Volume 10 Chapter 8 – Mysterious Energy (Part 1)

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Aiwa held Xiao Fei Yan directly on his lap and unbuttoned her blouse. He reached his hands into her clothes and indulged in kneading her breasts.

Xiao Fei Yan was as though she had eaten an aphrodisiac. She had no resistance and could only allow Aiwa to put his hands on her.

Aiwa’s two fingers constantly pinched on Xiao Fei Yan’s nipples, which were kneaded to stand up in turns. 

Although Xiao Fei Yan was already hypnotized, she moaned under Aiwa’s touch.

“Um… Oh… “

The tempting moan of Xiao Fei Yan made Aiwa more lustful. The huge stick between his thighs immediately stood up and stabbed against Xiao Fei Yan’s hips. Unfortunately, she didn’t know anything now.

In order not to mess up Xiao Fei Yan’s makeup, Aiwa didn’t kiss her lips, but untied her blouse and kissed her breasts. His big mouth almost swallowed her whole breasts.

It was such a wonderful thing to hold the most beautiful geisha in the whole Van Di Da City and to suck her breasts. Moreover, the princess of the Prince’s Palace was lying on the bed as well. Aiwa felt as if having made a great fortune that he had such an enjoyable experience without spending a single gold coin.

But Aiwa didn’t stop here. He reached under Xiao Fei Yan’s skirt, hiked up her panties and slipped his fingers into her vagina.


Xiao Fei Yan’s body reacted instinctively. The fingers reached her hymen and stopped. Aiwa slightly pulled it in and out, and soon her vagina started getting lubricated.

“Hum… Oh… “

Xiao Fei Yan groaned and writhed. Her two pigeon-like breasts quivered slightly from time to time. It was so charming!

Aiwa occasionally pulled his finger out of Xiao Fei Yan’s vagina and gently inserted it into her mouth. She sucked it so hungrily that made Aiwa more comfortable.

That Aiwa’s finger had been inserted in Xiao Fei Yan’s vagina for a long time raised her sexual desire. If she was awake at this time, she would definitely have a stronger reaction.

The sexual fluids slowly soaked Xiao Fei Yan’s vulva. In order not to expose his bad behavior, Aiwa gently put Xiao Fei Yan on her bed, lifted her skirt and took off her underpants. Her vulva was exposed. The snow-white fragrant body made Aiwa dizzy. But now he didn’t want to make love with Xiao Fei Yan. He must find a suitable opportunity to let Xiao Fei Yan taste his big penis when she was sober.

Therefore, Aiwa managed to resist his intense desire and only licked Xiao Fei Yan’s vulva. He didn’t plan to further provoke Xiao Fei Yan’s desire, but only to clean up the fluids from her vagina in case she would find something strange after waking up.

However, the licking of Aiwa’s tongue was a stronger stimulation to Xiao Fei Yan. When Aiwa’s tongue licked her extremely delicate pussy, her sensitive body couldn’t help wriggling.

“Oh… Ah… “

Aiwa’s tongue could clearly feel Xiao Fei Yan’s labia constantly contracting.

After cleaning Xiao Fei Yan’s vulva with his tongue, Aiwa arranged her clothes and held her in his arms. Then he pretended to be soundly sleeping.

After daybreak, Xiao Fei Yan woke up and found that she was sleeping in Aiwa’s arms. To her gratitude, Aiwa, though asleep, still held her tightly with his hands and warmed her with his body.

Xiao Fei Yan didn’t find any hint of being touched on her body. So she definitely didn’t know that her vagina had been inserted by Aiwa’s finger for more than ten minutes, nor even the vulva had been licked by Aiwa. But she felt vaguely as if she had had a spring dream in which she had been kneaded and inserted by someone. She secretly touched her lower body but found nothing abnormal, so she sniggered and thought it was just a dream.

Xiao Fei Yan slowly got up from Aiwa’s arms and covered him with a blanket.

When Xiao Fei Yan came out of the room, she happened to meet the procuress eavesdropping on her door.

“What are you doing here?”

