Chapter 340 – The Godly Beast [12]

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The loud and powerful voice was like a strong wind, making the surrounding air shaking violently in an instant!

Huang Beiyue also shook at her feet for a moment. She tried to stand still and said to herself in mind: No wonder it was called mythological beast. Only its voice could produce such powerful force!

However, she was not a person who would retreat easily!

Clenching Beast Without Boundaries tightly in hand, she took a quick step aside to avoid the shock wave from the golden tiger’s voice.

Even though she had moved so fast, the strong wind still scratched her neck, leaving a thin bloodstain!

The golden tiger, who was in childbirth, was particularly grumpy, and would never show mercy to any creature who dared to approach her!

Seeing such fast movement of Huang Beiyue, the golden eyes of the golden tiger suddenly froze. A golden light shot out so quickly that it made a violent sound in the air! 

“Be careful!” Feng Lianyi shouted behind. The sound of Guqin suddenly soared. He waved his sleeves, and the tumbling wind elements rushed like a huge wave, hitting the golden light from the eyes of the golden tiger!


The strong impact formed a huge cyclone in the air. It was glued for a long time before heading straight to the clouds, even breaking the dense trees covering the sky!

The rest of the cyclone swept around like a hurricane, breaking several trunks.

When the hurricane stopped, Feng Lianyi took a look around, but he did not see Huang Beiyue!

Suddenly feeling nervous, Feng Lianyi stood up.

“Don’t stop!” Suddenly there was a cold voice overhead. The light emitted by floating lights was suddenly obscured. A huge mythical bird flew above, immediately radiating icy air and dispelling the muggy heat around.

On the back of the mythical bird, a girl with long red hair stood agilely, holding a snow-white ice feather in hand. She looked back gently, showing deep and cold dark eyes!

This was… Xi Tian’s Ice Spirit Bird!

And that was the most prestigious red haired witch recently, the mysterious nine-star summoner who controlled one of the five super spiritual beasts, Xi Tian!

Shocked for a moment, Feng Lianyi smiled lightly. This girl was too unexpected!

Twelve years old. Nine-star summoner. Ice Spirit Bird owner!

She was a real genius totally over Prince Zhan Ye. Why had she been treated as a crap for so many years?

Xiao Family were really as blind as a group of bats!

“I’m counting on you.” After seeing her strong identity, Feng Lianyi was not worried anymore. Though not a mythological beast, Ice Spirit Bird was a super spiritual beast. Therefore, there was no need to worry too much about facing an overly weak mythological beast in childbirth.

Huang Beiyue nodded her head. She waved the ice feather in her hand, gales of frozen air mixed in black air violently rushed to the light gold barrier around the golden tiger like reversed rivers!

The golden tiger roared suddenly. She stood up with her weak body, a flame burst out from her mouth in an instant.

Huang Beiyue did not intend to clash with a mythological beast face on face. She immediately drove the Ice Spirit Bird higher. At the same time, the light gold barrier was suddenly broken into pieces and fell down because of her attack.

“Damn Human!” The golden tiger was furious totally. How could the barrier of a mythological beast be broken by a simple human summoner!

She was so angry that flames burst out suddenly from her golden body.

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