Volume 10 Chapter 4 – The Encounter in the Prince’s Palace (Part 2)

“You haven’t told me who you are yet! Whose daughter is so rude?”

Aiwa pinched the girl’s breast consciously or unconsciously, and he felt it was not enough to relieve himself. In the bustling streets, she shouldn’t have been punished for galloping along, ignoring other people’s lives.

“I’m a daughter of Prince’s Palace. How dare you bully me?”

“Prince Palace’s daughter? No wonder you’re so domineering! If you don’t say why you hurt people in the street, I won’t let you go today! “

“Stinky boy! I am taking medicine to cure my mother.How dare you stand in my way!”

Suddenly the girl stamped and stepped on Aiwa’s foot. With a loud cry of pain, Aiwa had to let her go.

The girl wanted to turn over and ride her horse, but she saw that the white horse was suddenly pulled by Aiwa and twisted its neck, which had already broken its breath.

“Pay for my horse!”

The girl raised her whip and whipped at Aiwa again, but she did not hit Aiwa. At last, the girl suddenly sat on the ground and began to cry. Aiwa, who originally wanted to find fault, panicked and rushed forward to coax her.

“I’ll give you another horse.”

“But you’ve delayed my business. I’m buying medicine for my mother. Now the horse is dead. How can I deliver it?”

“What medicine? Where is your Prince Palace? I’ll send it for you, and make sure my horse runs faster than your! “

“You lie! Woo… “

The girl cried again.

“Just tell me where Prince Palace is!”

The girl cried, but ignored Aiwa’s question. She felt that it was really bad luck to meet such a powerful strange man halfway today.

When Aiwa saw that she had a small bag in her arms, he took it out. Before the girl could get it back, Aiwa had run in the direction of the girl who had just run.

“Stop him!”

The girl followed and shouted, but nobody could stop Aiwa.

As Aiwa ran, he inquired about Prince Palace’s location. After running for more than ten minutes, he finally arrived at the door of Prince Palace, but was blocked by guards and refused to let him in.

“I’m delivering medicine for Prince Palace!”

With that, Aiwa took out his medicine bag from his arms and said, “This is the medicine your lady urgently needs!”

Both guards knew that today the daughter rode out on a horse to get medicine, so they dared not delay it and let Aiwa in.

“Where should I send it?”

A guard immediately led the way and took Aiwa to the pharmacy, which is now the only medicine missing.

Out of the pharmacy, Aiwa saw many people standing outside a room with anxious faces.

A woman doctor came out of the room and said solemnly to a middle-aged man with expensive clothes, “I’m afraid she will die. The blood can’t stop. Even if the madam could take the medicine, it would not work immediately.”

“Is there no other way?”

The middle-aged man was haggard and anxious at the moment.

“What’s the disease? May I have a look at her?”

Aiwa pushed aside the crowd and came to the woman doctor.

The middle-aged man turned around and asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m here to deliver the medicine.”

“What about my daughter?”

“There’s something wrong with her horse. She’s still on the way. I’ll bring her the medicine first.”

Aiwa said. Everyone was respectful to the middle-aged man, but Aiwa was not humble.

“Go away, don’t talk nonsense!”

A housekeeper-like man pushed Aiwa away, but he immediately felt that there was a force in the young man that shocked him. He could not help looking at Aiwa suspiciously. Instead of ignoring his rudeness, Aiwa turned his eyes to the woman doctor, whose face showed her confidence.

“Do you understand medicine?”

“Understand a little, let me go in and have a look!”

Aiwa is not pleading, but commanding unquestionably.

The female doctor looked at the middle-aged. The middle-aged man thought his wife was so sick that he could only try everything he could. Besides, there was no better way. If she bled any more, she would surely die. So he nodded heavily.

“Come with me.”

The woman doctor looked up and said to Aiwa.

They went into the lady’s room together.

Aiwa saw a pale woman lying on the bed, dying, but from the outline of her facial features, she was quite a beautiful woman.

There was a smell of blood in the room. A doctor and several nurses stood there helpless, letting the lady’s blood flow out. This way of bleeding could not be used with hemostatic forceps. If hemostasis was forced, the patient’s blood would be poured into the abdominal cavity, causing greater harm.

Without waiting for the doctor to speak, Aiwa first looked through her body with his Dou Qi and found that there was a tremendous energy in her body, which was beyond her control, so it was inevitable that a blood avalanche would occur. Now as long as the energy in her body can be released, the blood will stop naturally.

“Back off!”

Aiwa said, and the doctors and nurses immediately stepped aside. Now they can only place all their hopes on the stranger!

Aiwa stretched out his hands, closed his eyes and looked at her body only through perspective. Meanwhile, he gathered his Dou Qi in his hands and began to guide the strange energy out of her body.

