Chapter 333 – The Godly Beast [5]

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Just took a walk along the river? If she could behave herself like this, the world might be much more peaceful.

“Since I have come back safely, it means that Prince Yi’s worry is unnecessary.” Huang Beiyue looked at the smiling purple eyes of Feng Lianyi and said expressionlessly.

“Sure, Princess Beiyue you are so clever that you can always turn danger into safety. There’s no need to worry.”

Huang Beiyue looked at him coldly. If this guy continued to speak such nonsense, she would kill him!

“Since it’s midnight, I’m afraid that it will bring bad impact if Prince Yi stays in the tent of Princess Yingye. So, please go back!” said Huang Beiyue coldly.

“Beiyue,” said Princess Yingye, “Prince Yi and Master Yu Wen were sent by Elder Nan Gong to protect us. The Elder said that the mercenaries across the river don’t look like good people. In order to prevent problems, powerful teachers were sent to every tent to protect the students.”

This was Elder Nan Gong’s order,which was announced after Beiyue had gone out.

Huang Beiyue looked at the young man who was next to Feng Lianyi. She had a better impression of this person named Yu Wen Di than Feng Lianyi.

The first time she saw him was outside the hostage’s palace. He seemed like he was righteous, faithful and honest. Later, in the challenge at Ling Yang College, the groom who was bribed by Lin Wanyi was also caught by him.

Huang Beiyue was a person who would remember even a little bit of kindness in her heart, and she was especially respectful to those integrate people.

“I see. Then, sorry to trouble Master Yu Wen.” Huang Beiyue turned around and directly cupped her fist and bent over to Yu Wen Di, completely ignoring Feng Lianyi.

“I’m flattered Her Royal Highness. This is what I ought to do.” Yu Wen Di also cupped his fist and bent over, although not knowing why Princess Beiyue only thanked him yet ignored his master. But since Princess Beiyue had said these words, he couldn’t ignore her. 

Feng Lianyi looked at Huang Beiyue, with a slightly bigger smile. It seemed like he was getting more and more interested in her.

Princess Yingye looked back and forth between Huang Baiyue and Feng Lianyi helplessly. Beiyue is usually a polite person, but she seemed to have some hostility towards Prince Yi. Fortunately, Prince Yi didn’t care.

“It seems like no one can sleep tonight in order to prevent the mercenaries from harassing us.” Princess Yingye frowned and said.

Yu Wen Di quickly replied, “I will be on guard outside for the whole night, so that you can take a good rest Her Royal Highness.”

Princess Yingye looked up and smiled sweetly at him, “For the whole night? Don’t you know how hard it is?”

“Let me keep guard with Master Yu Wen by taking turns.” Huang Beiyue looked up and said as she stepped out. “I will be on guard till midnight. You all can take a rest.” 

As Feng Lianyi was in the tent, she didn’t want to stay here!

“Beiyue!” Princess Yingye stood up wanting to go after her. How could a girl keep guard at midnight?

“Princess Yingye, I suggest that we divide into two groups and be on guard before and after midnight by turns.” Feng Lianyi said with a smile. “I will be with Princess Beiyue before midnight. Please take a good rest.”

Princess Yingye blushed. He said that he would guard outside to make her  rest assured. With him standing outside, she would surely feel relieved. But…

“Brother Yi, Beiyue is actually very nice to people. She is not as cold or rude as she shows. Please don’t mind her.”

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