Volume 10 Chapter 6 – Cure Mrs. Prince Again (Part 2)

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Aiwa calmly undressed Madame Asina’s blouse so that her breasts were totally exposed, including the pair of beautiful boobs. Her round nipples, having been kneaded by Aiwa for a long time, were upright and hard.

Aiwa gripped the pair of boobs directly, and he could clearly feel her hot naked body.

“Ah… It itches inside…”

Madame Asina closed her eyes, and her long eyelashes kept blinking, very charming.

Aiwa’s hand slid down from Madame Asina’s breasts to her lush bottom grass. Then he gently rubbed her clitoris with one finger.

“Ah … I want …”

Madame Asina licked her lips hungrily, but Aiwa didn’t kiss her.

After kneading her clitoris for a while, Aiwa straightened his body and sent the huge stick to Asina’s mouth.

The Mrs. Prince, who was full of majesty a few minutes ago, was eating Aiwa’s large stick now. Aiwa had a special sense of accomplishment as he watched Asina swallow his meat stick. Pitifully, she was just a Mrs. Prince, not Queen Sophia. But Aiwa firmly believed that one day, even Queen Sophia would swallow his stick like this!

Aiwa placed a pillow under Madame Asina’s shoulders so that she could be lean her head backward, making it easier for her to swallow the stick, and Aiwa could see the thermometer inserted in her vagina twirling continuously.

Madame Asina’s mouth worked so hard that Aiwa moaned comfortably within a few moments.

“Uh … Madame, you lick so well!”

From time to time, Aiwa twitched in Asina’s mouth whilst rubbing her boobs with both hands.

Madame Asina had a super sexy body. Only looking at her naked body could make Aiwa nosebleed, not to mention letting this charming woman swallow his stick.

Aiwa leaned down. He reached out and twisted the thermometer, causing a sharp contraction in Madame Asina’s vagina. Even the slender thermometer was clamped tightly.

Aiwa twisted and pulled. The thin thermometer was torturing so greatly that Madame Asina couldn’t help contracting her vagina. If Madame Asina exerted herself, Aiwa believed that she could break the thermometer only by the strength of her vagina.

Aiwa pulled his stick out of Madame Asina’s mouth when he had flirted enough. He moved to overlap their bodies.

“Don’t torture me … Fuck me please …”

Finally, Madame Asina couldn’t take the dignity of a Mrs. Prince into account and begged Aiwa. She hurriedly clutched Aiwa’s stick with both hands and stuffed it into her vagina.

Aiwa was pressing on Madame Asina’s naked body tightly, stopping her from wild movements. As he thrust, he kissed her lip and sucked her tongue. Soon, Madame Asina under him became the more active one. She even turned over from below, pressed Aiwa, and used her hole to fiddle with Aiwa’s stick.

Aiwa had never expected that a noble Mrs. Prince would so crazy when she was burning with passion, and her cute hole was unexpectedly powerful.


They moaned at the same time, with their bodies entangled.

If anyone who hadn’t seen Madame Asina before saw all these, he would never believe that she used to be so weak.

During the intercourse, Aiwa delivered part of his prime-energy to Madame Asina, so she regained her strength.

While kissing and sucking Aiwa, Madame Asina rubbed Aiwa’s chest with her delicate breasts. Although she had blown several times, her boobs were still upright. When Madame Asina was trembling while hugging Aiwa’s naked body, Aiwa suddenly turned over. After a crazy thrust, his stick held against her flower bud and shot the “water of life” into her noble body.

When Aiwa left Madame Asina’s body, he felt the fragrant sweat on her. Now she was lying beside Aiwas and was completely naked, without any shyness.

Aiwa lay aside and sucked Madame Asina’s boobs, while Madame Asina had totally forgotten the time and immersed herself in the intercourse with Aiwa.

“You have a really big meat stick! Who can bear it?”

Madame Asina touched Aiwa’s crotch and said. It was a compliment yet a complaint. It was this stick that fucked her almost dizzy just now.

“Don’t you like it, Madame?”

“Who said that?” Madame Asina said flirtily. She held the stick tightly and sent her boobs into Aiwa’s mouth.

“How do you feel now?”

“Much better! You really delivered your prime-energy to me?”

“Now, adjust your breath. Only by transforming my prime-energy into your owns, can you completely recover, and even be more energetic than before.”

Madame Asina carefully adjusted her breath as Aiwa had said. Because she was naked now, Aiwa could see that when she crossed her legs, her lips at the bottom opened automatically. Aiwa couldn’t help laughing. Losing all the dignity of a Mrs. Prince, she was a complete goddess of lewdness!

To Madame Asina’s surprise, she felt that not only had she regained her strength, but also became stronger than before.

“You are amazing!”

Madame Asina held Aiwa in her arms with great surprise.

“My prime-energy cannot be compared to that of the masses. Even a little bit of it given to you has infinite power!”

“Then, give me more!”

Asina said seriously.


Madame Asina told him that she was going to attend the military competition in the Wolf Kingdom two days later, whose winner would be the Grand Marshal of the Three Armies and could command all the armies of the Wolf Kingdom. Hearing this, Aiwa was more excited than Madame Asina.