Xiao Fei Yan was unhappy to see the procuress eavesdropping here.

The procuress smiled and asked, “You gave your first night to that young man?”

Xiao Fei Yan was even more displeased when she heard such words, so she pouted. She closed the door heavily and went to the bathroom, leaving the procuress alone. She had felt that her lower body was a little wet. She wiped it with a towel but didn’t find anything red, so she was relieved.

But the procuress had been eavesdropping for almost the whole night. She really heard Xiao Fei Yan’s long-time moans. Although there was no scream of pain, maybe she was forcing herself to endure it considering her strong character. Otherwise, how could she moan so long? Besides, Xiao Fei Yan had got up, while Princess Sophie and Aiwa were still in the room.

The procuress thought, “It’s so true that ‘never judge by appearance’. Who can expect that such a pure woman like Xiao Fei Yan would share a man with the princess of the Prince’s Palace?!” Before Xiao Fei Yan came back, the procuress had left knowingly.

When Xiao Fei Yan returned to the room, Aiwa had woken up. They smiled at each other. Xiao Fei Yan blushed immediately thinking of her falling asleep while sitting on his lap last night, and of letting him hold her all night!

Sophie woke up too, and didn’t know why she had slept so deeply.

“We spent the night here?”

Sophie asked, rubbing her eyes.

“Yes. I just woke up.”

Aiwa said as if nothing had happened.

“I slept on your bed, so you couldn’t have slept well because of me.”

Sophie, who had always been domineering, was gentle in the face of the shy Xiao Fei Yan.

“Never mind. It’s my pleasure that Princess Sophie can sleep on my bed!”

Xiao Fei Yan glanced at Aiwa involuntarily as she spoke. She was too embarrassed to say that she had slept in Aiwa’s arms all night.

“Sophie, do you think Chatain will come another day?”

Aiwa was a little worried. He couldn’t let Sophie battle with Chatain every day!

“He was so badly beaten here last night. How would he step here again? Anyway, he is a famous person! But from now on, that guy may have a feud with me. Whatever. I’m not afraid of him. A mere hereditary viscount. What’s the big deal! “

Sophie pouted her mouth to show her despise to Viscount Chastain.

But soon, Sophie understood the meaning of Aiwa’s words. He was worried about whether someone would come to take Xiao Fei Yan away in the future.

When she got out of the whorehouse, Sophie warned Aiwa directly, “Don’t you dare to think of Xiao Fei Yan. She’s mine!”

“You are a girl. How can you take over another woman?”

“She looks good. I just like her! If anyone dares to touch her, I will kill them! “

Last night, Sophie still thought of Aiwa as a close ally. Now, she immediately gave him the cold shoulder.

Nonetheless, Sophie still let Aiwa sit behind her.

In the huge Van Di Da City, there was no other girl dared to ride a horse with a boy except Sophie. So when they ran the horse on any street, they drew a lot of attention. But Sophie was not afraid. Instead, she was proud of it.

The red cape had become trademarked clothes of Sophie. Therefore, people knew that it was the Princess Dell of the Prince’s Palace on seeing it from far away.

When they arrived at the Best Silk and Satin Store, Sophie stopped.

Aiwa jumped off the horse and Sophie made a face at him.

When Sophie invited Aiwa out last night, she didn’t intend to invite him to enjoy Xiao Fei Yan singing. Instead, she wanted to torture this little pervert. Last time, he killed her horse and touched her breasts, so she wanted to make Aiwa fall into the pain in which he liked her but couldn’t get her. Besides, she also wanted to alienate Aiwa and Aini. Therefore, she smiled at Aiwa just now with some bad intentions: she wanted Aiwa to be immersed in her charm and suffer all his life.

The boyish Sophie suddenly became so charming, to which Aiwa didn’t get so used. But she was really cute in this way, so Aiwa also smiled back.

“Go back quickly! Be careful of being scolded by your woman. “

After that, Sophie turned around and headed to the Prince’s Palace.

Aiwa looked up and saw that the door was locked. He smiled bitterly: Aini had left the store. She must have been mad at him.

