Volume 7 Chapter 3 – The First Test (Part 1)

Although Aiwa had never gone through the Stick Array set by Cartel, he still could imagine that it would definitely not be a trick.

Therefore, before he was ready to cross the club, he gathered up all his spirit and intended to barge through the array in the shortest time, wouldn’t wait for the damn sticks to bring the game to an end.

Cartel’s hand had been on the switch. As soon as he pressed it, any time, the wooden stick in the hole will be poked out, or it was likely that several sticks would be stabbed to Aiwa at the same time.

Looking at Aiwa’s serious look, Cartel sneered.

“Begin now.”

Cartel gave Aiwa a shout.

Without any hesitation, Aiwa gathered all his spirit and rushed toward the tunnel. Aiwa’s Dou Qi was used to protect his head, as for other parts, it wouldn’t cause any trouble even if being stabbed.

However, when Aiwa rushed into the tunnel, he didn’t find the wooden stick poking out from the wall.

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Just as he was smug, several sticks suddenly poked out from the front, no matter how he avoided, he was smashed to the waist by two sticks at the same time. All his Dou Qi was gathered on his head while all the other parts of his body exposed, so that an extra pain pricked his waist.

It turned out that Cartel had already made out Aiwa’s tricks. The switch he held could be pulled back and forth, and the wooden stick would be shot out from the direction where the switch was pulled.

Cartel had observed Aiwa’s psychology and made an accurate judgment of his speed before pressing the switch when Aiwa was near the target location.

Aiwa was suddenly wrong-footed and was attacked several times by Cartel’s Stick Array. When he crawled out of the tunnel, he was already out of breath.

Cartel came over and smiled, saying to Aiwa, “You aren’t that bad!”

Cartel was not simply satirizing him, Aiwa’s speed was fast enough, at least in these trainees, he was special.

“But I have to tell you that living in such a world, such a speed was not enough to make you overconfident. Get up now!”

“Today, you have passed the test, but tomorrow, you have to continue the test until I am content!” Aiwa was lying on the ground, lacking the strength to answer Cartel, he was in so much pain that he couldn’t take a breathe but could only curse the Demon Instructor silently. He used to imagine how vicious Cartel was, but he never thought that he would be so vicious to this point!

“Easy said than done before the sword will be stabbed to you!” Cartel turned back and said coldly after he walked on a little way

Aiwa lay down on the ground for a while before he could get up slowly. a woman like an instructor came over to him while he was trying to get acquainted with the environment of the base.

“Are you Aiwa?”

Although the woman’s expression is indifferent, her voice was unexpectedly sweet.

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“Yes, who are you?”

The appearance of a beautiful woman extinguished Aiwa’s intense pain. He hurriedly stood up as if he had just turned a few somersaults on the ground, his face wore a relaxed expression.

“I am your Duty Officer Xena, take charge of logistics. Come with me and I will arrange your accommodation. By the way, the password of the base is just your name.”

Seeing Aiwa’s flattering look, Xena didn’t show any respect for him and turned round coldly.

This way, however, following her, Aiwa could easily appreciate the beauty of her body. She seemed to deliberately exaggerate the twisting posture when walking.

Aiwa thought in his heart, “This woman is so coquettish. How will she twist when the stick is inserted into her clit?”

Xena took Aiwa toward a row of low-rise houses, which were like a row of pig pens or cowsheds when compared with the house in the city, but they were more closed than those pig pens and cowsheds.

Aiwa didn’t understand that Cartel, who was so proficient in mechanics, was so indifferent to the living environment of the students! These thatched sheds seemed to be soon taken away by the wind, leaving no trace. After that, if he told someone else that he had been at the Mandeff base, he might be treated as a joke.

But what surprised Aiwa was that the houses here were all separated, relatively independent, so no one would disturb others.

The training here should be very intense. When it was time to rest, no one could have that energy to spend nightlife and would fall asleep as soon as lied down.

However, even if they got an interest to entertain themselves, there were no women here. On such a desolate hillside, even a female rabbit was rare; while for that good-looking Xena, an ordinary people would never get a chance to hook her.

There were more than twenty students here, a total of more than a dozen such houses, so two would share one room, each occupying a simple wooden bed.

Xena took Aiwa and walked towards the end of the row of houses.

This house located on the edge of the base. The base was not big, and there were no enclosing walls around it.

In fact, enclosing walls did not make any sense here.

The most visible landscape here was that big windmill, then no more sceneries.

After opening the door, Aiwa saw Tony lying on the cot.

Seeing Xena coming in with Aiwa, Tony immediately sat up from the bed and looked at her with a vigilant look.

“This is your bed. Remember, everything is allotted by the base. If you have any personal items, hand them over now, I can keep them for you.”

Xena mustered Aiwa from hat to toe.

“Can he go to another room?”

Tony suddenly got anxious.

“Do you think you have this right to propose? Now other rooms all hold two students, you want to have a room all to yourself, but let others crowd together?”

Xena stared at Tony seriously.

