Chapter 335 – The Godly Beast [7]

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The mythological beast came to the periphery and just scared away the spiritual beasts nearby. It must be much easier to enter the Floating Forest at this moment than usual.

If lucky, she could still see the mythological beast. If more lucky, she might be able to tame the mythological beast.

If she had a mythological beast, then that Hong Lian of Guang Yao Hall would not necessarily be such a big threat to her.

Hong Lian had a mythological beast. If she also had one, added with a little trick, it would not be difficult to kill Hong Lian!

However, taming a mythological beast was just a good assumption. Huang Beiyue dared not to be careless. Although she was strong enough to tame Ice Spirit Bird using Beast Without Boundaries, to tame a mythological beast was hard to say.

Moreover, she didn’t know the level of the mythological beast inside.

This time, her main purpose of entering the Floating Forest was to find the three medicinal ingredients of refining Cleansing Bone Marrow Pill as soon as possible. Other things were just “by the way”.

She planned in mind, then looked at Feng Lianyi. He looked like a slightly panicked and feared. She smiled and said, “Prince Yi must be powerful. Let’s sneak into the Floating Forest!”

Feng Lianyi frowned, “You are too bold. It is the riot period of spiritual beasts. It is the most ferocious moment of all spiritual beasts. If you go in now, aren’t you looking for death?”

“I don’t believe that you also think it’s a riot of spiritual beasts!” Huang Beiyue said, “To tell you the truth, it’s the safest time for us to go in now, with no worry about being attacked by high-level spiritual beasts at all.”

“How do you know that?” Feng Lianyi squinted slightly, “As an ally, I have told you my secret. You still don’t want to tell me?”

Huang Beiyue raised her hand and pointed back, mysteriously said, “The people over there told me that there is a mythological beast outside the Floating Forest, so the spiritual beasts are scared and are running away.”

“Mythological beast?” Even though Feng Lianyi was calm, he still could not help but slightly gasped.

A mythological beast outside the Floating Forest. What did it mean?

“So, do you want to go and see with me?”

“Do I have a choice?” Feng Lianyi smiled wryly. She had said that if he didn’t cooperate, she would let his secret out. So if he didn’t go, probably everyone in Nan Yi Country would know his secret tomorrow.

He didn’t doubt that she would not do as what she said.

Huang Beiyue smiled. She was just asking. How could she allow Feng Lianyi decide whether to go or not? If she, an outcomer, entered the Floating Forest without a person more familiar with the environment, that would be too dangerous!

Powerful as she was, Huang Beiyue was not foolhardy. Everything she did must be through careful consideration, otherwise it would be too late to regret!

Now that having already planned to go, of course they couldn’t wait any more. This kind of thing, over time, would be known by someone else somehow. By that time, people would flock in and it would not be fun.

Huang Beiyue turned and added a layer of vitality restriction on the outside of the tent. Feng Lianyi saw it and raised his eyebrows slightly. She knew how to add vitality restriction. Was she a Summoner as well?

“Let’s go.” Huang Beiyue said, while having already stepped in front of him, disappearing behind the tent like a cat.

Feng Lianyi followed up.

They stopped at the junction of Misty Forest and Floating Forest. It had been several hours, but they could still hear the sound of the spiritual beasts fleeing and neighing in the forest. Many spiritual beasts had fled to Misty Forest.

“Be careful. Try not to use vitality after you go in the forest.”

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