Volume 10 Chapter 1 – Causing Havoc in Palace (Part 3)

Margaret put her face on Aiwa’s face and rubbed with his ears, while one hand touched her belly. Aiwa’s eyes moved to Margaret’s bulging belly.

“Are you all right?”

After Aiwa returned home, he greeted his stepmother with concern for the first time.

“I’m pregnant with a child of Dragon Blood, of course I’m all right, but I haven’t seen his father’s smiling face yet!”

Hearing Margaret’s words, Aiwa was shocked and immediately sat up from her arms. Let his father’s woman pregnant with her own child, which makes Aiwa wonder what to do. Margaret was so excited when he cheated with him, but now he feels sorry for his father.

“Do you think I betrayed your father, so I’m not a good woman?”

Margaret was disappointed to see Aiwa’s reaction, which was quite different from her mood when she found out she was pregnant.

“No… No.”

“Aiwa quickly denied it because he found that his attitude might have hurt Margaret, and said, “I’m just… It’s a little unexpected.”

“Don’t believe it’s your baby?”

Margaret asked grievingly.

“Margaret, you think too much. I’m really in a bad mood today.”

Aiwa didn’t want her stepmother to be sad.

“Why? Because the Queen has no reward?”

Margaret didn’t see anything like a reward when Aiwa came home.

Aiwa gave a bitter laugh and said nothing.

“Money is not an inherent part of the human being, and happiness is a priceless treasure.”

Margaret put a soft body on him and said, “Although I can’t have sex with you right now… But you can touch…”

Days of yearning have made Margaret a little unbearable and her voice trembling.

Aiwa has to admit that Margaret’s sexual desire is strong, but at this time it’s more about her feelings for him.

Margaret’s breasts are fuller than before. Aiwa unties Margaret’s pajamas and leans his face down in the deep cleavage…

Early the next morning, Queen Sofia called in Aiwa, Princess Aini standing beside.

Queen Sofia first praised Aiwa’s rescue and then hesitated: “There’s one thing I’m sorry to mention to you.”

“Your Majesty may as well say so.”

Aiwa had a hunch.

“I promised you Princess Linda, and I don’t want to break my promise. But… I suddenly felt that if I told Linda about it, she would think I had made a deal with you. After all, she was a princess with a strong temper. I don’t want to make her unhappy because of this. So, you can choose any one from my maid.”

“Your Majesty, I can’t remember any promises between us. I don’t lack women, and there are already women in my family who want to help me have children. Your Majesty would not have to worry about it if it was just for this matter. Say goodbye!”

After that, Aiwa went back angrily.

“Mom, you’ve gone too far! As a king, how can you win the trust of the world if you are so unfaithful?”

After dropping the accusation, Aini went after Aiwa in a huff. Although she didn’t want her sister to marry Aiwa, now her mother broke the contract so easily that she immediately became unhappy for Aiwa.

Aiwa walked out of the palace, and his eyes were red with grievance and anger.

Outside the palace gate, there happened to be a beautifully carved dragon pillar, which symbolized the majesty of the emperor. It made Aiwa feel angry at first sight and kicked hard when he raised his foot.

In the past, this foot would only break Aiwa’s ankle, but now it’s more than half of Aiwa’s newly improved strength.

Just listen to the “click” sound, the thick granite pillar suddenly broke, the four pillars supporting the beautiful roof immediately collapsed!

“This guy is wild!”

Jance heard the quake-like roar and knew Aiwa had wreaked havoc in his anger. She was ready to rush out.

“Stop! It’s not necessarily a bad thing for him to vent.”

Queen Sofia stopped Jance.

Several patrol guards, seeing the scene before them, rushed up immediately. Whoever Aiwa was, as long as they were behaving atrociously in the palace, they were your Majesty’s enemies.

But just as those men approached Aiwa, they were beaten far away by Aiwa. Now Aiwa’s strength is quite good, even he does not know how much energy he has.

The flying guards immediately signalled, and more guards rushed in.They were trying to chop Aiwa into meat sauce. Aiwa didn’t want to kill, otherwise, would the dozens of guards be his rivals?

His eyes were wide open and he stared fiercely at the guards. The ferocious look made them feel a little timid.

“Get back! Do you know who he is? Get out of here!”

Aini did not identify Aiwa, but the words of the princess weighed heavily in the palace, and the guards withdrew in disgrace.

Aiwa rushed out of the palace gate, and instead of chasing him, Aini returned to the palace.

“Why did Mom break the contract? Isn’t Aiwa worthy of my sister?”

Aini almost burst into tears as she spoke.

“I can give him a lot of money to compensate him!”

Queen Sofia vented her suppressed anger on her daughter.

“This is not something that can be solved with money!”

Aini has been studying abroad for years, and her character has grown stronger, and she does not want to compromise with her mother.

“So what should I do?”

Queen Sofia asked, but not for advice from her daughter.

“If you have concerns about my sister, I can take her place!”

When Aini said this, she looked elsewhere and could guess what expression her mother would have.

“Don’t forget your identity! You are the princess of Hass Empire. Can I send the princess out in return for the kindness of a minister?”

Aini endured for a long time, but still did not dare to say that she loved Aiwa.

Less than an hour after Aiwa arrived home, a car full of gold coins arrived in front of the General’s Palace.

Last night, Margaret and Aiwa had been intimate for most of the night and knew why Aiwa was in a bad mood. Hearing that it was the gold coin that the Queen had given Aiwa, she said to the guard of the car without mercy: “Our Holtzer family is not short of money, but of due respect!”

“Madam, we’re just doing what we’re told to do. Please accept these gold coins as soon as possible. We’d better get back to report on completion of the task as soon as possible.”

The guard said.

To everyone’s surprise, Aiwa stepped out, took some gold coins out of the car and gave them to the guard. He accepted the gold coins very happily. Even Margaret felt like he had been different.

“Go back and thank you for your grace!”

Aiwa said happily, clapping the guard on the shoulder.

“Certainly, thank you Sir!”

The rewarded guard was very excited. He had never met such a generous aristocratic Prince and said, “Prince Aiwa is different!”

After the guards left, Margaret asked doubtfully, “Didn’t you say you don’t want a golden hill? Why are you financial addicted now?”

“Ha-ha, something is better than nothing. If I refused, your majesty will not only save money, but also doubt my loyalty. And someone needs the money.”

When Lisa heard that Aiwa had accepted the money for her, she was moved to cry. She had not shed tears for a long time, but this time Aiwa suffered such a great humiliation that she had to look at Aiwa who accepted the Queen’s gold coin differently.

“Aiwa, there’s one thing… I… I’m sorry you…”

Lisa was about to speak, but saying nothing.

“You mean the kidnapping of Princess Linda? It’s none of my business. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Aiwa didn’t know what would surprise him besides this.

“I’m afraid you’ll be angry if I say that… Can you forgive me?”

Lisa, who had always been strong, looked at Aiwa with tearful eyes.

“After you left Hohfeld, I found that I was pregnant with your child…”

“That’s good! You see, Plum and Sheila are both pregnant with my baby! I like children very much. If you give birth to another one for me, I can form a small team!”

Aiwa laughed brightly.

“But, you know, I often go back to Khalila Grand Canyon. In order to improve my power, I sometimes drink that toad water… Later… Later… I found nausea… gone…”

Lisa was afraid to go on, especially when she heard that Aiwa liked children.

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