Volume 10 Chapter 3 – Tearing (Part 1)

Aiwa’s sucking undoubtedly gave Linda a powerful stimulus, causing her upper body to bend up.

“You are so sensitive!”

Aiwa spits out her breasts and laughs proudly.

Aiwa then sucked another breast, producing almost the same effect.

Linda kept moaning, and the touching murmur made Aiwa more excited. Aiwa sucked on one breast and stroked and kneaded the other breast. Both of her delicate little breasts were under his control.


Linda’s delicate body kept twisting and her tongue stretched out, licking lips.

Looking at Linda’s hungry and thirsty look, Aiwa cannot bear any more, so he spit out her breasts, kissed her little mouth, and the big hands took turns stroking and kneading her breasts.

Aiwa thought Linda’s tongue was slippery and her fluid was so sweet. When Aiwa sucks Linda’s fragrant tongue into his mouth, Linda can stir it in Aiwa’s mouth.

Linda’s clothes had been torn by Aiwa, revealing the snow-white breasts. The breasts had been kneaded and pinched by Aiwa, especially the nipples were very full.

Aiwa could no longer control his desire. As he sucked Linda’s tongue, he unfastened her belt and inserted a hand into her lower body.

When Aiwa’s hand was just deep, Linda instinctively clamped her legs slightly, but the fiery desire makes her open her legs again soon, so that Aiwa’s fingers smoothly inserted between her legs and touched the delicate vulva…

Linda’s pubic hair is not as lush as her sister’s, and even reminds Aiwa of a teen girl.

Aiwa’s fingers continued to slide down, separating her delicate beams and inserting them into her vagina…


Linda gave a drunken moan.

Aiwa has spit out Linda’s fragrant tongue and is absorbed in her face. Afterwards, Aiwa sucks Linda’s sharp bipples while gently inserting his finger into her vagina. Gradually, her vagina gets wet…

“Ah… Don’t…”

Linda’s subconscious has sensed that her body is being violated, and she instinctively wriggles and resists.

But instead of pulling out his fingers, Linda’s body twists aggravated Aiwa’s pumping, causing Linda’s vagina, which had never been touched by a man, to produce a strong stimulus.

“Oh… Don’t…”

Linda’s legs are sometimes separated and clamped, but none of them can stop Aiwa’s sinful finger from invading her, especially when he sucks her breasts, which makes her even more irresistible.

Aiwa’s fingers move faster and faster, and Linda’s labia minor involuntarily clips Aiwa’s fingers.

Linda’s labia is so powerful that Aiwa feels sucked by a sucking baby’s mouth.

“Ah, so strong… Baby, try harder! “

Aiwa turned his finger and raised himself to say proudly.

“En… Ah…”

Linda’s body twists so badly that sometimes her waist rises up with her buttocks, and her powerful little labia moves with Aiwa’s fingers.

“Ah… Don’t… no…”

Despite Linda’s resistance in her mouth, her body reacted so eagerly to Aiwa’s insertion that pornographic water flowed out of Aiwa’s fingers…

Linda licks her lips and sometimes opens her mouth slightly, seemingly expecting Aiwa to suck and kiss, splitting her legs as hard as she can from time to time. At this time, she was wearing underwear, skirt outside, so that Aiwa could not see her lower body, so her lower clothes were slowly taken off by Aiwa, suddenly white body appeared in front of Aiwa, the kind of attractive white almost flashed his eyes.

Linda seems to curl up her white legs slightly because of shyness, but this can not hide the bud-like tenderness between Linda’s legs, where the glittering pornographic water is slowly flowing out.

When Aiwa’s finger was inserted into the small mouth again, Linda’s small mouth immediately tightened.

“Ah… It’s itchy inside…

Linda’s whole body twisted, and Aiwa put one hand in her hole, and the other hand kneaded her breasts, which made her even more tempted.

“Oh… It itches to death…

With Aiwa’s quick pull-in, Linda screamed and twisted her glossy body as if she could no longer stand the pump.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

Aiwa asked softly, fingering her privacy. He just wanted to hear Linda speak out her strong desire.


Linda suddenly clamped her legs and held Aiwa’s hand inside. Her muscles seemed to be tense all over.

Meanwhile, Aiwa’s fingers were punctuated even more, and Linda kept licking her lips.

Aiwa didn’t want to miss the chance. Once Linda woke up, she didn’t necessarily want to do that. Linda’s legs opened again quickly, leaving Aiwa’s fingers to puncture in her hole.

Aiwa’s fingers were pulled out without warning, giving Linda the feeling that her lower body was hollowed out. She snapped her legs, but it was too late. Aiwa took off his trousers and exposed his lower part of his body. The meat stick had been as hard as a steel bar.

Aiwa turned around, slowly rubbed Linda’s breasts in both hands, kneeling on both sides of Linda’s head, let the long stick hang over Linda’s mouth, slowly droop and touch Linda’s red lips.

Linda was hungry for Aiwa’s kiss, and even though she didn’t know what was coming to her mouth, she kept her mouth open. She didn’t even have any experience in huffing and puffing meat sticks. She could only put it in her mouth by her instinct.


From Linda’s nose, an intoxicating moan was emitted. Aiwa just kneaded her sharp pepper milk with both hands, but there was still a feeling of emptiness in her lower body. So Linda’s molars on her legs did not seem to know how to avoid it. From time to time, she scratched Aiwa’s meat stick, but Aiwa felt quite comfortable. She dared not force herself into her mouth, and Linda had gradually adapted to Aiwa’s insertion in her mouth.

