Volume 10 Chapter 5 – 250 Gold Coins (Part 1)

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Despite Queen Sofia’s one-sided breach of contract, Aiwa had taken Linda as his own woman. He looked around the entire Van Di Da city and finally found her in a pub.

“Why did you come to such a place? Aren’t you afraid of being kidnapped?”

Aiwa said solemnly.

“What fucking kidnap? Who knows if you’re going to such a place to enjoy yourself?

“With a beautiful wife such as you, only a fool would come here!”

“I don’t believe it! Those playboys never lack young and beautiful wives, but they are still all running to these places one by one.”

“You have to promise not to go into pubs and play with women in the future! “Linda pouted her lips and warned Aiwa seriously.

“Why? You aren’t my wife!”

“You… But I’ve slept with you, what else do you want?

“Not until you marry me formally!”

“I’ll test you. If you stop coming to such places, then I’ll marry you!”

As they talked and laughed, they walked out of Van Di Da City. When they came to the trap where Linda lost her virginity, Linda could not help but stop there.

“What’s wrong?”

Aiwa was in a hurry to go back. He had a relatively complete plan, which was related to his future.

“I want to go in and play again.”

Linda raised her head in a coquettish manner. As a princess, she had never been so coquettish in front of any boy. Needless to say, she had some nostalgia for Aiwa’s thick meat stick, but she didn’t tell Aiwa about that because of her shyness and embarrassment.

Aiwa looked at the sky. The sun was close to the horizon. If they played for half an hour, it would be dark.

“It’s late.”

“I’m not afraid, and you are a man!”

From Linda’s tone, Aiwa felt that Linda was addicted.

“If we go back too late, they will be worried.”

“No! My hero, just say yes!”

Then Linda pushed Aiwa into the trap and then jumped down. They lay side by side on the soft grass pleasantly.

“Shall we stay here and spend the night?”

Linda touched Aiwa’s chest provocatively, her breath fragrant. Linda put one of her legs between Aiwa’s and she felt the stiffness.

“I didn’t expect you’re addicted so quickly?”

Aiwa reached out and pinched Linda’s boob.

“Who’s addicted? I’m just afraid you can’t control it when you go back to the camp, so I help you relax in advance…”

Linda was eager in her heart of hearts, but she refused to admit it.

“Yes, you are thoughtful. Your sister will be jealous if we make out in the camp. I stand in better with your sister than you.”

“I don’t care if my sister is jealous! I’ll fuck you right away!”

Linda took off Aiwa’s pants as she joked.

But then the hard dick went soft.

“What’s wrong?”

Linda asked, feeling strange.

“It must be upset. Maybe it wants some service!”

Aiwa laughed.

Linda quickly husked herself without thinking any more. This was the first time she had taken the initiative to strip naked in front of Aiwa. The sunset glowed over the trap, so the pit got some light. Linda’s beautiful body became even more seductive in the poor lighting. She was not even afraid to show the piece of grass under her abdomen, and put her boob in his mouth.

“What a gluttonous baby!”

Linda watched Aiwa sucking her boobs as she stroked his face. Her eyes were full of adoration, and she let the grass under her abdomen rubbed against Aiwa’s sensitive skin.

After a while, Linda put another boob in his mouth.

Linda watched Aiwa sucking her boobs in silence.

“Have you ever sucked my sister’s boobs like this?”

Linda stroked Aiwa’s face and asked.

Aiwa nodded.

“Don’t suck her’s in the future! You can only suck mine!”

Linda gently pinched Aiwa’s cheek.

Becoming excited, Aiwa rubbed Linda’s vagina, and then inserted a finger into it. With Aiwa’s fingers thrusting, Linda squirmed softly. To Aiwa’s delight, she opened her legs voluntarily to let him thrust deeper, but he didn’t do as she wanted.

“Aiwa… Why haven’t you got a hard-on?”

Linda was a little anxious because Aiwa used to be the first to get a woody, and she never had to wait.

Aiwa took out her boobs and laughed, “I told you! You have to serve it, or it will be upset.”

“Aren’t you being served?”

Linda pressed her body closer to Aiwa so that her smooth skin could be as close to Aiwa’s body as possible.

“Haha, it has a quirk – it likes girls’ mouth very much, do you want to try it?”

Aiwa only fucked Linda’s mouth once when he was poisoned last time, and he missed the taste of her mouth.


Linda shook her body willfully as she rubbed against Aiwa’s face with her boobs.

It’s okay that Aiwa rubbed her boobs, but she was a little scared to give him a blow job.

“What are you afraid of? You’ve done it before. Your mouth was so nice!”

Aiwa’s fingers continued to gently slide in and out Linda’s vagina.

“When did I do it?”

Linda didn’t believe it. She was still in a semi-coma when Aiwa fucked her mouth, so she didn’t know about it at all.

“Look at this!! You didn’t forget it so soon, did you?

“You bastard, you bullied me when I’m unconscious?”

Aiwa thought to himself, “You little bitch, I’ve taken your virginity, but now you are pretending to be innocent?” 

