Volume 10 Chapter 5 – 250 Gold Coins (Part 2)

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Linda shivered and cried. Every time her body fell, her delicate flower bud would be hit by Aiwa’s huge dick. Her flower bud couldn’t bear the blow, it would burst at the touch.

Aini did not show up. She returned to camp with Xuan Er.

Linda was going to spend the night with Aiwa, but Aiwa insisted on going back after sex.

After returning to the camp, Aiwa called Pienne and others together that night to arrange the training tasks.

This time, instead of empty-handed, they brought a cart of silk and satin, but even Aini did not know that under all the silk and satin, there were weapons.

Aiwa took Aini straight to Van Di Da City but was stopped at the gate by guards.

“Stop and check!”

The guard of the gate stopped the car very seriously.

Aiwa pulled out a waistband from his arms and held it in front of the guard.

“Prince’s Palace?”

The guard didn’t believe it because Aiwa was dressed as a man of Hass Empire.

“Yes, Prince gave it to me, and I am free to enter the Prince’s Palace. Why can’t I get into Van Di Da City now?

Aiwa said angrily.

Just then, a girl came rushing over on a white horse. She saw Aiwa from a distance, and Aiwa saw her as well. She was the Princess Sophie of Prince’s Palace.

“Aiwa? What’s wrong?

Sophie was still on her white horse, which was almost identical to the one Aiwa killed that day by breaking its neck. If Aiwa hadn’t killed the white horse himself, he would not have believed that it was another horse, thus showing the power of the Prince Family.

“This guard has to check my vehicle. If these silks shake off, it will be difficult to roll them up again. But he still doesn’t let me go even though I showed him the waistband of Prince’s Palace!”

Aiwa deliberately exaggerated and made up some details.

“He’s a businessman to whom the Prince’s Palace owes a lot. Let him go!”

Sophie’s apricot-shaped eyes were wide open.

“Prince’s Palace? So what? There is a Royal Palace in Van Di Da City!”

The guard did not seem to know Sophie, and of course, did not know that she was a princess of the Prince’s Palace, so he said that arrogantly. As soon as he finished the words, Sophie raised her whip and slapped it on his face. Immediately, his face was bloodstained.

Just as the guard tried to fight with a sword, Sophie lashed again. His wrist was so painful that he couldn’t even hold the sword and dropped it to the ground. The other guard was very sensible in knowing that his companion had provoked someone who shouldn’t be provoked.

“Today I’ll let you know the power of the Prince’s Palace!”

After two whips, the guard dared not move any more. When Sophie raised the whip again, he was as frightened as a terrified dog and dared not look at Sophie.

“I want you to have a good look at the man in front of you. In the future, not to mention any check, if you dare look at him one more time, I could let him take your life!”

The two gatekeepers immediately retreated behind to let Aiwa’s vehicle into the city.

“Thank you, Miss Sophie!”

Aiwa said politely.

“What a beautiful young lady! Is she your woman?”

Sophie ignored Aiwa’s words, but noticed Aini beside him.

Aiwa thought, “Isn’t the Eldest Princess of Hass Empire beautiful?”

Aini avoided Sophie’s sharp eyes. She didn’t want to clash with this hot girl.

“Oh, thanks to your praise, my Princess. I wonder if the store I want is ready?

Aiwa was concerned about the big store that he asked for from the Prince’s Palace. Last time when he came with Linda, he had saved the Prince. He had then asked Aiwa what reward he wanted. Aiwa stated that he would like to open a silk and satin store in the city, and the Prince agreed.

“It’s on Central Street. Go straight ahead, you will be able to find it. I won’t go with you today.”

After that, Sophie put her legs on the horse’s stomach, and the white horse ran out of the gate again.

“Who is she? She’s feisty.”

After they drove into the city, Aini couldn’t help asking. Based on Aini’s experience, she guessed that the girl should not have been on Aiwa’s bed, but it was hard to say about the future. After all, Aiwa was too good at coaxing girls.

“She’s the princess of Prince’s Palace. That guy just now was a real idiot! Ha-ha, anyone who doesn’t put me, Aiwa in his eyes will never come to a good end!”

Listening to this, Aini always felt that Aiwa was cursing her mother Sofia. So she gave Aiwa a contemptuous look.

“You’ve got two daughters from my mother. Isn’t that enough?”

“Aini, I’m not angry with Her Majesty the Queen. I’m cursing the man at the gate. Hey hey, don’t think too much.”

Aiwa patted Aini on the shoulder flatteringly.

As they walked, they looked up at the doors on both sides of the street. When they reached the center of the city, they saw a sign of a big shop, which read “Best Silk and Satin Store” in big gold letters.

“Here it is!”

Aiwa was thrilled. The door alone was imposing enough. The Prince’s Palace was indeed very generous.

When they entered the store, Aiwa saw several guys cleaning. One of the guys who knew Aiwa said that Majordomo wanted them to wait here for the storekeeper to come.

Aiwa politely declined their help. When they left, Aini and Aiwa carried the big boxes into the store together.

“What is it? It’s so heavy.”

Aini asked.

“Oh, they are all gold coins! We’ll live here in the future, and you can give birth to several kids for me.”

“Let others help you!”

Aini pouted. Aiwa didn’t know that she had found out about his affair with Linda.

As soon as it was done, Aiwa closed the store and kissed Aini.

“I just want you to help me!”

With that, Aiwa put his big hand under Aini’s skirt.

“Are you a storekeeper or a cheater?”

Aini laughed and pretended to push.

“Hey hey, kill two birds with one stone!”