Aiwa looked down at Linda’s sucking his meat stick and slowly pumped it, holding Linda’s breasts in both hands.


Linda’s desire is getting stronger and stronger. It seems that only by twisting constantly can Linda satisfy her desire.

When Linda’s little mouth was able to eat his meat stick skillfully, Aiwa leaned over and covered Linda’s vulva with his lips.

Before Aiwa’s tongue moved, Linda’s vulva moved.

When Aiwa’s tongue licked Linda’s labia minor, Aiwa could clearly feel her labia minor moving.


Linda’s snow-white legs are separated so that all the vulva is exposed to make full contact with Aiwa’s tongue.

Aiwa’s tongue just flicked, and Linda’s vulva stood up. Aiwa quickly held Linda’s clitoris and swept it with his clever tip of tongue. This kind of contact is quite lethal for the little girl, less than one of her holes is slowly opening, like a very thirsty fish with a big mouth.

Aiwa pulled the stick out of Linda’s mouth and rubbed it around her neck as he accelerated the attack on her vulva.

At this time, Aiwa lifted himself from Linda’s body, which had been licked by Aiwa with muddy water.

“En! Ah… It’s itchy…

Linda kept moaning, her eyes still open. Looking at her, she was mostly still in a coma, but she was quite sensitive to Aiwa’s invasion.

Aiwa turned around and knelt between Linda’s legs, and saw that most of the pornographic water from the cave flowed into her hip ditch, wetting her asshole.

“Ah… Oh… Itchy…”

Linda’s face was full of drunken expressions.

“I’m going in?”

As Aiwa spoke, he separated Linda’s legs, exposed her vulva completely, and tried to open her hole.

“En… Hum…”

Extreme desire has completely disengaged Linda’s body from the control of consciousness.

Aiwa put all the clothes under Linda’s buttocks, let Linda’s vulva stand up, and then grasp his dick, let the hot glans against her delicate vulva, gently grind.

“Oh… Oh…”

Aiwa holds the meat stick and rotates around Linda’s labia. Sometimes he grinds Linda’s already bloodshot clitoris with his glans. When Aiwa rotates fast, he finds that the small hole below is opening gradually, and a lot of pornographic water is coming out of it.

“Ah… Don’t… Itchy…”

Hearing Linda’s obscenities, Aiwa almost thrived to the greatest extent, and his meat sticks swelled up like thick earthworm-like veins.

Aiwa leaned down on the slender and plump body and let the big glan slowly penetrate the tight and suffocating vagina. But instead of inserting it immediately, Aiwa was pumping it out like a finger, but after all, it was not a finger, but a thicker, hot meat stick. The sense of fullness was confusing. Linda is excited again.


Linda’s body was tightened by the quick short-distance puncture, but it could not satisfy her private desire, instead, it made her desire more intense.

Linda’s hair spread out because of the rapid twist of her head. Her whole body was feverish and tense, and sweat was already oozing from her body. Fine hair sticks to Linda’s neck and snow-white breast.

“Oh… Ah…”

Aiwa’s rapid insertion was only in the vagina where her fingers had been, and Linda could no longer stand the torture and tremble.

Just as Linda had no foresight and was desperate, Aiwa’s big stick suddenly penetrated.


A tearing pain spread from Linda’s lower body, distorting her face.

“It’s hurt…”

Linda’s molars clenched her lower lip and oozed red blood. A sense of fullness extends to the bottom of her cave.

When Aiwa pulled out his dick, he saw the bright red on it.

“You’re really a virgin!”

Aiwa was overjoyed. It’s a great joy to be able to eat the princess, besides opening the bud for the princess! If Her Majesty knows, he doesn’t know how she will feel; Aiwa is happy and inserts the red meat gun again!


Linda’s body was trembling violently again, almost bowing up. How could her suffocating hole withstand Aiwa’s deep and thick insertion?

Aiwa inserted so hard that he could not get in at all. He felt that it was not only Princess Linda, but also Queen Sophia who was being fucked.

Soon, Linda’s intense pain in her lower body was replaced by the pleasure of being attacked. She twisted her white body happily, and the hole became more and more muddy.

“Oh… Ah…”

“Are you happy?”

Aiwa asked as he pulled in. Linda’s intoxicating expression on her face actually says everything, but he still wants to hear her say the exciting words herself.

“Ah… happy…”

Aiwa pumped slowly, expecting that the effect would not disappear so soon, but he hoped Linda would wake up as soon as possible to see how he fucked her to vent his animal desires.

Aiwa is not afraid of Linda’s anger. He knows that after tasting the beauty of his big meat stick, the girl will never be really angry. 

Aiwa holds Linda’s legs in both hands and pulls Linda’s butt onto his leg so that he can see the stick pumping 

“Ah… itchy… Quick…

Linda’s hands are tied and her legs are grabbed. She can only relieve her intense pleasure by constantly twisting her body.

Aiwa holds Linda’s legs and lets her twist her body wildly, which saves her the strength to pull. The meat stick is easily pulled into Linda’s hole.

“Ah… I can’t stand it anymore.”

As Linda wriggles, pornographic water flows out of her private place.

Aiwa even took off her jacket. He was naked all over. He lay down on Linda’s body and kissed her little mouth tightly. Their tongues were entangled immediately. Aiwa sucked blood from her lips into his mouth. As he plucked in her hole, he gathered her sex fluids.

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