Chapter 337 – The Godly Beast [9]

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These floating lights were long in shape with dragon-like horns on their flat heads. Behind the horns was a long soft, fin-like thing. Their thin bodies were crystal clear, naturally emitting the lights.

If not for knowing that they were ferocious spiritual beasts, you might feel that this creature was very beautiful!

Huang Beiyue calmed down and looked at Feng Lianyi. Feng Lianyi made a squeaking action, then turned his wrist, and took out a Guqin from his space ring. He flipped his white clothes, sat down on the floor, and gently plucked the strings, soft and beautiful sound came flowing out.

The gentle sound was so smooth, as if slowly drifting out like flowing clouds from his fingertips, high and low, near and far.

Magically, those floating lights, on hearing the music, all stopped for a moment at the same time, and then left Huang Beiyue. They slowly moved to Feng Lianyi and began to spin around him as if there were melodies flowing.

The floating lights were intoxicated in the music. Gradually, they began to dance in the dim space, bringing breezes. Feng Lianyi was playing the Guqin with head down while his white clothes were slightly lifted by the breeze as bright light flickered and faded in his purple eyes.

His enchanting and delicate face was so unreal among the dancing floating lights.

For a while.

The music was playing. The wind was blowing. The flowing lights were dancing.

Huang Beiyue stared so intently with her heart touched by the music that for a moment, she even forgot the dangerous situation she was in. 

Many years later, when thinking of this scene again, she would still feel it unreal, like a dream, but the best dream ever.

Feng Lianyi looked up at her. He was also stunned when seeing her looking straight at himself. Unconsciously, he made a few mistakes while playing the Guqin.

On hearing the messy sound, the floating lights seemed to react to it all at once. After a moment of silence, the long fin-like thing on their bodies suddenly shook, making a noisy sound. Then they suddenly turned toward him and attacked!

“Come on!” Feng Lianyi put away the Guqin and immediately grabbed Huang Beiyue’s hand to pull her out of the pool. Then he waved his sleeves, and countless condensed wind vitality flew out like sharp blades.

The floating lights catching up were all hit by the wind blades fell to the ground and glistening liquid flew out from their bodies.

Several floating lights died, but the rest immediately caught up, swarming one after another, endlessly. 

Huang Beiyue snorted. She hated this kind of small but numerous things, which were more difficult to deal with than the fierce spiritual beasts!

Now that there were not many of them, why not solve them all at once!

Just after the thoughts, Feng Lianyi held her waist and suddenly took her into his arms. Then he turned around and hid in a dark tree hole!

The tree hole was not big, somewhat narrow. She almost curled up in his arms so that the two could barely be accommodated.

Huang Beiyue gritted her teeth and said, “What are you doing?”

“Don’t make vitality fluctuate. Those floating lights are very sensitive. If you release a lot of vitality, they will continue to chase you by the smell. That will be very troublesome.” Feng Lianyi whispered.

Huang Beiyue frowned. But although she was not willing, she knew that floating lights were not easy to deal with.

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