Volume 10 Chapter 3 – Tearing (Part 2)

Girl’s sex fluids contain some energy, the princess’s sex fluids is more unusual, not to mention that this is her first night, so her energy must be powerful, for Aiwa, who is good at obscene skill, virgin’s sex fluids is very important, every time he absorbs a girl’s first sex fluids, his power originates from Dragon Blood will be significantly improved.

Aiwa’s mouth moved away from Linda’s small mouth and gently grabbed her almost transparent earlobe.

Aiwa wriggles slowly on Linda’s body, and this kind of comprehensive contact stimulates Linda’s intrinsically sensitive body more strongly.

They cling to each other and quickly make Linda sweat. Aiwa did not pump vigorously, but each time it reached Linda’s stamen, which was so delicate that it could not stand such grinding. In a short time, Linda’s delicate body trembling.

“Oh… I can’t stand…”

Linda pushed her neck back, and the strong pleasure left her nowhere to hide. Then all her sex fluids sprayed out, and her meat hole was like a mire.

Hearing Linda panting, Aiwa suddenly quickened his pump and finally withstood her bud, Aiwa’s semen sprayed out in an instant.

“Ah… Ah…”

Linda woke up completely in Aiwa’s bursts of jets, and the strong pleasure made her tremble violently. She seemed unable to withstand such a strong stimulus and even bit Aiwa’s shoulder.


Aiwa’s ejaculation lasted for several seconds, and half a minute passed when it stopped, Linda’s molars were still biting him on the shoulder.

After the strong pleasure faded, Linda really came back to her senses. She released her teeth that had bitten Aiwa’s shoulder and cried, “Whoo… You raped me…

Aiwa slowly pulled the penis out of Linda’s body, blackish red on it had been diluted by her pornographic water, leaving only a few faint reds.

“Princess, I never raped you. But I had to!”

Aiwa straightened up, still kneeling between Linda’s legs. He could see Linda’s delicate vulva, where there was glittering spring water, some lewd appearance.

“You have raped me, and you are cunning!”

“Just now you were overwhelmed by the two Wolf Kingdom soldiers’ aphrodisiac. The drug seizures made you lose your mind. I was trying to save you!”

“Then why tie my hand? Clearly it’s a misguided plan!”

Linda then turned around and looked at Aiwa, questioning Aiwa who is still kneeling between her legs.

“You scratched yourself after you’re overwhelmed by aphrodisiacs, and you tear up your clothes, including the skirt and trousers. You want me to have sex with you, or you’ll scratch your body. I’m really afraid that the princess will scratch this noble skin and so I had to tie your hands!”

After that, Aiwa loosened the belt tied to Linda’s hands.

Linda realized that her legs were apart and Aiwa was kneeling in the middle of her legs and looking at her private place. The girl’s shyness immediately made her sit up, grabbed a dress under her and covered it in her private place, and pushed Aiwa away.

“But you shouldn’t rape me!”

Linda yelled at Aiwa with tearful eyes. Unknowingly, she was robbed of her virginity, which made her angry.

“The princess does not know that this kind of aphrodisiac is unusual. Once it breaks out, it will make people lose their mind. If the sex desire attack your heart, you will be in danger of live. How can I ignore the life of the princess?”

Aiwa spoke with great rhetoric, which made Linda feel that Aiwa was purely out of kindness.

“Put on your clothes now, don’t let me see your filth!”

Linda accidentally saw the dick between Aiwa’s crotches and felt ashamed.

“My clothes… Still under the princess’s ass…”

Aiwa said, pretending to be innocent, and then he reached into Princess Linda’s leg.

“What are you doing?”

Linda is nervous again.

“Take my pants.”

Aiwa said with innocence, pulling his trousers out of Linda’s muddy buttocks and standing in front of Linda, putting them on.

Although a little scared, Linda could not help but look up and see Aiwa’s big dick. She still feels a little pain under her. She knows that big dick is the culprit. Had it not been for her own experience, she really doubted how such a big one could have got into her body!

Linda recalls that when she was chasing the Wolf Kingdom soldiers, she suddenly fell into a trap and remembered that the guys were throwing powder into the trap. It seemed that Aiwa had not intentionally raped her just now, and that when she woke up, she clearly remembered the strong pleasure when Aiwa’s pumping in her body. At the thought of this, her face once again flew into the red clouds.

“Turn around and I’m going to dress!”

Linda covered her lower body and breasts with clothes, which Aiwa had kneaded many times before, and Aiwa turned around. Linda rushed to put on her clothes. Although some parts of her clothes were stained with her virgin red, she could not take care of it now.

“How do we get out?”

Linda looked up at the high wall of the pit and was worried. It’s nearly two feet to the ground, and there’s no one around. Where will someone come to rescue it?

“Come on, come on my back!”

Aiwa squatted down.

“You want to take advantage of me again?”

Linda would not go up with her mouth pouted. Besides, even if she climbed on his back, he would not be able to fly.

“How else shall we do to go out?”

“Can you fly out?”

Linda looked at Aiwa incredulously and asked.

“Give it a try!”

“Such a deep pit, even if the leopard fell in, it could not jump out!”

“Rest assured, I am better than the leopard!”

Aiwa didn’t wait for Linda to climb on his back, he hugged her and forced her to stick her body on his back.


Linda’s hands thumped on Aiwa’s back, but Aiwa still clings to Linda’s legs.

