Chapter 334 – The Godly Beast [6]

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Feng Lianyi’s lips aroused slightly and smiled, “I know. Please go to rest, Princess. Di, you stay at the door, and don’t sleep too deep.”

“Yes.” Yu Wen Di bowed and replied.

Feng Lianyi went out. Outside the tent, the night wind blew, and the fire in the brazier was crackling. Huang Beiyue was sitting on the ground outside the mat curtain with arms crossed. Her petite body was quite imposing, as if she was very used to the guard things.

He sat down on the other side of the curtain, turned his head, looked at her and smiled, “Ddi I make you angry?”

Huang Beiyue didn’t look at him, but coldly said, “Prince Yi is over self-estimated. There are not many people who can make me angry.”

After listening to this, Feng Lianyi’s smile deepened. His purple eyes were sparkling, and even the smile had spread into the eyes.

Although she did not admit it, she WAS angry.

“Where did you go?” Feng Lianyi asked with a smile.

“Do I need to report to you?” Huang Beiyue coldly responded.

Feng Lianyi touched his nose, smiled and said, “Although it is not necessary, I am very curious. Besides, as an ally, I should ask.”

“Ally?” Huang Beiyue turned to look at him. She slowly narrowed her black eyes with some sly gleam flashing inside. “Prince Yi, since we are allies, what’s your occupation? It seems that you have not told me.”

“It’s because you never asked,” Feng Lianyi looked up. The fire in the brazier shone into his eyes, lightening the purple eyes so bright.

Huang Beiyue looked at it shockedly. After a moment, she came to mind, coughed and took her eyes off, and said dryly, “I’ve asked now!”

“Do you want to hear the truth, or lie?”

“Crap!” Huang Beiyue said angrily. “If I want to hear the lie, why should I ask you!?”

“You’re right,” Feng Lianyi said with a smile, “I am the Summoner, wind-attribute.”

“What is your summoning spirit beast?” Huang Beiyue asked again. As expected, he wasn’t as simple as he seemed at all. A hidden summoner. Very powerful.

Feng Lianyi looked up at the starry sky, “There are too many people. I will show you next time.”

Huang Beiyue snorted. But suddenly a smile climbed onto her cheek, “Few people know the secret that you are the summoner?”

“Yes. You are the third to know.”

Huang Beiyue licked her lips, and said some treacherously, “Aren’t you afraid that I will let out your secret?”

Feng Lianyi looked at her and was slightly surprised. Obviously, he did not expect that she would suddenly come up with a threat. Generally speaking, masters should be bright and upright.

“You won’t?” He said at a bit uncertain tone. He really didn’t know much about this little girl.

“Well, it depends on your performance!” Huang Beiyue already had a plan in mind.

Just now, outside the tent of the Four Seas Mercenary group, she heard the conversation between Boss Yuan and his men. She knew that spiritual beasts’ weird movements today were not riots at all, but because of a mythological beast outside the Floating Forest!

Although she didn’t know how that mythological beast came to the periphery of the Floating Forest, this now-or-never opportunity could not be met every day!

In the past, if you wanted to meet a mythological beast, you must not only have super strength, but also have enough luck! This time, wasn’t it a good luck?

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