Volume 10 Chapter 7 – Xiao Fei Yan (Part 2)

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Chastain stared at Aiwa and yelled at the procuress standing nor far away. He had no confidence in comparing sizes with Aiwa, but when it came to the lasting time, he had a trick: he had aphrodisiac with him. Every time he came out for fun, he would use it.

“Sophie, how about being our judge?”

Aiwa smiled lewdly.

“Hump, don’t think about it! If you continue to be so boring, I’ll leave!”

Sophie pretended to be angry and got away from Aiwa’s hand. She was to stand up, but was grabbed by the wrist by Aiwa.

“Baby, I’m joking. Don’t be so serious!”

Aiwa was good at coaxing girls, because he had a thick skin. If he wanted to make a girl happy, he would do anything.

“If you are really interested, I’d like to see what you can do. I don’t mean to brag, but I also have girls in my family, who look no worse than those here. Don’t be a coward when the time comes!” said Chastain.

“I’m a penniless man, so I have no gifts to give you back.”

“As long as you can stand straight in the end, I’ll admit that you win!”

They argued for a while before the gold coins of both sides were delivered and set aside.

“Princess, please!”

Chastain said as if he was to gamble.

“Wait! We need a rule. No matter whether you win or lose, you can’t take back the money once given out. The person who can afford more money will win Xiao Fei Yan tonight!”

Aiwa now became the middleman, the referee.

“Princess, do you agree?”


They sat on both sides of the table and pulled their own boxes containing gold coins to their feet.

Chastain looked at Sophie’s box and smiled. He took out ten thousand gold coins and smiled at Sophie.

Sophie took out twenty thousand gold coins calmly and weighed over Chastain.

Chastain’s look remained unchanged, but added twenty thousand gold coins. Now, he still paid ten thousand more than Sophie. Although doubted in mind, he looked proud.

Sophie, staring at Chastain’s triumphant face, added another twenty thousand gold coins.

Now, there were twenty thousand gold coins left in Chastain’s box. He determined and dumped the box to put all the fifty thousand gold coins on the table.

Sophie looked at Aiwa next to her and they smiled knowingly.

Sophie took out ten thousand gold coins and put them on the table. Then she took out another ten thousand gold coins and took out one gold coin from them. Now the total amount she took out was fifty thousand and one gold coins!

Chastain stared and swallowed hard.

“Today, Xiao Fei Yan is yours!”

Said Chastain bitterly. He stood up and stared at the delivery attendants behind sternly. He lost because of one gold coin, which made him extremely angry. However, he could do nothing about it. Because in the beginning, he only asked his men to take fifty thousand gold coins and had never thought Sophie and Aiwa would win in this way.

As Chastain walked downstairs, Sophie could no longer restrain her excitement. She raised her hand and gave Aiwa a high five.

Seeing so many glittering gold coins on the table, the procuress’s eyes went straight. Although she was not short of money, it was the first time that she had earned so many gold coins at a stroke.

“Princess Sophie, thank you!”

The procuress smiled flatteringly, piles of wrinkles appearing on her face.

“Take them all! Tonight, I’ll enjoy the performance of Xiao Fei Yan with this gentleman. No one shall be allowed to disturb us!”

Sophie took Aiwa’s arm excitedly and they walked to Xiao Fei Yan’s room.

The procuress hurriedly had people to put back those gold coins in the box from the table.

“Don’t forget that nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine gold coins in the box are mine!”

“Hua, Hua–” Hearing the sound of putting those gold coins back in the box, Sophie turned to the procuress as she walked, and said.

“Don’t worry, Princess. I will take out ten thousand gold coins for you.”

The procuress was so excited that her voice was trembling.

A girl led ahead and opened a door directly.

“Who is so rude?”

An angry yet pleasant female voice rose from the room.

“What a temper! I bought you tonight. Can’t I come in? “

Sophie, still smiling triumphantly, strolled in with Aiwa at her heels.

A beautiful girl, charming but not coquettish, was sitting in front of the dressing table. Behind her stood a young girl, combing her hair.

When Aiwa heard the voice just now, he could almost imagine that the girl was good-looking and energetic. When he saw her, he was even more surprised that there was such a beautiful girl in the world. What a masterpiece of the Creator!

“Princess Sophie?”

Xiao Fei Yan’s face turned a little red, which made her more charming. Even her breasts were slightly up and down.

Xiao Fei Yan winked at the girl behind her, and the girl immediately backed out.

“What songs do you want to listen to, Princess?”

“Whatever. As long as it’s your voice, I’d like to hear.”

Sophie said as she sat down. Aiwa then sat next to her.

Xiao Fei Yan couldn’t help looking at Aiwa. She glanced at Aiwa’s face and met his hot eyes. She quickly avoided them.

Xiao Fei Yan stood up and took a unique musical instrument of the Wolf Kingdom from the wall. She held it to her chest and played it. Then she opened her lips and bright teeth, and sang the sound of nature.

Now Aiwa finally understood the origin of Xiao Fei Yan’s name: her voice was like a new warbler coming out of the valley, a suckling swallow returning to its nest. (*Note: “Xiao Fei Yan” paraphrasing as “Little Flying Swallow”.)

Half of the instrument was rested against Xiao Fei Yan’s chest, making her breasts more clear and exquisite and making Aiwa’s heart beat violently. If he couldn’t get such a girl, he would live in vain!