Tomorrow he would go to the Royal Palace with Madame Asina to watch the game. What’s more, he needed to give her a hand. How could he do it without a good rest? So it was good in some ways that Aini was not here, or he would have to work on her later.

Aiwa was so tired these days that he fell asleep as soon as he lay down. With no one disturbing, he slept so well that when he woke up the next morning, it was almost eight o’clock.

Aiwa immediately bounced out of the bed like being stung by a bee. Without people of the Prince’s Palace leading the way, it would be very difficult for him to enter the Royal Palace. If so, all his plans would have to be postponed.

Aiwa ran out as he dressed. When he arrived at the Prince’s Palace, Mrs. Prince’s team had left for the Royal Palace for a long time.

Aiwa thought, “It’s over! “But still he held a little hope. He didn’t give up and immediately ran from the Prince’s Palace toward the Royal Palace.

Aiwa roughly estimated the time. If Mrs. Prince’s team walked at a normal speed, they would have been in the Royal Palace long ago. No matter how fast he could run, he would not be able to catch them up. Moreover, he didn’t want to perform the skill of [flying on the grass] in Van Di Da City, so at most he could run faster than usual.

Even so, Aiwa’s speed was already very fast. But unfortunately, when he ran to the palace gate, Mrs. Prince’s team had all entered the Royal Palace.

In fact, when Madame Asina just entered the gate of the palace, she looked back several times. How much she hoped to see Aiwa at the moment when she looked back! Because the arrival of Aiwa would determine her victory or defeat in this contest.

However, Madame Asina was still disappointed. She could not help but secretly scold Aiwa, the bad boy who didn’t keep his words, for abandoning her at this critical moment.

Just as Mrs. Prince went in and the royal guards were about to close the gate, Aiwa came, panting. He was stuck between the two gates.

“I’m stuck!”

Aiwa growled anxiously.

The two guards immediately drew their swords and looked at him coldly, “Get back!”

“I’m from the Prince’s Palace!”

Aiwa took out the token from his arms and showed it to the two royal guards.

“Why didn’t you come until now?”

“Mrs. Prince asked me to go back for something, so I came late. Please do me a favor and let me in! “

Aiwa knew that people of the Prince’s Palace could be domineering outside, but not when they arrived at the Royal Palace. He had to bow to these royal guards.

But after all, it was the Prince’s Palace. Even the royal guards had to consider the power of the Prince’s Palace. They looked at the waist token and finally let Aiwa in.

“Thank you!”

Aiwa thanked and immediately chased Madame Asina’s team to the military drill ground in the palace.

Aiwa looked through the whole drill ground. There was a grandstand on the king’s side and six teams, among which each sat a contestant.

By drawing lots, the six players were divided into two groups with three players in each group. The winners of each group could enter the finals and the final winner would become the Grand Marshal of the Three Armies, who would command all the armies of the Wolf Kingdom.

This was an extremely prominent identity. Numerous people were eager to be on the throne of the Grand Marshal. After the primary competition, only these six players made it here. All of them had unique skills and were not willing to give in to each other.

When Aiwa knew the rules of this competition, he knew what he needed to do next was very simple. The three players in each group had to draw lots to decide one exempt player who would directly compete with the winner of the other two players. This was quite fair. As long as you had enough strength, you would not be buried.

Now, Aiwa understood why the Wolf Kingdom, though small, had strong military power. Their generals were selected based on their real abilities. Even those hereditary nobles were not qualified to be directly appointed as the Grand Marshal of the Three Armies.

Aiwa, standing behind Madame Asina’s team, paid close attention to the draw. To his surprise, Madame Asina was lucky enough to get an exempt qualification.

At this time, Madame Asina couldn’t help looking around for Aiwa. When she saw Aiwa, there was an uncontrollable surprise and a subtle look in her eyes, from which Aiwa understood her relief after anxiety.

At this time, Madame Asina slowly stood up from her seat. An attendant immediately followed up.

“Don’t let anyone follow me. I need to be discrete.”

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