Volume 7 Chapter 3 – The First Test (Part 2)

Aiwa suddenly smirked, saying, “Tony, you have a secret?”

Moving his body to the other side nervously, Tony grasped the remaining food in his hand and looked at Aiwa vigilantly.

“You… worry that you won’t see any girls in the base, so you have brought some girl’s stuff here?”

Aiwa stared at Tony and continued as if he had found a new continent, “Stop acting like a girl. I won’t rob you, nor will I reveal your secret to the instructor, because you are my friend. However, I want to take a bath tonight, so you have to help me fetch water. Of course, you’ll be rewarded with this. Here you go.”

Raising himself up, Aiwa conveniently threw his meal to Tony. He didn’t believe that such little meal would make a difference.

“Keep it for yourself. This is your meal for the whole day. I will have nothing to give you when you are hungry if I eat it now.”

Tony refused Aiwa’s food.

Tony was aware that everyone only had one share of the distributed things, which meant nobody would give his share to others as he would suffer a tough time if he did that. As a new recruit to the base, Aiwa hadn’t known the rules yet, nor had he known the importance of the meal. He considered it as petty snacks.

“I won’t blame you for lacking food.”

Aiwa was miffed that Tony refused his food, saying, “I have told you that I want to take a bath as I smell terrible. Prepare some hot water for me.”

Originally, Tony didn’t want to fetch water for Aiwa. However, taking herself into consideration, she preferred to prepare water for Aiwa rather than smell his foul odor.

Tony had great strength, though she looked thin and weak. She had fetched two buckets of water and poured it into a bathtub in a short while before she went out.

“It’s late. Where are you going?”

Aiwa asked while taking off his clothes.

“I’m going outside for a blow.”

Tony said and walked out of the room, standing at the door.

“You act like a lady. You will feel ashamed of watching me taking a bath?”

While walking towards the bathtub, Aiwa muttered to himself.

After a while, Aiwa failed to rub himself to his heart’s content, so he shouted to the door, “Tony, please come in and give me a rubdown with the damp towel.”

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Tony didn’t respond.

“Boy, are you hiding yourself from me?”

Seeing that Tony walked in, Aiwa smiled proudly. It seemed that his threat worked. Putting his arms on the edge of the bathtub, Aiwa was ready to receive the rubdown from Tony.

Tony had no choice but to reach out his hands and give Aiwa a rubdown.

When Tony pressed her hands that had long, slender, white and delicate fingers against Aiwa’s back, Aiwa felt strange, even limp and numb.

“It seems that you have women’s hands!”

Smiling, Aiwa grabbed for Tony’s hands to check out. Unexpectedly, he failed thanks to Tony’s quick response.

Shaking his head while smiling, Aiwa put the question aside.

Lying in the bathtub with his eyes closed, Aiwa enjoyed being rubbed by Tony with her soft hands.

Aiwa felt that it was more a massage than a rubdown. Tony’s massage with her soft and delicate hands made Aiwa’s penis swelled.

“If you are a lady, I’ll get you laid tonight!”

Aiwa said with satisfaction with his eyes closed.

However, Tony remained silent and continued rubbing Aiwa’s back.

While Tony was rubbing Aiwa’s back with her soft hands, Aiwa was playing with his ‘big bird’ and thinking of Xena’s chubby and soft breast.

Thinking of Xena’s breast, Aiwa’s penis swelled again and stood in the water like a big snake.

Tony wanted to have a look at Aiwa’s ‘big snake’, but she dared not to do so. As a result, she forgot to rub Aiwa’s back.

“Do it! Dude, do you want me to poke you?”

Aiwa scolded her with a smile.


Tony put the bath towel on Aiwa’s shoulder and returned back to her bed, keeping some of the key points and thoughts of today’s training on a book.

Aiwa came out of the tub and rubbed his strong body with a bath towel while walking towards Tony’s bed.

Tony glanced at Aiwa and instantly got nervous, that “snake” was bigger than it was in the water.

“How? Do you have such a big one? Oh, this is a magic weapon to make a girl happy! Do you want to take out yours too, let’s have a comparison, shall we?”

Aiwa fingered his big bird and said.

Tony immediately turned her body back to Aiwa. But Aiwa thought that Tony was feeling inferior when seeing his big bird, so he continued.

“Come, let me see how big yours is.”

As he said, Aiwa reached out his hand to touch Tony’s crotch.

Tony hurriedly arched her body and squatted her legs to keep Aiwa’s big hand out.

“Damn, you are such a coward! Dude, one day you have to take it out in front of the girls.” Aiwa withdrew his hand and said, “hurry up, take off your clothes and take a shower! The water is still hot!”

Aiwa gave Tony’s hip a pat.

“No, I don’t want to use the water you have used!”

Tony almost covered her head with the quilt.

