Chapter 352 – Prestigious Hong Lian [6]

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Ding Qi convulsed on the ground. His neck, that had been bitten off by the floating lights, was bleeding like flowing water.

He opened his eyes widely and saw a snow white figure coming slowly towards him from the radiance of the floating lights. The man held a sword condensed by invisible wind in his right hand.

Fear gradually showed up in Ding Qi’s eyes. He looked at the man in white and the sword. With blood in his mouth, he vaguely spat out a few words, “You… are… are…”

Before he had the chance to finish, Feng Lianyi gently waved his sword, and cut off Ding Qi’s body from the waist.

The sword in his hand disappeared into a gust of wind. Feng Lianyi looked at the corpse indifferently. A cold bloody expression showed on his gorgeous face.

“Finished?” The impatient clear voice of Huang Beiyue came from behind.

The coldness on Feng Lianyi’s face immediately melted away. A soft, gentle and smiling light appeared in his ice purple eyes.

“Don’t come here. You will feel uncomfortable by seeing it.” Feng Lianyi said. He turned around and walked to Huang Beiyue with a smile. Seeing Huang Beiyue’s lovely cold face, he smiled widely and apologized, “Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Huang Beiyue snorted. She turned a blind eye to his deliberate care and flattery, and walked away.

A while after they had left, the surrounding floating lights soon ate up the ugly pile of blood and meat. Therefore, they turned towards Ding Qi, who was cut into two.

When the glittering floating lights moved toward Ding Qi, a dark vitality suddenly hit them.  The floating lights all turned into ashes immediately.

A black figure came quietly to Ding Qi. It looked young like a teenager, wearing a very delicate black cloak. The cloak didn’t cover his face, which was gloomy, strange and a bit unnaturally pale.

If it were not for the weird paleness, it must be a handsome face.

His eyes were big, deep and dark, which was a little frightening. If you look carefully, you would find that the pupils were static. That is to say, he couldn’t see anything!

Although he was blind, his actions were not messy. He squatted down beside Ding Qi, took his pale hand out of the cloak and put it above Ding Qi’s head.

He opened his mouth slightly. His voice was as a cold spring, without any fluctuation. He said in a strange and quiet way, “Body grows, spirit gathers, soul comes back!”

Ding Qi, who had already died, suddenly turned his eyeballs. His mouth was bleeding. He was alive again!

But the great pain of being cut off into two parts made him scream painfully. His internal organs and blood flew out of his body, which was horrible and disgusting!

Ding Qi slowly lifted up his wandering eyes. He saw the weird black figure in front of him and a light flashed in his eyes. Ding Qi said, “Mo, Prestigious Mo Lian…”

“Who did this?” The black figure asked coldly.

“Xiu… Xiu Luo City and… red-hair… Prestigious Hong Lian…” Ding Qi said painfully and begged, “Sa… save me…”

“Painful?” Mo Lian’s pale eyes turned slightly.

“Pain… painful…” Ding Qi cried bitterly. He had been split into two by Feng Lianyi’s sword. He died but it didn’t hurt so much. Now he was revived by Mo Lian’s Spiritualism. The fact that his body was incomplete was incredibly painful!

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