Volume 10 Chapter 4 – The Encounter in the Prince’s Palace (Part 1)

Nearly a hundred kilometers from the Wolf Kingdom border to the capital Van Di Da City, Aiwa wanted to spend a night with Linda in a hotel, but something bad happened.

Not far from the hotel door they left, they saw a group of patrolmen. When they heard the miserable howling in the hotel, they ran in. Someone in the hotel described it was a man and a woman who looked like people from Hass Empire, so the patrol chased them out.

Aiwa felt that they would cause trouble when they were together, so he had to separate with Linda temporarily and walk along the street.

The patrol continued to chase ahead, but Aiwa and Linda were unable to lodge in the town and had to move on to the next town.

It was already dark now and the weather was getting colder and colder.

“We should find a place to live first. It’s freezing!”

Linda presents the little princess’s charm in front of Aiwa.

“You’re the princess of Hass Empire. How could it be so easy for you to freeze to death?”

Aiwa teased as he walked, but when he saw Linda’s angry face, he immediately added, “I will die before you!”

“You are so kind!”

Linda turned angry to laugh.

Aiwa took Linda all the way to track down the location of the force distribution along the border between the Wolf Kingdom and Hass Empire, and drew it down.

Near dawn, they arrived at Van Di Da City.

Looking at the beautiful Van Di Da City, all sorts of feelings well up in Aiwa’s min. At this point, he imagined the future when he rules the city.

“Linda, if I were the owner of this city one day, would you like to be my queen?”

“Shut up! Even if you were the king of the Wolf Kingdom, I would not be your queen!”

Linda suddenly remembered being raped by Aiwa in the trap yesterday afternoon, and her face was hot.

Before daybreak, the two began to investigate the defense of the capital. Four city gates were heavily guarded, and even if the army came, it was difficult to break into them; the high and thick walls, except for Lisa and Aiwa, could fly up. For others, before they could reach the corner of the walls, they would be shot by guards on the walls.

“Do you really want to send your hundreds of soldiers to attack Van Di Da City?”

Linda asked while looking at Van Di Da, whose defence is iron-clad.

“Where there is a will, there is a way!”

By this time, the sky was already bright, and they both saw the city guards patrolling the walls back and forth.

The entire Van Di Da City is surrounded not only by the moat, but also by vast areas within a kilometer or two outside the city. It is impossible to conceal troops in this area.

“Even if we can get under the city through the Wolf Kingdom’s military line, there is plenty of time for the city’s forces to be mobilized wherever we attack.”

Linda’s also very clever, and she thinks very thoroughly about the difficulty of attacking the city.

“If we can break through at will, is it still the capital of the country? Any city is not so easy to attack, which I had anticipated for a long time.”

“Did you have an idea long ago?”

Linda, on the one hand, finds it ridiculous that Aiwa wants to win the city with hundreds of people, on the other hand, she wants to know what his fantasies are.

“Now I just want to find a place to have a nice sleep with you!”

Aiwa yawned.

Linda could not help yawning as well. Although her breast was not yet fully developed, it was small and exquisite. It was so attractive that Aiwa wanted to taste the wonderful taste again.

When they entered the city, they found a hotel to stay in.

Aiwa, in the name of protecting the princess, slept in the same room with Linda, but Linda did not allow Aiwa to sleep in the same bed with her. Aiwa’s wish was dashed.

But Aiwa didn’t give up. After Linda had fallen asleep, he left his bed, came over to unfasten Linda’s coat, put one hand in her arms, and gently rubbed her little pigeon, but he wasn’t worried that Linda would scold him when she woke up.

Sure enough, after Aiwa touched it for a minute or two, Linda woke up and hit him with a slap, but Aiwa reacted faster and grabbed her jade wrist in his hand.

“Are you rude to me?”

“Who is rude to you?”

Aiwa’s voice is eight degrees higher than Linda’s.

“You touched my… breast! Why did you come to my bed? “

When they were sleeping, they were clearly separated, but now Aiwa not only near her bed, but also unfastened her clothes and touched her breasts!

“Princess, don’t play tricks, will you? It’s you asked me to come over and let me kiss you and touch you, but now you should refuse to recognize! You can’t do this?”

After that, Aiwa pretended to be angry and was ready to get out of Linda’s bed, but Linda grabbed him.

“You can’t go! What if you leave me alone? Did I really call you?

“Of course, I didn’t go until you called several times in a row.”

“Maybe I’m talking in my dreams!”

Linda’s face grew more charming with a flush of red.

“Who knows the truth or the dream? You’re a princess. Can I not listen to you?’

Aiwa’s tone and manner were grieving.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t blamed you.”

Linda took Aiwa’s hand and looked at his face with beautiful eyes to see if he was still angry with her.

“It’s troublesome to serve your princess. You asked me to touch it, but you derecognize now!”

Aiwa complained.

“You want to touch me?”

“You look so good, which man doesn’t want to touch? Unless he’s stupid!”

“Then… You must close your eyes and touch me. You must not peep at me!”

Aiwa closed his eyes. Linda laughed and offered to open her clothes and let Aiwa put his hand on her breast.

The delicate little pigeon is so…

Although Aiwa just grabbed Linda’s breast, it made Linda a little drunk, because when Aiwa kneaded her just now, he had stirred up her sexual desire. At this point, her desire is stronger than Aiwa’s, or she won’t take the initiative to let Aiwa put her hand on her breast.

Although Aiwa closed his eyes, everything was so clear.

At first, Linda watched Aiwa with her eyes open. Within a minute, she could not help closing her eyes and enjoying it.

“Oh… You are so bad…”

Linda’s body slowly fell on the bed, and Aiwa lay down, kneading her breasts with his big hands in turn.

Linda’s breasts haven’t been developed for a long time. Now they’re still soft mixed hard to pinch. Her nipples are rising very quickly. Now, she has no time to consider whether Aiwa ‘s eyes are still open.

After a few pinches, Aiwa leans on Linda’s breast, holds the tilted nipples and sucks them, while reaching into her leg with one hand and stroking gently in the sensitive private place.

“Ah… You break your word… you open your eyes!”

“I didn’t!”

Aiwa released Linda’s nipples and argued. When he saw Linda’s eyes closed and groaning, he unfastened her skirt, put his hand in, crossed the fragrant grass, and gently inserted his finger into her vagina, where lubrication was flooding and his finger was easily drawn into the tight vagina.

“Oh… It’s itchy…

Linda opens her legs and sometimes clamps them, and Aiwa’s pump keeps her moaning.

“Don’t use your fingers… I can’t stand…”

Linda felt uncomfortable because she was itching deep in her body and could not be alleviated, while Aiwa was teasing her around with only one finger.

Hearing Linda’s call, Aiwa pulled out her finger and reached into her mouth.

Linda didn’t refuse. She sucked the finger and all the mucus came into her mouth. Then Aiwa lifted up, took off his pants, pulled out the penis and came to Linda’s long legs, but instead of inserting it into Linda’s long legs, he grinded it quickly on Linda’s little labia, like grinded ink.

“Oh… please stop, will you?”

Linda wriggles her neck painfully but dares not turn the lower half of her body. Otherwise, the meat stick will leave her lips and make her feel even no grinding.

Finally, Linda couldn’t stand the torture, so she straightened up, held Aiwa’s buttocks in both hands, pressed him down, and plunged the thick meat gun into her.


Linda moaned, lifted her hips and took the initiative to fight Aiwa’s meat stick.

Linda’s body catered to Aiwa’s pumping, which made Aiwa more and more interested. He had been pumping vigorously for more than ten minutes, and finally, Linda could not hold on and began to moan.

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