Chapter 338 – The Godly Beast [10]

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But the two were hiding in such a narrow place, it was a bit… weird!

She didn’t know which spiritual beast had lived in this tree hole before, but it was wet and slippery, with cold water drops dripping from above and falling into the neckline of her clothes. A cold chill came into her.

“Don’t be afraid. They can’t find us.” Feng Lianyi softened his voice, and tightened the hand on her waist slightly.

“Who is afraid?” Huang Beiyue’s cold voice sounded, “Put your hand away!”

Feng Lianyi froze a moment. He slowly moved his hand away, coughed in the darkness and said, “Sorry, I didn’t notice that the notes were wrong.”

If the notes hadn’t been wrong, those floating lights would have been smoothly calmed and then taken to other places.

Thinking of what happened just now, Huang Beiyue showed a rare uneasy blush on her face. Thanks to the darkness, Feng Lianyi could not see it.

Hell, this was not what girlish or romantic heart of Huang Beiyue. She just felt that, anyway, she had been a killer for many years and had seen all kinds of people. There were so many people more enchanting, more attractive and more gentle than him!

How beautiful the super star Su Li was, and the famous Prince Zhanye. Which one was worse than him? She did not even blink her eyes when she saw these people.

But strangely, on looking at him just now, she couldn’t move her eyes! It was really inexplicable!

Thinking of these, Huang Beiyue coldly said, “If you are not capable, then don’t do it!”

Feng Lianyi looked down at her in the darkness as he smiled bitterly, and said to himself in heart, he had never made any mistake before this time!

It was just…

They two hid in the tree hole silently and embarrassingly for a while. The noisy sound outside was calming down. They waited for another two minutes before Huang Beiyue first went out.

Those floating lights were quietly floating above the Dark Forest in groups. Their bright lights were extremely weird in the silent dark forest.

“Let’s go.” Huang Beiyue said to Feng Lianyi and walked forward.

One of the three medicinal ingredients needed to refine the Cleansing Bone Marrow Pill had been found. The remaining two might need some time.

“There is a kind of earth-attribute earth spirit plant growing in the soil. It is hard to find, but the place where the earth spirit plant grows, the soil will emit aroma, and all spiritual beasts like to move around. The low level spiritual beasts do not have spirituality. They will leave a lot of saliva around the land where the earth spirit plant grows. If you see a place with a lot of saliva, you can pay attention to it.”

Feng Lianyi said to her as he walked.

Huang Beiyue nodded and began to pay close attention to the surrounding soil.

However, at this time, in the forest in front, there was a earthquake-like shaking, making them wobble. Several spiritual beasts made a heartbreaking scream, then it went silent.

Huang Beiyue turned to look at Feng Lianyi. Even if she didn’t say anything, both of them understood at the same time!

That mythological beast must be in front!

They two immediately rushed forward and ran toward the direction of shaking as quickly as possible. The more forward they moved, the more floating lights there were and the more radiant the lights were. A burning power was gradually approaching meanwhile!


The violent roar sounded a little weak. After one low screaming, there were only heavy gasps.

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