Chapter 342 – The Godly Beast [14]

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The golden tiger hesitated for a moment. The pain of childbirth made her whole body shiver. Her legs which barely supported her on the ground were shaking. It was very powerful for the golden tiger to fight against Huang Beiyue with strong strength for such a long time!

Seeing the hesitation in her eyes, Huang Beiyue continued to say, “I don’t want to fight with you. If your baby beast doesn’t come out right now, it will die.”

“Humph, I won’t believe in human beings… ” The golden tiger wheezed and said. Obviously, she was exhausted.

“You will believe in me!” Huang Beiyue said firmly.

The golden tiger looked up at her and asked, “Why?”

“Because of this!” Huang Beiyue raised her hand and the black Beast Without Boundaries came out in her palm. Its whole pure and thick black, and its complex and ancient lines all made it somehow mysterious. Even the mythical beast golden tiger took half a step back.

“As a mystical beast, you should be able to feel stronger power of the ancient jade. If I really want to fight against you, it won’t take much effort due to your weak state in childbirth .”

Huang Beiyue calmly said. Although there were some exaggerations in her words, it was true that the power of Beast Without Boundaries could not to be underestimated. The more powerful the spiritual beast was, the stronger power it could feel.

It was just that she didn’t know how to make use of it. Even so, the power of that simple vitality amulet she had just revealed was strong enough to make the golden tiger believe her words.

The bright white light flashed on Ice Shield. The soft and bright hair of the golden tiger gradually appeared dim.

Huang Beiyue jumped down from Ice Shield. She raised her hand slightly and said softly, “Don’t worry. I just want to help you.”

Under her gentle soothing voice and the tweedle of Feng Lianyi’s Guqin not far away, the mood of the golden tiger really calmed down gradually. However, at the moment when Huang Beiyue was about to approach her, she suddenly raised her head!

“Swear to God!”

Huang Beiyue smiled gently. She raised two fingers to the sky without hesitation, and swore, “I, Huang Beiyu, swear that if I do anything that hurts the golden tiger and the baby beast, I will be be struck by lightning and split into two halves!”

As soon as the oath was finished, a thunderclap flashed across the sky that had just been hit by the cyclone of Feng Lianyi and the golden tiger!

An oath, once made, shall not be violated, or the thunderclap would continuously strike you down until you are dead!

The golden tiger was a little relieved. She couldn’t support herself any more leaned. She leaned over the green vines and gasped heavily.

The quick war just now had consumed too much of her vitality, and now she could only rely on the continuous supply of green vitality on the vine.

“Human, is your name Huang Beiyue?” Asked golden tiger weakly.

Huang Beiyue took out the black cloak from the space ring and covered it on the golden tiger’s body. She put her hand on the abdomen of the golden tiger and gently pressed it. She could feel the squirming of the baby beast in her abdomen.

“Yes, my name is Huang Beiyue.” She answered. The baby beast was still crawling, which made them a little relieved. She asked, “The baby beast is OK. Can you make it?”

The higher level the spiritual beast was, the more difficult and dangerous it would be when giving birth to a baby. It would be much more difficult for a mythological beast like the golden tiger.

“Yes! My child, you must come out smoothly! ” The golden tiger whispered.

Huang Beiyue tightly pressed her lips. At this time, Feng Lianyi came up from behind. As soon as the golden tiger felt his breath, she roared at a low voice.

“He is with me.” Huang Beiyue appeased.

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