But Aiwa found a strange phenomenon. He had absorbed part of the energy in the madam’s body with his palm, but there was no decrease in the energy in her body. After a little thought, he came to the conclusion that there must be a place in her body that constantly releases the energy.

When Aiwa’s perspective focused on the lady’s stomach, he found that there was a massive object in it. It was its constant release of energy that made her bleed!

“Just leave a nurse and everyone else go out!”

There is no doubt in Aiwa’s tone.

All the doctors, went out, leaving Aiwa and the wife of the prince and a nurse in the room.

Aiwa stretched out his hands and the nurse helped him put on a pair of disinfection gloves.

Aiwa once again ran the Dou Qi, due to it was a crystal of energy, it was very difficult to extract it with the Dou Qi. If there is not enough energy to fight it, it is difficult to control it, Aiwa’s power is now extraordinary.

Gradually, the energy crystal began to move in the lady’s stomach.

It would be more difficult for the lady to spit it out of her mouth. He had to let the energy crystal go down her stomach.

About ten minutes later, the energy crystal came out of the wife’s anus.

After Aiwa cleaned the energy crystal, he hid it on himself, and even the nurse did not see the subtle movement.

At this time, the lady was in a deep coma. According to the doctor, she didn’t know what Aiwa had done to her.

It’s the fastest way to extract energy from the body by intercoursing with a man, but she’s the wife of the prince after all, and her husband is outside the door, so even if he can save her life, the lady can’t keep her chastity, and the prince will naturally not be grateful for it, so now Aiwa can only cure her with Dou Qi.

The wife of the prince was covered with a thin blanket, through which Aiwa could clearly see her delicate body curve. Under the guidance of his Dou Qi, the lady’s blood stopped slowly, but the bleeding gap could not heal in a short time.

Aiwa’s saliva has hemostatic properties, almost no medicine can match, but her bleeding mouth is in the vagina, her lower body is completely bloodstained, he does not want to make love with her in this situation.


Aiwa ordered…

The nurse immediately handed Aiwa a catheter.

Aiwa inserted the hollow soft catheter into her vagina. As he peered into the position where the catheter entered the vagina, he carefully sent it inside.


The lady groaned faintly. From this point of view, Aiwa concluded that her body was quite sensitive.

Finally, the tube orifice of the catheter was pointed at the bleeding orifice in the lady’s vagina. Aiwa leaned down, held the other end of the catheter in his mouth, and blew saliva into it. Saliva slowly flowed down the catheter until it reached the bleeding point in the vagina.

After pulling out the catheter, Aiwa cleaned the remaining blood in her vagina with Dou Qi, which is very important for her physical recovery.

When Aiwa had done all this, fine sweat had seeped from his forehead.

Although Aiwa did not say a pathological analysis from beginning to end, the effect was surprisingly good. At least the nurse saw the wife of the prince’s blood stopped completely and responded.

“Well, the rest of the work is to help the madam tonify her blood. However, now her body is extremely weak, can not do it too much, you need to make it slowly.”


The young nurse kept nodding her head.

Aiwa reached out to the nurse, who helped him take off the gloves still stained with blood.

The nurse tried to suppress her excitement, ran to the door and said excitedly, “Your Highness, madam’s blood has stopped!”

Then Aiwa slowly stepped out of the room with a slight fatigue on his face.

“Thank you! Would you mind telling me your name?”

The anxiety on the middle-aged face suddenly changed into excitement and gratitude, and he drew the crowd and close to Aiwa.


“You bastard! Catch him!”

Before Aiwa had finished, the daughter rushed up and grabbed Aiwa’s chest. She was gasping for breath. It was clear that she had just arrived.

“Sophie, wanton!”

The middle-aged man roared at once. He had never roared as loudly as he did today to his daughter.

“He killed my white horse on the road! I want him to pay for my horse!”

“Nonsense! He’s your mother’s lifesaver!”

The middle-aged man waved and clapped his daughter’s hand on Aiwa’s chest.

Sophie was about to rush into the room to check, but was blocked by the nurses outside the door, said: “Now the madam is extremely weak, no one can visit, she needs break.”

“Can I visit her?”

The middle-aged man wanted to see this miracle with his own eyes.

The nurse looked at the doctor in embarrassment and Aiwa again. Because the madam was cured by Aiwa, she felt that she should follow Aiwa’s advice.

Aiwa nodded and the middle-aged man followed the nurse into the room.

Although the lady bled a lot, she did not lack energy in her body. Aiwa just pumped out the extra energy from her body, so it didn’t take long for her to wake up after the hemostasis. When she saw her husband come in, she was lying in bed with a slight smile on her face.

“Asina, you finally wake up!”

The middle-aged man, with tears in his eyes, half knelt before the bed and grasped his wife’s pale hand.

While everyone was immersed in the joy of his wife’s improvement, Aiwa quietly stepped out of the crowd and left Prince’s Palace.

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