Chapter 343 – The Godly Beast [15]

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“He is with me.” Huang Beiyue appeased as she looked up and said to Feng Lianyi, “Go and inspect the surrounding area. Don’t let anyone near here!”

Feng Lianyi nodded and left.

Huang Beiyue turned back and said, “The baby beast has been formed in your abdomen. It’s too huge, which makes it hard for you to give birth. Now I’m going to pull her out by hand. You have to endure the pain.”

The golden tiger nodded, then opened her mouth and bit on a thick vine. She closed her eyes and totally relied on Huang Beiyue.

After the oath, the mythological beast didn’t doubt her any more!

Seeing this, Huang Beiyue dared not be careless. She took the alcohol out of the space ring, which was a necessity for every student who came to Floating Forest. Once meeting powerful spiritual beasts, they would drink it to boost up their courage!

Although this idea was a little funny, it was a good way. At least for now, she really needed a drink to strengthen her courage.

She lifted her head and took a big gulp from the jar. Then she poured the rest of the alcohol over her hands.When she was training in the 21st century, she saw the master deliver a horse in the horse farm. The alcohol was used for disinfection. Although mythological beast might not necessarily be afraid of viruses or other things, she still did it  because it was better safe than sorry.

She slowly put one hand into the golden tiger’s body. Animals were basically the same in body structures. Now the golden tiger’s cervix was opened. Normally she would  have been able to give birth to a baby beast by now. However, this baby beast was so large that it didn’t look like an ordinary baby beast at all!

Huang Beiyue finally felt the baby beast after a while. She tried to correct the baby’s position and bring its head down. She grabbed the two forelimbs of the baby, let its body curl up as much as possible, and slowly pulled it out.

During this process, a lot of blood flowed out from the golden tiger’s body. It didn’t get any relief even though she had continuously absorbed the vitality on the vine. Huang Beiyue couldn’t help sweating.

Was this the extreme bleeding that rarely happens when a woman gave birth to a child?

Huang Beiyue’s heart raced suddenly as she dragged the baby beast. The golden tiger was also exerting strength. But every time she exerted her strength, more blood flowed out. Huang Beiyue hurriedly said, “Your bleeding is getting worse. What should I do?”

“Keep dragging!” The golden tiger roared, obviously in great pain.

Huang Beiyue nodded and continued. Soon the baby beast started coming out of the mother’s body. First were the small, golden forelegs. She cried happily, ” It’s coming out! I see the forelegs. “

The golden tiger was relieved. Some wet liquid threatening to pour out of her eyes.

Then finally, the head of the baby beast  with tiny golden fluff surrounding it slowly appeared, all the while being accompanied  by a light golden flame.

Now that the head came out, the rest of the body easily slid out. Huang Beiyue was sweating all over,She wrapped the little baby beast with the cloak and said, “My friend is a wind-attribute summoner. He knows healing. I will call him over.”

“Huang Beiyue.” The golden tiger looked at her baby beast and slowly said, “No need. Yesterday I was in the west of Floating Forest and fought with an adult Multi-Eyed Cold Toad. I have been seriously hurt. Your friend can’t save me.”

Seriously hurt?

Huang Beiyue’s eyes were wide open. How could it be? Giving birth with a serious injury. No wonder she was so weak!

“How can I help you? The baby beast is so young. If you put her in the Floating Forest now, a mere stronger spiritual beast can easily kill her! “

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