Tony lied down straight, expressing his protest in silence. Originally, Aiwa was still very fond of this little white face, because it was Tony who helped him secretly when Pienne wanted to avenge him; when he got up to the windmill, it was also Tony that lent him a favor. But all these good feelings vanished instantly because of his actions.

I insist on staying here even though you don’t like it! Before Xena left the room, Aiwa had already shaken off a shoe and then lied down on that small shaking wooden cot.

Tony glanced at Aiwa angrily and turned his body away. At the same time, Xena slammed the door and went away.

Aiwa stretched out one foot and poked Tony’s, asking, “Hey, am I so annoying?”

“I just used to living alone.”

Tony said.

“You are not a girl, why do you want to be alone in a room? I see, you are afraid of being stabbed from back by me, right?”

Aiwa snickered.

Compared with Aiwa, Tony looked a little smaller. Although they just met, and Aiwa don’t know much about Tony’s strength, Tony’s fair skin and slender figure tempted Aiwa a lot, and Aiwa really wanted to have sex with Tony, pretending the latter was a girl.

Hearing Aiwa’s vicious provocation, Tony didn’t respond, then Aiwa only thought that Tony didn’t dare to provoke himself.

“Hey, how do you bathe here?”

Aiwa had a long travel, of course, his body got dirty. What’s more, he had been tortured just arrived, now he really wanted to take a hot bath and refresh himself.

“There is a big pond under the windmill, jump in and wash!”

Tony turned his back to Aiwa and said sourly.

Aiwa naturally knew that Tony wouldn’t talk to him in a friendly way, so he started to dry the sweat on his clothes using Dou Qi.

In less than a minute, the clothes all got dry.

He lay down with his clothes on, and he was so tired that he fell asleep quickly.

Aiwa had fallen asleep when Xena came over with the bedding. Hearing Xena’s footsteps outside, Tony opened the door gently and took the bedding from her when she arrived at the door.

Xena also delivered a supper that was specially prepared by the base for the students. The calories in every unit of these foods were more than ten times greater than those of the ordinary foods, because the students would absolutely be unable to withstand the training intensity and the amount of exercise if they ate the ordinary foods.

Putting aside these two energy meals, Tony wanted to have them with Aiwa when he woke up. He unfolded the bedding and covered Aiwa with quilt. He would easily get sick in such cold weather if he hadn’t been covered with a quilt.

Tony could tell that Aiwa was not evil, though he had made some critical remarks. Especially his teaching Pienne a lesson calmly when he entered the base made Tony release his anger.

Half an hour later, when Aiwa woke up, the sun had set and the night had descended on the entire base.

“What time is it now?”

Aiwa didn’t know how long he had slept. Today’s training intensity and amount of exercise didn’t consume much of his energy, so he regained his vitality after sleeping for half an hour. Now, he just felt hungry.

“It’s dark outside.”

Tony’s attitude was indifferent again.

Instead of being miffed, Aiwa appreciated Tony’s strong personality. As for the quilt, Aiwa surely knew it was tucked on him by Tony.

“Hey, when will the meal be ready?”

Aiwa preferred to start a conversation with Tony with ‘Hey’ rather than call his name as he always felt the name ‘Tony’ did not correspond to his feminine appearance.

“Right over there.”

Tony pouted his lips at the place where he put the supper.

Aiwa got up lazily and walked to the meals, grabbing the two energy meals at one go.

“So little?”

Looking at the small box in each of his hands, Aiwa was sure that the meal was far from enough for him.

“One of the boxes is mine!”

Jumping out of bed, Tony grabbed a box from Aiwa’s hand before Aiwa reacted to his action. Thus it was clear that Tony’s movement was swift.

“Yours? I am served with such little meal!”

Aiwa simply wondered if he would feel the food in his stomach as it was too little.

“It is a meal for the whole day!”

Tony said.

“How can anyone bear to eat such little meal?”

Hearing that, Aiwa became angry. When he barely entered the base, Cartel told him the tuition fee was 50,000 gold coins. Unexpectedly, he was served with such little food.

“Is this a training base or a jail? Cartel must have made a fortune out of the tuition fees.”

Glancing at Aiwa, Tony went back to his bed with the meal.

“Don’t they guarantee us enough food?”

Aiwa virtually wanted to give his meal to Tony and ask for more food from Xena in person.

“Forget it! Everyone has only one such meal. I haven’t seen anyone eating two meals a day since I entered the base.”

Tony rolled his big eyes and started to eat carefully. Tony pinched the food between his thumb and finger and put it into his mouth in order to avoid it dropping to the ground.

Looking at the meal in his hand again, Aiwa saw the square snacks through the transparent packaging.

“Tony, Cartel doesn’t play the field with our tuition fees, does he? How could he give us such little food?”

Aiwa came to Tony and supported himself with both hands on the side of Tony’s bed, bending over to smell the food, but he smelled a faint fragrance.

“What is the smell?”

Aiwa suddenly became excited.

He sniffed at Tony and found that the smell came from the bed.

It was absolutely what girl’s body scent.

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Volume 7 Chapter 3 - The First Test (Part 2)
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