“I didn’t bully you. At that time I went soft and I had no choice but to put it in your mouth. “

“You are cheating.” Linda asked incredulously, “Would mouth be better than there?”  

She refused to give a blow job, not only because she felt that the place was not for intercourse, but because in her opinion, the vagina would be the ideal organ.

“I’m not deceiving you. You don’t know that a girl’s mouth is better than the bottom?! “

Aiwa pulled out his fingers from Linda’s vagina and then stroked her lips.


Linda dodged. In fact, when she was in the inn, she had eaten Aiwa’s finger after it was inserted into her vagina. But at that time, she was feeling horny because of Aiwa making a pass at her, so the taste didn’t make her feel disgusting.

“You are a far cry from your sister. Aini always sucks my dick vigorously! “

Aiwa praised Aini as he stroked Linda’s lips.

“You bastard. How dare you let my sister suck your…”

“Are you out of date? As I said just now, a girl’s mouth is better than the one below. You can give a try. It will soon get a hard-on in your little mouth!”

“Will you cum in my mouth?”

“If only you want me to do that!”

“No, I don’t want it!”

Said Linda as she grasped Aiwa’s stick which was large but not that hard. Although he hadn’t gotten a woody yes, the stick was large enough for Linda’s small hand.

The stick still didn’t get hard-on though Linda played with it for a long time, but she didn’t give up, so she opened her legs and rubbed it with her vagina. Her fluids wet his stick, but did not stiffen it.

Linda rubbed Aiwa’s insect-like soft stick against her vaginal orifice more quickly, but instead of stiffening the stick, she stirred up her pleasure.

Linda also knew that if Aiwa’s stick didn’t stiffen, it wouldn’t fit into her vagina, so she wouldn’t be able to enjoy his strong thrusting.

“Aiwa, hurry up!”

Linda surrendered, because what she did just now only tired her out, yet it had no use in stiffening the stick.

“It will become harder in your mouth!”

Aiwa lay there, laughing as though nothing had happened; Linda was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

There’s no use to be reluctant. Linda had to yield. She leaned down and held Aiwa’s meat stick.

“Oh… It’s so cool……”

Aiwa was comfortable enough to moan, despite him not having a boner yet.

Linda sucked and licked the stick which was like a beetle in her mouth. She sucked so hard because she wanted to suck it big enough to insert her holes.

Aiwa, on the other hand, managed to make the stick bigger in Linda’s little mouth. This gave Linda a sense of accomplishment.

“It’s bigger!”

Linda looked up and said excitedly.

Aiwa complimented her mouth with a smile, and Linda continued to suck.

“Linda, turn around and let me lick for you!”

When she heard Aiwa say this, Linda, though a little shy, turned her buttocks around and stood with her legs on both sides of Aiwa’s body, sinking her vulva and sticking it to his mouth.

“Um… Um… “

Linda shuffled and wriggled, rubbing her delicate vulva against Aiwa’s lips.

Aiwa held up Linda’s buttocks. Her vulva was so delicate. The little labia in it was as attractive as the bright flower buds. There was already crystal clear water in it. It’s not necessary to lick it. It would be nice to directly insert it.

When Aiwa held Linda’s beautiful legs and sucked her vulva, Linda could barely stand it because Aiwa’s tongue was so flexible when he licked and sucked, which felt more addictive than pumping.

“Ah… Stop licking, thrust… the… meat stick… ..”

Linda straightened up directly, pressing her entire vulva seamlessly against Aiwa’s mouth. Aiwa’s tip of tongue flitted quickly inside Linda’s labia minora, making her vagina itchy.

“Oh… Can’t stand it…”

Linda screamed and turned her ass. She wanted to relieve the itch, but only gave herself a stronger desire, just like adding fuel to the fire. The desire in her body burned more intensely.

Aiwa let go of Linda. Then Linda held the already hard-on big stick and inserted it into her hole at a tremendous speed!

“Ah… It’s itchy… “

Linda screamed, rising and falling. Her cries were very wild.

By this time, it was already dark and stars had appeared in the sky, but Linda had no time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. She could only enjoy the thrusting of the big meat stick.

Just as Linda was cheering, rising and falling on Aiwa, Aini had led people to the vicinity of the trap, because she heard a vague moan and cry from the breeze. She followed the sound and recognized that it was Linda crying.

At first, she thought Linda was trapped, but soon she understood what Linda was doing.

Linda and Aiwa went out to spy, and Aini could imagine what they would do.

Despite her anticipation, Aini still felt complicated. On the one hand, she hoped that her sister would like Aiwa so as not to make Aiwa hostile to her mother; on the other hand, she feared that her sister would take away her beloved.

“Ah… What a powerful hole you have!”

Aiwa also enjoyed Linda’s tricks below. Her small hole opened and clamped, making Aiwa refreshed. Especially when her body raised and fell in the moonlight, her boobs beat rhythmically, which made Aiwa like most. He sometimes reached out to gently touch or knead them heavily, which also brought Linda great pleasure.

“Ah… I can’t hold on anymore… Aiwa, your stick is too hard…”

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