But Madame Asina was not completely sure about winning the battle. There were at least three people competing with her, and all of them were the best players in the Wolf Kingdom.

“I can help you, but there is a condition.”

“What condition?”

Aiwa requested to go with Madame Asina to watch the competition, in which he would give her a hand.

“It won’t be found out, will it?”

Madame Asina was eager to win, but she also had some scruples.

Aiwa shook his head confidently. Now he knew why Madame Asina had swallowed the energy crystal that almost killed her.

“Today, you need to digest the prime-energy I delivered to you first. Later, I’ll teach you a few tricks to ensure your victory!”

Aiwa’s self-confidence completely affected the ambitious female general. Although she was unable to determine how reliable Aiwa’s words were, she believed that Aiwa had the strength. Aiwa’s determined look gave Madame Asina great confidence for the upcoming competition.

“Keep your words!”

“Sure! As long as Madame is willing to undress and let me insert my stick into your body, you will have infinite power!”

Less than half an hour after Aiwa left the Prince’s Palace, Madame Asina was able to take a walk in the garden. Everyone could see that she was looking better, and was completely different from the person two hours ago.

“Madame you look much better. There should be nothing wrong with your body!”

The Majordomo came to Madame Asina and said happily.

“Thanks for your concern.”

Madame Asina said with a smile.

“However, I suggest Madame not attend the competition two days later. After all, you have just recovered and need rest!”

The Majordomo said this out of concern for Madame Asina. Although Madame looked better, it was just the appearance. It would take quite a long time to really recover.

“No. Two days later, I’ll attend the competition on time!”

By the time when Aiwa returned to the store, Aini was already asleep in bed. Aiwa walked over to flirt with her, but Aini ignored him. Aiwa didn’t give up and directly put his hand into her clothes to touch her boob.

“Why not spend your night at the Prince’s Palace?”

Aini sat up angrily and put away Aiwa’s hand.

“I’ll spend my night with my little baby in arms, and I’ll take away your first night!”

Aiwa fawningly kissed Aini’s pink cheek.

“I’m going back tonight. Let Linda spend the night with you!”

Aiwa knew that Aini was jealous on hearing this, but he didn’t know how she knew it. Did Linda tell her after she returned home that night?

“Did Linda tell you?”

Aiwa looked at Aini carefully and asked.

“Since you have already got her, don’t let her down. She really likes you!”

Aini’s tears flowed uncontrollably.

“I won’t let you down, either. You two will always be my darlings! I hope that one day you and Linda will sleep in my bed at the same time, will you?”

“Greedy you!”

Aini chuckled. Aiwa held Aini in his arms and was about to take off her clothes. But Aini stopped him and said, “It’s not dark yet!”

They cleaned up the store together to prepare for tomorrow’s opening.

After dinner, Aiwa was about to go to bed and have pleasure with Aini when Sophie came.

“Why are you here?”

Aiwa thought Sophie always came at a bad time. Every time he and Aini were to do something, she would show up.

“I’m not disturbing you, am I? If you have nothing else to do, I’d like to ask you to come out with me tonight.”

Every time Sophie came, she only watched and talked to Aiwa, never looking at Aini. Luckily, Aini was tolerant enough towards this little princess of the Prince’s Palace and never bothered to be jealous of her.

Aiwa glanced at Aini. Aini pretended not to see it but secretly vowed, “If Aiwa went out with her tonight, I would ignore him forever.” But when Aiwa really went out with Sophie, Aini told herself, “Aiwa deals with this Princess because of the big plan to attack the Wolf Kingdom, doesn’t he?” Thinking of that, she was not angry anymore.

To Sophie, Aiwa was a mysterious figure. At first, he killed her white horse by breaking its neck. Later, he healed her mother’s strange and incurable disease. Now, she wanted to see what else Aiwa could do. According to Sophie’s logic, if he had real skills, she would be convinced; or, she would break his mask.

“To where?”

Aiwa saw the tall white horse outside the store.

“Come on!”

Sophie jumped onto the horse’s back and next was Aiwa.

Before Aiwa could sit still, Sophie kicked and the horse rushed away immediately. If it wasn’t for Aiwa’s quick response, he would have fallen off the horse back. Although it wouldn’t hurt his bones, he would lose face anyhow. To Sophie, she was to test Aiwa’s ability by this.

Aiwa quickly grabbed the horse’s belly with both legs. He no longer cared that Sophie was the Princess of the Prince’s Palace, but put his hands forward and held her in his arms.

“Why are you holding me so tight?”

“Or I’ll fall off!”

Aiwa put his face against Sophie’s back.

Sophie got more excited. She cracked the whip and the horse raised its hooves and ran faster towards the west of the town.

“Where are we going?”

Aiwa asked loudly as he leaned on Sophie’s back. His hands had already touched Sophie’s wonderful boobs, but he didn’t dare to knead them directly. Aiwa thought, “I’m afraid it’s a rare and wonderful chance to just hold her like this. Probably no one would dare to take advantage of her like this.”

“Somewhere fun!”

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