Aiwa badly inserted his finger into Aini’s vagina.


Aini smiled and threw herself into Aiwa’s arms.

“Let me see if the princess is getting wet?”

Aiwa’s fingers twisted shallowly through the delicate hole.

“You want to live with Linda here, don’t you?”

Aini no longer resisted, letting Aiwa’s fingers twitch gently in her hole.

“Hey hey, if you don’t object, I’ll let you and Linda sleep in one bed!”

Aiwa said. He bent down and bit Aini’s nipples through her shirt.

“Ah… It hurts me…”

Aini couldn’t help crying.

When Aiwa was about to take out the meat stick and insert it into Aini’s hole, he heard a clear sound of horse’s gallop stopping outside his store.

“Most probably it’s that mad girl coming!”

Aiwa put down Aini’s skirt and pulled out his hand. Sure enough, there was a sudden knock on the door, and Aiwa quickly turned over from the counter and opened the door.

The cloaked Sophie stood in the doorway and said unhappily, “What do you do with the store closed in broad daylight?”

Sophie’s eyes swept Aiwa’s and Aini’s faces for a while, then she began to laugh again, “You needn’t be in such a hurry for intimacy, do you? Damn it! I had a hand in getting you this store. Shouldn’t you buy me a meal today?

With that, she went into the store.

“Oh, Princess Sophie is here to make my store shine! I’d like to invite you, my Princess, but I don’t know if you will appreciate it or not!”

Find an opportunity to retaliate.

“Two favors?”

“I helped you this morning, but you haven’t compensated me for that white horse yet! Now, all you need is to invite me to a big meal. Isn’t it cheap enough?”

Sophie pouted her lips.

“All right!”

Aiwa looked at Aini and laughed bitterly, estimating that his wallet would be much lighter today.

The three arrived at the largest hotel in Van Di Da City. Seeing the Princess of Prince’s Palace coming, the hotel owner rushed to invite them to the most luxurious compartment. To Aiwa’s distress, Sophie only ordered expensive dishes. As she was ordering, Aiwa calculated the money in his mind. Before she finished ordering, he had totaled 200 gold coins. Aiwa listened to Sophie’s order, and his face paled.

“Ha-ha, you still have something to do today, so let’s order these first! When the store opens, don’t forget to treat me a good meal!”

Sophie said easily while Aiwa had sweat on his forehead. He had never spent so much money on a meal.

Aiwa had only a few dozen gold coins with him. He had never thought Sophie would be so cruel, but he was too fond of face to tell the truth.

“You eat first. I forgot if the store was closed. I’ll go back and have a look first.”

Aiwa stood up and was about to leave.

Sophie grabbed Aiwa and said, “I remember you have closed the door. Besides, even if you open the door, no one dares to rob there. The store is sent by the Prince’s Palace!”

Sophie seemed to know Aiwa’s mind, and could not help laughing in her heart. She was just trying to make Aiwa nervous and was pleased when she saw him sweating.

Aiwa tried desperately to eat but still did not eat much. Finally, he tried to pack it, but was stopped by Sophie, “This will make people laugh. You are shameless, but I’m afraid others will talk about it!”

At the time of checking out, Aiwa took a lot of effort to pull out dozens of gold coins. Sophie had been standing there, looking at Aiwa’s funny looks and seeing that he really couldn’t  fork out more money before she said to the owner of the hotel, “Just give him credit. You will get the money. He’s the big boss of the Best Silk and Satin Store!”

Aiwa paled when he saw that the total charge was 250 gold coins.

“Why so much?”

Aiwa whispered.

“It should be 260 gold coins. The boss gave you face and discounted ten gold coins!”

Although Aiwa had a cart of gold coins, they were all for his military expenditures. Now he had to pay so much for a meal, which really made him felt like being knocked out of the bone marrow. Finally, Aiwa signed a debt of 250 gold coins reluctantly.

After seeing Aiwa’s signature, Sophie laughed and went away.

“I was robbed today!”

Aiwa looked at Sophie’s beautiful back and complained to Aini.

“You’ve never bought me such an expensive meal! Are you interested in her?

Aini gave Aiwa an angry look.

“Speak with a conscience. You have had your share in this big meal!”

“It’s because I help you. I don’t owe you any favor!”

Aiwa found out that he spent 250 gold coins to invite people to a meal, but no one thanked him! It seemed that if he didn’t do something to Sophie, he would never get this back. Next time, he had to resort to [obscene skill] and show Sophie how great he was.

They had not gone far when Aiwa saw the Majordomo of Prince’s Palace walking down the street with several followers. Aiwa caught up.

“Mr. Aiwa? Have you found that store?”

Seeing Aiwa here, the Majordomo was a bit surprised.

“Oh, thanks for your concern Majordomo. I’ve found it and moved in some things. But…”

Aiwa looked hesitant and embarrassed.

“What’s wrong?”

The Majordomo asked curiously.

“I’m afraid I can’t open the business.”

Aiwa looked bitter.

“Who dares to set himself against you?”

The Majordomo looks puzzled. “No one should dare to bother Prince’s Palace in Van Di Da City.”

“No, it’s… just that, I invited the Princess to have a meal, and all of a sudden I have spent all my money…”

As Aiwa spoke, he peeked at the Majordomo’s face.

“Invite Princess a meal? How much did it cost?”

The Majordomo could not help laughing. He knew that Princess must have deliberately played a trick on Aiwa. The white horse of Princess was killed by Aiwa that day. If Aiwa hadn’t saved her mother, Princess would have sent someone to vent her anger.

“Two hundred and fifty gold coins!”

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