Chapter 336 – The Godly Beast [8]

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“Be careful. Try not to use vitality after you go into the forest. Those floating lights are blind and they attack by sensing the fluctuation of vitality.” Feng Lianyi whispered.

“No wonder even a Grand master dares not rush into the Floating Forest. If you do not use vitality, it would be troublesome when encountering a spiritual beast.” Huang Beiyue said.

However, she didn’t need to be concerned with that for the time being. She was not able to condense vitality herself and there was no vitality fluctuation in  her body. So she didn’t have to worry about those floating lights for the moment.

“If you have no problem, let’s go?” Huang Beiyue asked faintly.

Feng Lianyi smiled and walked ahead of her. On walking into the dark Floating Forest, the temperature dropped immediately.

Because of the floating lights, even though it was dark, they could walk stably with no need to worry about the situation under their feet. It was very quiet. They two walked very carefully in tandem.

While walking, there were sounds of spiritual beasts around coming from time to time. But at this moment, those spiritual beasts couldn’t spare attention to attack humans who broke in but only thought about fleeing for their own lives.

Having avoided the fleeing spiritual beast groups several times, they could now gradually feel the pressure of the mythological beast ahead.

However, what surprised them was that the pressure was not as strong as it was supposed to be. Instead, it was sometimes strong and sometimes weak. But even if it was not strong, they could feel the pressing evil spirit from the exuberant pressure!

No wonder the spiritual beasts were escaping. Even though the mythological beast couldn’t emit strong pressure, its inherent evil spiritual power was strong enough to scare them away.

Huang Beiyue couldn’t wait to see what kind of mythological beast it was! 

“Wait.” She was just going ahead when Feng Lianyi suddenly raised his hand and whispered.

Huang Beiyue thought that there were some other strong spiritual beasts, so she pricked up her ears and listened carefully, but heard nothing. She looked up at Feng Lianyi, only saw him wave at her, then take a turn and go to another place.

“Hey!” Huang Beiyue whispered, but he didn’t hear. So she could only keep up.

After ten minutes of walking, there were more and more floating lights ahead, making it brighter and brighter. The light was not glaring. It was very soft, but very cold, making the hairs on their backs stand straight out.

But behind these floating lights, there was a small pool. The ripping water was more dreamlike under the light of these floating lights. In the pool, there were several single-petal seven-color lotus flowers.

The Seven-Color Single-Petal Lotus!

Huang Beiyue walked up quickly, and found that it was really one of the medicinal ingredients she was looking for to refine the Cleansing Bone Marrow Pill – the water-attribute Seven-Color Single-Petal Lotus!

Feng Lianyi whispered, “It’s so lucky that the guardian spiritual beast here has been scared away by the mythological beast. Otherwise, it will take some effort to deal with the guardian spiritual beast.”

“How did you know that there are Seven-color Single-petal Lotus here?” Huang Beiyue was overjoyed. Knowing that there was no danger in the pool, she strode down. The shallow water only reached her knees. She picked off all the Seven-Color Single-Petal Lotus and placed them in her space ring.

As the Seven-Color Single-Petal Lotus were picked off, the floating lights above the pool seemed to feel something and slowly moved.

A few floating lights floated down and slowly turned from side to side around Huang Beiyue.

These floating lights were long in shape with dragon-like horns on their flat heads.

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