Chapter 350 – Prestigious Hong Lian [4]

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Huang Beiyue wanted to say something to remind Feng Lianyi. He was a clever man, so he must know what to say. But before she spoke, Huang Shao, who stood in front of her, saw the appearance of Feng Lianyi and shouted out in surprise.

“Xiu Luo City! He’s from Xiu Luo City! “

“Brother Huang, what do you mean?” Ding Qi cried out in fear.

Huang Shao left him aside, but turned to Huang Beiyue and whispered, “Your Prestigious, this is a person from Xiu Luo City. I have seen him before. What should we do now?”

“Xiu Luo City…” Huang Beiyue whispered. She looked up thoughtfully at Feng Lianyi. He looked cool and not surprised.

Xiu Luo City was the darkest and most horrible organization in Karte Continent. It was said to be a place more terrible than hell. People in Xiu Luo City were cruel, bloodthirsty and ruthless. Anyone who dared to provoke them, even if it was a whole country, would be destroyed by them!

Such a horrible place would make everyone on Karte Continent afraid upon hearing its name. But except for the rumors, no one knew what the real Xiu Luo City looked like.

Feng Lianyi is from Xiu Luo City?

“Are you sure?” Huang Beiyue asked in a cold voice.

Huang Shao hurriedly said, “Your Prestigious, this guy is the most conspicuous among the group of monsters in Xiu Luo City. How can I mistake him with others?”

Feng Lianyi was so good-looking that it was hard for people who had seen him to forget him.

Huang Beiyue nodded. She looked at Feng Lianyi again. But he was still not affected. Huang Beiyue finally said, “This man has some background. I’m afraid he also has unfathomable strength. You can’t deal with him. Step aside.”

Hearing this, Huang Shao and others were delighted. They said, “Your Prestigious is awesome! Thanks Your Prestigious! “

It was hard to deal with people of Xiu Luo City. But with Prestigious Hong Lian, they were more relieved.

“Please be careful, Your Prestigious!” Huang Shao said as he led his companions to retreat from the back.

Huang Beiyue had been looking straight at Feng Lianyi’s face all through. Then, she began to talk with a light banter, “Xiu Luo City. How great is Prince Yi!”

After these people left, Feng Lianyi smiled slowly and said, “Compared with Prestigious Hong Lian, I am nobody.”

Huang Beiyue snorted and replied, “Hum, don’t pretend in front of me. I’ve thought that you might not be a good person, but I actually didn’t expect that you really aren’t a good person!”

Feng Lianyi touched his nose and smiled happily, “You are angry again.”

Huang Beiyue’s dark eyes suddenly turned cold and she stared at him.

Feng Lianyi immediately said, “Well, next time if you want to know something, just ask me. I will never conceal. OK?”

“Who wants to know about you? Who are you? What do you have to do with me? ” Huang Beiyue said coldly. She held the baby Pure Gold Spirit Tiger and was about to leave.

Her cold mood made Feng Lianyi a little disappointed. He turned his head and looked at her. His smile gradually vanished. Then Feng Lianyi said, “Since those people have seen you and I, there will be a potential threat if they live. We’d better solve them now.”

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