Volume 10 Chapter 7 – Xiao Fei Yan (Part 1)

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Aiwa could never have expected that Sophie would take him to a whorehouse called “Ecstasy Pavilion”.

According to Sophie, this was the largest whorehouse in the Wolf Kingdom, which was full of girls endowed with both beauty and talents.

Maybe it was quite normal for a man to come here, but how could a princess of the Prince’s Palace be here! Aiwa thought Sophie must be a pervert.

However, now that they were here, Aiwa decided to take it. He wanted to see what tricks Sophie was going to play. Anyway, he didn’t bring money with him this time. Even if she planned to blackmail him, he would transfer the account to the name of the Prince’s Palace and wouldn’t spend half a coin.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you pay even half a coin.”

Sophie seemed to have already read Aiwa’s mind.

“What are you talking about? The princess is at the whorehouse. How can I refuse to pay?”

“You do want to spend money for me?”

“Hehe. How could the great princess of the Prince’s Palace spend my small money!”

Hearing Sophie’s words, Aiwa immediately regretted. This mad girl didn’t even blink when she spent money. He didn’t want to be the dupe again.

Sophie pouted. She handed the halter to the waiter and went inside with Aiwa.

When the procuress saw Sophie, a smile piled on her face. She immediately called for service, but Sophie didn’t care about her too much. Instead, she took Aiwa upstairs.

The procuress listed numerous names, but Sophie only said, “I want Xiao Fei Yan.”

“Princess, I’m so sorry, but Xiao Fei Yan has been bought by someone else. Why not get another one?”

“I don’t want anyone except Xiao Fei Yan.”

Sophie didn’t get angry, but she said in a strong and indisputable tone.

“But… Princess, you may not know that the person who bought Xiao Fei Yan is …”

Said the procuress in a dilemma.

“As long as it’s not the King, anyone else can’t compete with me!”

Sophie disrupted the procuress and said in a rather high volume as if she was not afraid of being heard by anyone.

“Who was bragging?”

At this moment, a young man in his early twenties showed up in the opposite room. He was full of energy and vigor. People would know that he was not any ordinary person at a glance.

Seeing the man, the procuress backed aside at once. Sophie only glanced at him and didn’t look at him anymore.

“No wonder. It’s the Princess! Yes, how dare anyone else say such bragging words? Now, Princess, you like Xiao Fei Yan as well, we can enjoy her singing together!”

The man wore a mink crown with a silver ring and six silver beads. He was the Viscount Chastain, a famous toff in the Wolf Kingdom.

“Why should I enjoy Xiao Fei Yan singing with you? I only like to have fun with close friends, and never associate with bad guys.”

Sophie raised her chin with a proud look.

“So, Princess, you are saying I, Chastain, am the ‘bad guy’?”

Chastain asked with a smile. He wasn’t angry at all to Sophie’s attitude.

“You said that!”

Sophie smiled proudly.

“Who is Xiao Fei Yan?”

Aiwa asked. From their talk, Aiwa guessed that Xiao Fei Yan must be gorgeous, so he also wanted to see her.

“Princess, I never heard that you like to take a dog out with you before. Besides, it’s so rude that it even dares to interrupt the conversation of its master.”

Chastain looked at Aiwa with a contemptuous look.

“Sophie, even a dog can be entitled as a viscount in your Wolf Kingdom?”

Aiwa wasn’t irritated by Chastain’s abuse. Instead, he took an eye for an eye.


Chastain had never be insulted like this. What’s worse, he was bullied by an unknown teenager. He couldn’t stand that.

Aiwa stood there, feeling that a powerful force was pressing him. He calmly sent out a force from his body and pressed it back. The air between them was immediately compressed.

Sophie stood aside only to find that Chastain paled while nothing changed in Aiwa’s face.

Suddenly, there was a loud “bang”. Chastain retreated a few steps and merely managed to stand with the support of two attendants.

“You want to compete with Princess for Xiao Fei Yan, don’t you? I’ve got an idea. Whoever pays more wins. This is the fairest idea. Sophie, how do you like it?”

Aiwa was so happy to see the exasperated look of Chastain.

“How dare you, an attendant, speak here?”

Chastain had realized that Aiwa was not an easy man, so he changed the topic to avoid fighting against him.

“He is not an attendant. He’s my friend, my distinguished guest. I invited him to enjoy Xiao Fei Yan’s singing today.”

“Fine. I’ll pay one thousand gold coins!”

Chastain didn’t intend to win Xiao Fei Yan with that amount of money. He was prepared to raise the price.

“Five thousand!”

Sophie sat down, as if she would never give up until achieving her goal.

“No, that won’t do. You are competing verbally. It’s only a lip service. What if someone gets Xiao Fei Yan but can’t pay the promised money? You should put all the gold coins on the table, and that’s what is called the ‘real ability’.”

Aiwa had no interest in their verbal numbers.

“You think I, Chastain, can’t take out that money?”

Chastain widened his eyes angrily. He found Aiwa more annoying. Aiwa always opposed him. If it weren’t for Sophie’s identity, he would punch him in his face.

“If speaking verbally counts, Xiao Fei Yan is mine. Both of you can leave now.”

Aiwa sat on a chair.

“You? Daydream!”

“I’ll pay all the gold coins of the Wolf Kingdom. Who can afford to pay more?”

Aiwa squinted at Chastain with a disdain look, which irritated the Viscount again.

