Volume 10 Chapter 6 – Cure Mrs. Prince Again (Part 1)

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Hearing that Aiwa was ripped off by the Princess, the Majordomo couldn’t help laughing. He knew the character of the Princess. It was definitely not excessive for someone like Sophie.

“It’s okay. You don’t need to worry about the debts. I will send someone to handle it. However, Mrs. Prince’s health has deteriorated in the past few days, so she wanted to ask you to come over again. When would you be available?”

“I’m available now.”

Aiwa couldn’t wait to go, while Aini stared at Aiwa fiercely beside, thinking, “This little satyr is thinking awry again!”

“Stay in the store. I’ll be right back.”

Aiwa made Aini stay in the store because it would be inconvenient if she followed.

Aini returned to the store reluctantly, while Aiwa followed the Majordomo to the Prince’s Palace.

Everyone in the Prince’s Palace saluted them, but the Majordomo just passed by as if no one was there.

In the Prince’s Palace, in addition to the Prince’s family, the Majordomo had the highest status.

The Majordomo led Aiwa to Madame Asina’s room.

Aiwa waited outside the door for a while before the Majordomo came out and asked him to enter.

Madame Asina was leaning against the head of the bed with a weak pale face, but it did not affect her beauty. After greeting her, Aiwa sat on a side chair.

“Madame, you look much better.”

“But I’m still weak. I don’t know when I can get out of bed and walk around. Lying on the bed like this is really boring.”

Madame Asina gasped slightly with her breasts clearly up and down, making her more charming.

“It’s only been a few days. Please don’t worry.”

Aiwa comforted her.

“Oh, you rescued me. You should know that I’m not ill.”

Madame Asina looked up at Aiwa and said.

“Yes. Madame seems to have swallowed something of high energy, which causes the rapid flow of blood. However, I really did not find anything left in Madame’s body!”

Aiwa looked calm and slightly puzzled.

“Did you look carefully on that day? Could you check it again for me?”

Madame Asina moved her body a little, and the two boobs also moved with her.

“Sure. Do you have thermometers? I’d like to take your temperature first, Madame.”

Aiwa really looked like a doctor.

Madame Asina pointed to a small box on the table and Aiwa took two thermometers out of it.


Madame Asina asked puzzledly.

“Body temperature should not be measured in one single place. A more accurate result requires multiple indicators. Excuse me, Madame, I’m not trying to offend, but can you untie your pajamas?”

Aiwa came to Madame Asina’s bed with two thermometers in hand.

“What are you doing?”

Madame Asina couldn’t help getting nervous.

“I need to take your temperature from two places. Please put this one in your mouth.”

With that, Aiwa didn’t even get the permission of Madame Asina when he shook the other thermometer in his hand to reset the mercury column.

Madame Asina, of course, knew that she couldn’t hide her illness and avoid medical treatment. She simply untied the pajamas.

Aiwa walked over, lifted a corner of the blanket on Madame Asina, and put the thermometer in.

Madame Asina thought that Aiwa was going to put the thermometer between her thighs. Unexpectedly, Aiwa reached out to separate her legs and pulled her panties with his fingers, which made her pale face a little ruddy.

Although Aiwa had apologized before, Madame Asina didn’t expect it would be so offensive. However, as the wife of the Prince, Madame Asina was still strong enough to look at Aiwa calmly at this moment.

Aiwa didn’t look at Madame Asina’s face, instead, he held the mercury-filled end seriously and put the thermometer into Madame Asina’s panties.

But things were not over. Aiwa gently put apart her two pieces of labia with his fingers and inserted the thermometer into her vagina.

A cold feeling passed from the vulva to the inside vagina, and the strong shyness instantly made Madame Asina’s face burn up.

The thermometer was fully inserted into seven or eight centimeters. Then Aiwa took his hand out and stood up straight, without any awkward expression on his face. He looked up at the clock on the wall and said, “It can be taken out after ten minutes.”

Usually, it only took five minutes to measure the temperature, but he asked for ten minutes, with the thermometer inserted in the vagina. If Aiwa hadn’t saved her life that day, Madame Asina would really doubt if he was a pervert pretending as a doctor.

To Madam Asina’s relief, Aiwa sat back in his chair and waited quietly. But now, it was she who felt embarrassed. She had a thermometer in her mouth, and another in her vagina.

Madame Asina noticed that Aiwa didn’t wash his hands after pulling the fingers out from her vagina. So she asked blushingly, “Did you wash your hands before?”

“Madame, don’t worry. I rely on Dou Qi to sterilize, so there’s no need to worry about me getting you infected.”

Aiwa smiled calmly and replied.

“I mean … just now … you touched some unclean things …”

Madame Asina’s face turned redder.

“Oh, it’s okay, Madame. Your physique is special and your secretions have a good bactericidal function.

Although you are weak now, you still have strong resistance, so you don’t need to worry about me at all.” Speaking, Aiwa licked his fingers in the face of Madame Asina, making Madame Asina frown.

Ten minutes later, Aiwa took out the thermometer in Madame Asina’s mouth and took a look. Then he lifted the blanket and put her pajamas to one side, exposing Asina’s snowy thighs. Part of the thermometer was exposed from one side of her panties. Aiwa didn’t pick it out directly, but pulled her little panties down to the end of the thermometer.

By now, Madame Asina’s pubic hair was totally exposed, and there was a thermometer inserted in her vagina, which looked funny. But Aiwa was still serious.

What made Madame Asina feel strange was that usually, people took out the thermometer to read it, but Aiwa read the marks while lying on her thighs. It made her feel embarrassed, so she turned her face aside.

To make Madame Asina understand his purpose, Aiwa pushed the thermometer further inside after reading. Then he covered it with the hairs around.