“If you want to stay in this pit, I’ll go up alone!”

Aiwa turned to frighten Linda.

“You dare!”

Linda holds Aiwa’s neck in one hand, and two little pepper nipples stick tightly to Aiwa’s back. She worries about being thrown here by Aiwa.

“Princess, please keep your breasts away from me. I have no immunity!”

“No more rudeness, or I won’t spare you!”

Linda twisted Aiwa’s ear with one hand.

Aiwa suddenly jumped up with Linda on his back.

Linda thinks it’s not jumping at all, it’s flying! She just felt the wind blowing in her ears. In a blink of an eye, they came out of the pit.

At this time, the sun was gradually setting in the west, and the whole wilderness was quiet and frightening.

“How did you fly up?”

Linda has never seen anyone with such great ability. Aiwa can jump out of a pit more than two feet deep with a man on his back!

“If I have such ability, how could I rescue you from the kidnappers last time?”

“Boast! Let me down, we have come out, why you still hold me on so tightly!”

Linda gave Aiwa’s body a gentle twist, and Aiwa put her down, then they moved towards the Wolf Kingdom.

Although they came to scout, Aiwa and Linda were both reluctant to be lonely. They went to crowded places deliberately.

At night, they came to a hotel, upstairs is the guest room, downstairs is the bar, they found there are many people drinking there, and all look very bold and unrestrained.

“Would you like to have wine?”

Aiwa asked Linda.

“I dare not drink it! The last time I drank in a hotel, I was drugged.”

“Aren’t you afraid to be carried to bed after being drugged by me?”

“Shut up!”

Linda reached into Aiwa’s ribs and pinched him severely.


Aiwa couldn’t help crying softly.

Although Aiwa’s ability has been improved, he does not want to show that in front of girls, and just want to be bullied by beautiful girls. Even if Linda pinches his meat stick with her hand, he will not resist.

Several drinkers had seen Aiwa and Linda who had just come in. Theysaw Aiwa and Linda flirted with each other.

A scarred face man staggered up with a glass of wine. The vulture and the evil eye did not look at Aiwa, but kept a close eye on Linda’s beautiful and moving face.

When the fellow came to Linda, Linda looked away coldly and regarded the man in front of him as air.

“This lady’s temperament, at a glance, I know that you are the lady of a noble family. Ha-ha, I like it. Cold but pure and clean, would you like to have a drink with me?”

With that, the big fellow unscrupulously lifted the cup in front of Linda.

Aiwa held his hand quietly in the middle of them.

“Where come the paws?”

The big fellow didn’t look at Aiwa, but kept staring at Linda’s cool face.

“She’s my wife!”

Aiwa also looked up without looking at the big fellow.

“I’d like to invite this lady to drink, or I can dance with her.”

“She can’t dance with you.”

Aiwa still didn’t look at the man’s face. His dirty beard made him sick.

“Can you?”

The big fellow suddenly turned his eyes to Aiwa’s face. He seemed to have had enough patience to stop talking to Aiwa.

“Yes, and I’m good at it. Let me dance with you!”

Said that, Aiwa took the initiative to put his hand around the big fellow’s waist. The big fellow had strong arms and waist. When Aiwa hugged him, he felt a little laborious.

The big fellow held his glass in his hand, and when Aiwa put his arm around his waist and walked towards the bar with his body, he spilled his wine on Aiwa.

The blood-red wine ran down Aiwa’s face. Instead of getting annoyed, Aiwa put out his tongue and licked the wine flowing to the corner of his mouth.

Such a calm young boy astonished the big fellow. At that age, when faced with such insults, he was able to hold back his anger. He had never seen such a situation before. To his surprise, Aiwa looked at him with a sneer as he licked his wine. He could not guess what Aiwa was thinking at the moment.

“You… Are you not angry?”

Seeing Aiwa’s strange expression made the big fellow laugh unconsciously.

“How can I get angry when you give me all the wine?”

After that, Aiwa suddenly flashed away from the big fellow.

When the big fellow was surprised, he noticed that his trousers fell off, leaving only a pair of small underwear under him.

He stooped down and grabbed his trousers at once. He was about to hit Aiwa when he came up. But he never thought that he had been running around here, but he got a heavy blow in an inexplicable situation. His whole body immediately fell back and fell to the ground. He had not even worn his trousers yet! 

Aiwa came slowly and squatted down, not knowing when he had a knife in his hand. Just look at it and you can know how sharp the knife is.

Although the big fellow was knocked down by Aiwa, he did not faint. Aiwa used a bit of ingenuity to knock him down without killing him. The big man was frightened and foolish when he saw the knife swaying in front of him.

“Good brother, spare your life!”

“Hehe, ignoring others is a price to pay!”

As he spoke, Aiwa raised his hand, and the bright knife drew a beautiful arc from the big man’s pants. The big man felt chilly and tense all over his body. Then Aiwa wiped the knife on his ankle pants and put it away.

“We’re even!”

Aiwa stood up and took Linda’s hand out of the inn.

“Ah… No more?”

As soon as Aiwa came out of the shop, he heard the desperate howling of the big man.

“Are you too cruel?”

Linda felt that Aiwa’s knife was too cruel and cut people’s back.

“In my opinion, his ignorance of my eyes is even more fierce than this knife. It’s entirely his own fault!”

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