Chapter 354 – Prestigious Hong Lian [8]

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“Yes. It’s my second elder sister.” Huang Beiyue licked her lips and said. She retreated to the forest and squatted with the Pure Gold Spirit Tiger in hug. Then she waved to Feng Lianyi and said, “Come here.”

“Won’t you help her?” Feng Lianyi went over, squatted beside her and asked. Through the dense plant leaves, he could see the huge Heavenly Snow Cat over there.

Huang Beiyue raised her eyebrows and said, “My sister is a three-star Summoner. She is so powerful that she won’t need my help.”

Her words were full of sarcasm. Feng Lianyi looked at her and thought: What on earth did she suffer at home that makes her so indifferent to kinship?


The Heavenly Snow Cat suddenly screamed bitterly. It flew backward and fell to the ground heavily. Where he had been standing, there was a patterned thunder-attribute Spotted Leopard squatting down with dignity!

Thunder-attribute Spotted Leopard, a level-10 spiritual beast!

Xiao Yun’s face went pale. She retreated step by step and said, “You, don’t act recklessly! Do you know who I am? My father is Xiao Yuancheng, husband of the Eldest Princess!”

“Hum? Husband of the Eldest Princess? You are the daughter of Eldest Princess Hui Wen, Princess Beiyue?” asked by a mercenary.

Xiao Yun didn’t know what happened so she dared not answer hastily. She stunned and the mercenary continued maliciously, “Hum! My eldest brother died distressingly because of Eldest Princess Hui Wen, which I haven’t revenge for. Now her daughter is in my hand. What a retribution!”

Hearing this, Xiao Yun was afraid. But she was also glad for not having pretended to be Princess Beiyue. She had thought Eldest Princess Hui Wen was beloved and supported by the people, having no enemies at all. Now, it seemed not exactly so!

“I… I ain’t the daughter of Eldest Princess Hui Wen! How could my mother be such a shameless bitch! It was her that took my father away and made my mother the little concubine, I the shu daughter. I hate her!” Xiao Yun said hurriedly.

The mercenary said coldly, “You want to cheat me? I’m not a fool!”

“It’s true! I’m not Princess Beiyue! Princess Beiyue also came with us this time. If you want to take revenge, I can lead you to her!” Xiao Yun said hurriedly. As long as she could survive, she could do anything!

“Oh, Princess Beiyue also comes?” The mercenary said. He touched his chin and began to think about it.

People surrounded said, “Huo Laoliu, what’s wrong with you? We caught this chick for nothing? Are you leaving her alone?”

“How could that be?” Huo Laoliu laughed wretchedly and said, “Chick, how is Princess Beiyue like? Is she as beautiful as you are?”

“Yes! She is much more beautiful than I am!” At this moment, Xiao Yun completely abandoned her sense of superiority to Huang Beiyue. She exerted all her compliments on describing Huang Beiyue, “Everyone in Lin Huai City knows that Princess Beiyue looks exactly the same as Eldest Princess Hui Wen! Eldest Princess Hui Wen was a top beauty in Karte Continent when she was young. How could Princess Beiyue be worse?”

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