Aiwa stood next to Madame Asina, looking through her body again.

“There’s really nothing in Madame’s body, but of course, every organ is in its place.”

Aiwa looked up at Madame Asina’s ruddy face and said.

“Were they digested?”

Madame Asina said thoughtfully.

“With Madame’s strong digestion, there will be nothing left in your body except stones. Has Madame ever eaten anything that cannot be digested?”

Madame Asina smiled slightly and shook her head. “I just ate a few high-energy snacks. I’m afraid they’ve already been digested!”

“I think the last massive bleeding of Madame was rooted in those high-energy snacks. Last time, I sucked out all the excess energy in your body to stop the blood. I’m sorry for having taken your advantage and taken away your energy for free. But for Madame, too much energy is extremely harmful. If Madame, you want to recover as soon as possible, I have a solution. “

“What solution?”

Madame Asina was immediately interested.

“I can deliver a bit of my prime-energy into Madame’s body, so that Madame’s weakness caused by the excessive blood loss will disappear naturally.”

“How can you deliver your prime-energy to me?”

Madame Asina sat up straighter. The blanket was moved a bit by her action, which hit the thermometer inside, reminding her that there was still a foreign object inserted in her body.

“Sexual intercourse.”

Aiwa said in a natural tone as if saying “take an injection”.

Madame Asina was discouraged and gave Aiwa a glance.

“Of course, if Madame has patience, you can slowly recover in less than a month.”

Madame Asina hesitated for a moment and asked, “How long would it take, if we take your advice?”

“No more than an hour in total.”

In Madame Asina’s opinion, now Aiwa was like a bargain hawker. She weighed it. There was one thing that made her even more anxious.

“I want to get better now!”

Madame Asina seemed to have made a big determination and looked at Aiwa firmly, so that Aiwa could see the resolution and decisiveness in her eyes.

“It’s just that it might hurt Madame’s reputation. Is it convenient for you to do it here?”

Madame Asina immediately pressed a button by the bed and the Majordomo came in.

“I’m going to ask Dr. Aiwa to give me a treatment. No one is allowed to approach within 100 meters!”

“Even Lady Sophie?”

The Majordomo asked.

“I said ‘no one’, understand?”

Madame Asina emphasized.

Aiwa added, “Anyone nearby will directly destroy my qi field.”

The Majordomo nodded and backed out.

“You can start now.”

Madame Asina said with a poker face. She wanted to let Aiwa know that it was just for treatment without a hint of sexual desire.

Aiwa stepped forward, pulled out the thermometer from her vagina, and checked it carefully.

“Madame has a fever, which is really dangerous if not treated quickly.”

“No more words. Let’s get started!”

Madame Asina wanted Aiwa to start faster. After all, Sophie, the mad girl, might come back at any time. If Sophie knew she was alone with Aiwa for more than an hour, it would also be known by the Prince.

Aiwa took off his clothes in front of Madame Asina unhurriedly. Madame Asina was startled when his long object was exposed.

Aiwa personally helped Madame Asina take off her pajamas, but when he wanted to undress Madame Asina’s blouse, he was refused.

“Can’t we do it like this?”

Madame Asina was serious, which was the best cover for her inner fear.

Aiwa smiled and took back his hand. He lifted Asina’s pajamas below and exposed her pussy. He pulled her panties and asked, “Can this be taken off?” 


Madame Asina lay flat on the bed and voluntarily separated her two long white legs. Her breasts were still covered by the pajamas, but the two beautiful boobs stood proudly, even the nipples were clear.

Asina watched Aiwa lay on her body, and then slowly insert the huge meat stick into her wet vagina. She moaned uncontrollably as the hot stick reached deeper.

Then Aiwa kissed her ears, and laid his hands on her beautiful boobs…

Madame Asina didn’t resist. She let Aiwa’s big hands slowly kneaded her boobs, and she slowly twitched her buttocks.

The sense of extreme fullness made Madame Asina’s body tense immediately. This was a depth and fullness that she had never experienced before. She tried hard to restrain herself from moaning, but her vagina became moister by the second.

Aiwa kissed Madame Asina’s ears and fragrant neck, and wanted to hear her moan. Although she was still restraining, Aiwa believed that she couldn’t hold it to the end.

Aiwa didn’t use the [obscene skill]. He just twitched slowly in Asina’s tightening vagina with the huge stick as usual, but the intense friction was quite deadly. Even a Mrs. Prince couldn’t resist this pleasure. Finally, she couldn’t restrain herself and burst out moaning.


Aiwa was not irritable nor particularly excited. He still kept the same rhythm, which was great torture for a woman who was about to reach orgasm.

“Hurry… Hurry up.”

Madame Asina looked down at Aiwa, but Aiwa was still kissing Madame Asina’s neck.

“I said that it would take an hour.”

In the constant kneading, Madame Asina’s boobs became round and flat, flat and round.

“Oh… Ah……”

The inside of Madame Asina’s vagina was getting wetter and wetter, but Aiwa lifted his ass and pulled out his stick.

“Ah, no……”

Madame Asina wanted to keep Aiwa’s stick inside, but it was too late. 

“I’d like to take your temperature again.”

After that, Aiwa inserted the thermometer into her vagina. The thin thermometer was clamped in her wet vagina, but it couldn’t satisfy Madame Asina at all. The moment Aiwa pulled out his meat stick, Madame Asina felt empty. Compared with that huge coke, this thin thermometer couldn’t give her any feeling.

Aiwa kneaded Madame Asina’s breasts while watching her exposed body. Madame Asina contracted and expanded her vagina again and again, making the thermometer constantly twirl inside her vagina.

“Your vagina is so powerful!”

“Ah … so hot …”

Madame Asina started tearing her blouse.

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