“How dare you! You want to usurp my throne?”

Chastain immediately caught Aiwa’s fault and became excited.

“Hehe, I don’t have the courage, but it’s really boring for your verbal promise. If the real golds and silvers are here, how magnificent it will be! What’s more, it would show your generosity.”

Chastain hesitated for a moment. Then he summoned his men and whispered to them. But Aiwa heard it clearly that Chastain asked them to fetch fifty thousand gold coins.

Aiwa couldn’t help laughing to himself and thought, “He’s going to spend large amounts of money this time!” Aiwa whispered a number to Sophie, which was exactly a little bigger than Chastain’s. Aiwa thought, “Anyway, it’s not my money. How would the noble Prince’s Palace care about mere fifty or sixty thousand gold coins?” 

Sophie was stunned at the number, but she soon calmed. As a princess, not to mention sixty thousand gold coins, even if it was one hundred thousand, she would pay it for face.

Sophie didn’t bring any attendant, so she wrote a note and asked a servant to send it to the Prince’s Palace.

They all sat there, waiting for the gold coins.

Sophie didn’t know that Chastain was here for her tonight. Chastain had long heard that Sophie often came here to enjoy Xiao Fei Yan singing, so he wanted to buy Xiao Fei Yan and sent her to Sophie. Unexpectedly, Sophie didn’t accept his good intention, but further brought the annoying Aiwa.

“Since this gentleman is a friend of Princess, why can’t I find a hint of an aristocrat from him?”

This was the only point where Chastain could get the upper hand. Aiwa was an aristocrat in the Hass Empire, while in the Wolf Kingdom, he was a mere tourist. He couldn’t reveal his real identity, for fear of destroying his plan.

“Hehe, people in plain clothes are not necessarily plain people. Some people, even though they are well dressed, show no dignity at all, but are like dogs begging for mercy. However gorgeous they wear, they are still dogs.”

Aiwa crossed his legs with inviolable confidence in his eyes. Even the arrogant Chastain didn’t dare to look at him directly. Having absorbed the prime-energy of the White Hair Bride and the sex fluids of Linda’s first night, Aiwa was way more powerful than before. Besides, he had absorbed the blood essence of those dozens of Wolf Kingdom soldiers, which sharpened his eyes like a sword, making others dare not look at him directly.

“Hehe, similarly, some people, despite having high-level martial arts, are servants all their lives, and can never climb to the top. That’s really helpless!”

Chastain was always looking for an edge against Aiwa. Just now, he fought with Aiwa secretly but lost. According to his observation, Aiwa hadn’t exerted all his strength but already made him retreated several steps. If Aiwa did his best, Chastain would definitely be crippled! However, as an aristocrat, he always kept his pride. He was extremely unhappy seeing Aiwa sitting close to Sophie.

For Sophie, she had planned to threaten Aiwa today. Unexpectedly, Chastain showed up halfway. She was aggressive in nature, so she didn’t want to lose to this useless idiot. Therefore, facing Chastain, she stood in the same line with Aiwa unconsciously.

“Sophie, don’t you think I’m an aristocrat?”

Aiwa didn’t seem to care about it. He turned to Sophie and asked intimately.

“In my eyes, you are my Prince Charming!”

To show her closeness to Aiwa, Sophie offered Aiwa a kiss in front of Chastain. For Chastain, who was in love with Sophie, it was undoubtedly a blow to the chest. But Chastain didn’t give up. He didn’t want to be defeated by this strange man.

“I wonder what else this gentleman can do to win Miss Sophie’s heart, besides the martial arts.”

Said Chastain, suppressing his anger and forcing a smile.

“I can tell you. Every girl who has been in a relationship with me knows that I’m the real man!”

Aiwa reached his arm to hold Sophie gently and politely.

“Hump, a real man?”

Chastain pouted and said, “Do you think that a person in rags could be a real man? Haha, in the Wolf Kingdom, I can’t think of anyone if even I, Chastain, am not a real man!”

“A real man must be powerful. Dare you take out your little brother here to compare with mine?”

Although Aiwa was saying something vulgar, his expression was not obscene at all.

“You… You… are a rascal!”

Chastain pointed at Aiwa and shouted. He had expected Sophie to look down on Aiwa when she heard his words, but she looked proud.

“Be careful of what you say, and don’t stutter, will you? You stray in amusement all day long. I bet you are not a real man in doing that kind of thing. If you don’t agree, we can compare them on the spot. Dare you?”

Aiwa looked at Chastain scornfully.

Although Chastain had played with many girls, his sexual function was declining day by day due to excessive fornication. Aiwa could tell from his look that his kidney was weak, so his words just poked at Chastain’s tender point. Chastain immediately blushed. However, it was a public humiliation for him, so he wouldn’t let it go.

“Of course!”

Said Chastain, grinding his teeth.

Seeing the desperate Chastain, even Sophie got excited.

“Shall I show you mine first?”

Aiwa laughed. He was treating Chastain as a funny monkey and was sure that Chastain dared not to compare with him.

“How dare you go wild in the face of the dignified Princess?!”

Chastain, afraid as he was, found an opportunity to stand on Sophie’s side.

“Hehe, I knew you dared not! But there’s another way. Since you are so rich, why not invite me to go whoring with you and see who can last longer? I don’t think your gold coins could be delivered in a moment. Isn’t that a good idea?”

Aiwa held Sophie in his arm and smiled smugly.

“Find us two little virgins!”

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