Thinking of this, Aiwa couldn’t help but secretly applied the [obscene skill]. He should at least make Xiao Fei Yan have some impression on him.

There were only Aiwa and the two girls in the room. His [obscene skill] had an effect in less than two minutes. Because the [obscene skill] didn’t have a specific target this time, even Sophie sitting next to him had a feeling.

Although both girls tried to control themselves, the desires inside them flew out unrestrainedly.

Aiwa didn’t want the two girls to make a fool of themselves on the spot. He skillfully controlled the [obscene skill] to only make them have a favorable impression of him. That was enough.

After listening to the songs for an hour, Sophie couldn’t resist any more. She stood up and went to the bathroom.

In fact, Xiao Fei Yan couldn’t stand it either. She had some strange feelings in her lower body, but she didn’t want to leave her guest alone in the room because of manners. Yet Aiwa had already seen her embarrassment.

Later, Sophie was sleepy. But since she had spent so much money here, she didn’t want to leave at midnight. So she leaned on Aiwa’s shoulder and fell asleep.

“Let Princess Sophie sleep on my bed!”

Said Xiao Fei Yan.

Actually, Aiwa was happy about Sophie sleeping in his arms like this, but Xiao Fei Yan had said so, he’d better put Sophie on bed.

“I’m so sleepy. I don’t want to leave tonight.”

Sophie was too sleepy to open her eyes because of Aiwa’s [obscene skill].

Xiao Fei Yan tucked the quilt for Sophie and sat back to the chair. She didn’t say anything to Aiwa. On one hand, they were afraid of waking Sophie; on the other hand, they couldn’t find a topic at this moment. However, due to the [obscene skill] just now, Xiao Fei Yan was quite familiar with Aiwa and gradually had some good feelings to him.

Although they were silent, when their eyes met, both of them would have a warm feeling rushing to their hearts. Now Xiao Fei Yan was no longer looking at Aiwa so coldly as she used to be, but in a tender way.

“Show me your hands, OK?”

Aiwa requested boldly. Xiao Fei Yan hesitated for a while then gave him her hands.

It was a pair of white hands, and the thin fingers were like bamboo shoots. When holding them, Aiwa felt that Xiao Fei Yan’s fingers were particularly soft, and her white wrists were as beautiful as jades.

Aiwa kept staring at Xiao Fei Yan’s stunning face, making her can’t help but lower her head. She was so nervous that she began to breathe faster, and her chest heaved strongly.

At this time, Xiao Fei Yan’s heart was beating quickly as if a deer was hitting inside, and her beautiful eyes became misted and even more charming.

“If you are sleepy, find a room and take a rest!”

Xiao Fei Yan was afraid she would lose face if they continued to stay together.

“Are you tired? If so, you can take a rest. I will be here.”

Xiao Fei Yan shook her head.

“Then let’s sit here like this till morning, OK?”

Aiwa has been holding Xiao Fei Yan’s small hands without any disrespectful action, which reassured Xiao Fei Yan. She had always been a performer rather than a whore. Even though she liked the young man in front of her, she didn’t plan to marry him.

As Aiwa stroked the tender hands of Xiao Fei Yan, he secretly applied the [obscene skill]. The weariness of Xiao Fei Yan gradually faded away, instead, she began to feel dry and hot. Now her eyes were more and more watery and beautiful. Although she dared not look up at Aiwa, Aiwa could feel her tenderness. He even felt that it was a pleasure to hear her wheezing voice and smell her fragrant breath.

They sat knee to knee. Aiwa’s cock couldn’t help looking up and propping up his pants to a tent. He didn’t care that Xiao Fei Yan might laugh at him. Instead, he thought it was a good chance to show off his manhood.

Xiao Fei Yan kept her head down, so she saw the tent between Aiwa’s crotch. She couldn’t ignore that part, which made her even more embarrassed.

“Only sing to Sophie and me in the future, will you?”

Aiwa stroked her delicate wrist from time to time. Xiao Fei Yan struggled a little, but didn’t get away. She allowed Aiwa to hold her hands.

“How can I refuse a guest’s request when I am trapped here?”

Xiao Fei Yan raised her head to look at Aiwa tenderly and said.

“Ok. You can sing to them, but don’t give your body to them, alright?”

Aiwa urged sincerely but insistently.

Xiao Fei Yan nodded firmly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you only sing to me in a short period! Others? Hum! No matter how high his position is, he cannot dictate to you!”

Hearing Aiwa’s words, Xiao Fei Yan couldn’t help but look up at the young face again. She couldn’t guess the identity of the teenager. Considering even Princess Sophie would sleep while leaning against him, he must be extraordinary. She had told this from his eyes when they just came in. She had met countless people and would never pay attention to those posing men.

Just before dawn, Xiao Fei Yan became a little sleepy, yawning from time to time, so Aiwa moved his chair beside Xiao Fei Yan and put his arms around her.

“If you are sleepy, you can sleep here for a while. I won’t hurt you.”

Xiao Fei Yan hesitated for a moment, but finally couldn’t resist the sudden sleepiness and leaned on Aiwa’s shoulder.

It was because of the [obscene skill]. But Aiwa used it so skillfully that Xiao Fei Yan didn’t even notice it. He hypnotized with the [obscene skill] and finally made Xiao Fei Yan sleep in his arms.

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