Chapter 351 – Prestigious Hong Lian [5]

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“Well, do I have to deal with such things?” Huang Beiyue said in a queen-like manner.

“I see.” Feng Lianyi nodded. Not daring to disturb the queen any more, he disappeared in a flash.

Huang Shao and his companions went fast. If Prestigious Hong Lian fought with the person from Xiu Luo City and attracted too many floating lights, it would not be good for them. It was not suitable to watch the battle for these small potatoes. They’d better run away as soon as possible.

“Big Brother Huang, I have a feeling that Prestigious Hong Lian is a little strange today.” Ding Qi said doubtfully as he walked quickly.

Another person nodded in agreement, “Prestigious Mo Lian doesn’t seem to be with her.”

Huang Shao said, “Maybe it’s because Prestigious Hong Lian’s hair is a little different that we feel she’s strange. Besides, Prestigious Mo Lian seems to not like being with Prestigious Hong Lian. “

“Big Brother Huang is also right. If it wasn’t for Prestigious Mo Lian’s poor living ability, he would surely have nothing to do with Prestigious Hong Lian.” Ding Qi scratched his head and finally smiled with relief.

“I hope Prestigious Hong Lian will successfully solve the person from Xiu Luo City.” Ding Qi said.

Huang Shao said with a dignified looking, “I don’t think that person can be solved easily. Last time I saw him, he was…”

“Big Brother Huang, be careful!” Ding Qi suddenly shouted, but it was too late. As soon as he shouted out, the head of Huang Shao rolled down from his neck!

Soundless and stirless! Invisible and shapeless!

Only a breeze blew over. It was extremely eerie in the dark forest!

“Who is it?” Ding Qi turned around and shouted. But he couldn’t see anything in the surrounding void darkness!

The floating lights were moving slowly. A few of them flew around Ding Qi with their long fins floating. Ding Qi was so furious that he slashed the floating lights with the sword in hand.

His companion’s head was at feet, but he couldn’t care about anything else. The hidden master would not let them go!

But when he raised his sword, the floating lights suddenly hissed. They shook their long fins, opened their mouths and bit his neck!

The floating lights started to suck his blood together!

“Ding Lao’er!” The rest of the people shouted. They took out their weapons and called up their summoning beasts, and came up to expel the floating lights.

These floating lights sucked the blood so fast, which was more horrible than the Blue Bat and other spiritual beasts. In just a moment, Ding Qi had been sucked to death and fell on to the ground.

“Damn! Who is it?! ” A man couldn’t help but stand up and shout. Suddenly a gust of wind swept across his face. Then his eyes opened wide and his head rolled down his neck.

“Ghost, ghost!” When the rest of the people saw this, they were all frightened and panicked. They turned around and began to flee. Suddenly, only a few steps away, a strong wind came from all directions, wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves. The roaring wind was sharper than the blade, whirling at full speed. Those who fled, whether they were Summoners, summoning beasts or Budo Masters, all screamed and were minced!

The blood whirled and splashed in the strong wind. On the ground were the badly mutilated limbs, which was too horrible to look at!

In an instant, the ten-odd Summoners above seven stars, warriors above golden level and the first-level Blade Master all died distressingly! Only leaving a pile of slag!

Ding Qi convulsed on the ground, because his neck was bitten off by the floating lights.

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