highness come to such a small place?”

When Aiwa met Linda, he was polite but cold.

“Where my sister can come, why can’t I come?”

Linda doesn’t mind Aiwa’s attitude. She had learned about her mother’s breach of promise, so she decided to visit her benefactor. She didn’t want Aiwa to think she was ungrateful.

Aini was both surprised and stressed by her sister’s arrival. Other girls, she can ignore, but her sister is a rival who can compete for love with her.

“It’s not for your love, is it?”

Aini’s quiet jokes about her sister are also a way of examining her.

“I haven’t fallen in love yet! But it’s time for you to pull back!”

Linda laughed. She had already felt the ambiguous relationship between her sister and Aiwa, but she was not sure when she found out that her sister was sleeping with two other girls, 

“Sister, have you slept with him?”

“How could I? This is their bed.”

Aini defended herself in a hurry, but there were four pillows in the bed.

As for Aini’s explanation, Linda said doubtfully, “Then where do you sleep?”

“I… I sleep there!”

Aini pointed casually to a room and said.

“Let me visit it?”

“Come on, let’s take you to see the training of those soldiers. To tell the truth, the instructors were my fellow students in the Mandeff base, but they didn’t recognize me!”

Aini hurried out of the room with Linda and winked at Xuan Er as she left. Xuan Er was sure to know what she meant.

As soon as Linda left, Xuan Er immediately tidied up another room.

By the time Aini returned with Linda, Aini’s room had been cleared up.

Looking at the bedding in the new room, Linda became more suspicious of her sister’s relationship with Aiwa.

“Sister, I want to know if you are doing this to atone for mother or do you really love Aiwa?”

Aini was pushed to the corner by her sister’s question: “Isn’t he worth my love?”

But Linda was still uncertain whether Aiwa was worth her sister’s whole life, so she decided to stay and observe for a while.

Linda is here, so Aiwa has to restrain his behavior, but he does not stop having sex with Xuan Er and Lisa. Almost every night, Linda will hear two girls’ crazy moans.

A young girl begins to understand love can’t help being stimulated by such moans.

In the middle of the night, Linda got up and asked Aini, “Sister, what are they doing?”

“You are still a child!”

“I know they’re having sex, even if you don’t tell me! Tell me, have you ever slept with him? Is he very good at that?”

“If you have a try, you’ll know!”

Aini misses sleeping with Aiwa at night, but now her sister is here and she can no longer enjoy that.

She doesn’t want her sister to know that she has almost devoted her virginity to Aiwa.

“If I tried with him, sister, would you be jealous?”

Linda looked at her sister with some jokes and some seriousness.

“Are you coming to sleep with him?”

Aini immediately got out of bed and the two sisters are having a good time.

More than a month later, Aiwa’s army expanded to more than 500, and Sassi and others have trained the 500 soldiers well. For Aiwa, the cost of raising soldiers was very high. He did not want to spend all the gold coins on the army, so he decided to attack the Wolf Kingdom in advance.

It is a truth that Aiwa learned from the East Empire that he had to reconnoiter each other’s military strength and defense before sending out troops and know each other well before he could win the battle.

Linda wanted to go out with Aiwa to spy on the enemy. It was the best thing for Aiwa to be able to spy with such a beautiful princess. In the barracks, the two sisters live together, and he could touch neither them. Now it’s a good idea to separate them.

The border between the Hohfeld barracks and the Wolf Kingdom is only a few dozen kilometers away. Hass Empire’s army won’t move easily, but Wolf Kingdom’s soldiers often harass this area.

In the afternoon, Aiwa took Linda with him, and before he entered the Wolf Kingdom, he met a group of Wolf Kingdom soldiers.

Their ranks were very untidy, but they had a lot of booty on their horses. It seemed that they had just robbed somewhere. Among the booty, there were women from Hass Empire.

“These damn guys, handle them!”

Linda was furious when she saw the soldiers of Wolf Kingdom, and Aiwa quickly stopped her.

But the soldiers had found the beautiful Linda. Although they didn’t know it was the princess of the Hass Empire, she was so outstanding that her slender figure made the soldiers look straight in the eyes.

“Did you see that girl? Do you want to eat her?”

The soldiers grinned with impunity.

Linda was furious when she heard the lewd laughter.

At that moment, several soldiers on horseback came round.

“What do you want to do?”

Aiwa held Linda in his arms, and unless he had to, he didn’t want to move, because now he’s going to spy on the enemy, not fight.

“What do we want to do? Ha ha, can’t you see it yet? We want to fuck her! Haha…”

A soldier pointed his whip at Linda and laughed.

Aiwa really wanted to slap him to death, but he managed to hold back.

The other side can’t help it. Can such beauty be let go? A big man jumped off his horse and went to Aiwa and Linda, trying to push Aiwa aside and rob Linda in his arms. But his push was in vain, and he fell back, and everyone present laughed, but they did not find Aiwa was of great talent.

“This guy is clever!”

Speaking that, that man punched Aiwa.

This time, instead of dodging, Aiwa moved his body, inserted his right hand into the man’s ribs and slashed it on his ribs. The man immediately stumbled back a few steps, was supported by several of his associates, but never straightened up.

“Kill him!”

The fellow who pounded his ribs had never suffered such a loss, so he called his partners to join him.

Aiwa can only move.

Several of the soldiers who rushed up together hardly saw how Aiwa did it, they were all knocked down. Then more soldiers rushed in, chopping at Aiwa with weapons, but not at Linda. Linda took the opportunity to launch the attack, knocking down several of them in a row.

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