Aiwa laughed and returned back to his bed. It was so great to take a shower before lying in the quilt.

“Well! It couldn’t be better if I hug a girl in my arms now!”

Aiwa sighed and tucked the quilt in, falling asleep.

At this moment, if Aiwa knew that Tony was not a boy, but a beautiful princess, he would definitely be sleepless.

After hearing Aiwa’s rhythmical breathing, Tony began to take off her clothes in the quilt.

When Tony lived alone before, she slept naked every night because the entire base was disciplined and everyone stayed in their rooms and no one would bother others.

However, today the Duty Officer Xena had inexplicably arranged the newcomer, Aiwa, to live with her, which left her no chance to refuse.

She knew that if she didn’t let Aiwa live with her, it would definitely arouse Xena’s suspicion, and she had to let it go.

Tony’s true identity was the Great Princess Aini of the Haas Empire, and some people also called her Ainiya. One more day, she will be sixteen years old.

In order to cultivate the successor of the Hass Empire, Queen Sofia asked this beautiful princess to disguise as a boy and sent her from place to place to study. And now, the construction of the Mandeff base was also sponsored by Queen Sofia.

Even so, when Aini was sent here, her identity was still confidential. Cartel only knew that Tony was sent by the Queen, so he wouldn’t stump her in some cases. But Cartel didn’t know that Tony was actually Princess Aini.

When Aiwa first saw Tony, he only thought that she was smart and clever and seemed to have met before, because he once saw Princess Aini in the palace, but now he never thought she was a girl, and didn’t even think she was actually Princess Aini.

Aiwa was sometimes a very careless person. When Aini helped him rub his back, her soft and slender fingers did not raise his doubts.

And Aini had no choice but to brace herself to help rubbing the back of the naked Aiwa. When Aiwa swayed in front of her with his long big bird, she was also very helpless; because she didn’t want to reveal her identity, she could only try to keep her disguise.

Since entering the base, Aini hadn’t taken off her clothes in front of other men. Her body was wrapped around by a long piece of cloth, so that no one could figure out she was a girl.

Every night, Aini would take all these camouflage off and relax her body. When it was dawn, she would dress as a boy again.

Tonight, Aini had to sleep with Aiwa, a boy, in the same room, she felt very restrained, and the cloth wrapped around her breasts made her very uncomfortable. Although she had been used to cross-dressing for many years, she must relax at night.

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Aini carefully put the cloth under her quilt for fear of being discovered by Aiwa.

When Aini undressed her clothes and untied the suppressed wrap, her entire chest swelled again.

In order to keep her chest from deforming, after untying the cloth every night, she would massage her two oppressed breasts.

When Aini’s two hands were moving up and down over her plump and round breasts, she had to pay special attention to Aiwa. Under her soft and slender fingers, the extruded breasts became more and more full, and the nipples quickly bulged proudly.

Aini gently stroked her breasts and couldn’t help thinking the scene where Aiwa had swayed his big brother in front of her after the shower, then her heartbeats suddenly fastened drastically.

Aini worried about losing herself, so she stopped massaging and tried to fall asleep. But after a short while of sleeping, she dreamed of having sex with Aiwa, then started to moan on the bed.

The noise woke Aiwa up. Aiwa took that as a sign of having a nightmare, so he stretched his foot and kicked Aini’s hip.

Aini was immediately awakened, and the scene of her dream was still vivid – Aiwa was pressing on her. Then she realized that it was only a dream and that Aiwa had awakened her. She was in a cold sweat at this moment.

“Do you have a nightmare?”

Aiwa asked lazily.

“Oh, dreamed of being caught by someone by the neck.”

Aini explained hurriedly.

Soon, Aini heard Aiwa’s snores.

Looking through the window, Aini thought that it was just in the middle of the night, so there was no hurry to wrap the cloth, therefore, she fell asleep again.

Since Aiwa didn’t eat dinner last night, he was awakened by hunger before the time to get up and couldn’t fall asleep anymore. He simply climbed out of bed and got dressed.

“Tony, get up!”

As he couldn’t sleep, he wouldn’t let others sleep well. He kicked Aini’s hip gently. Aini suddenly woke up and was startled.

At this moment, Aini was sleeping on her back. The two hills on her chest had already jacked up the quilt. Fortunately, the light in the room was dim and Aiwa didn’t pay much attention to her body, or her true gender would be found out.

Of course, Aini didn’t dare to get up directly. She turned her side and hid the pair of breasts.

“I wanna sleep a little more.”

Aini said having her back to Aiwa. She was worried that Aiwa would suddenly come over and open her quilt, in that case, her entire body would be exposed to Aiwa.

While Aiwa still showed some respect, he did not touch Aini’s quilt.

After Aiwa left the room, Aini quickly got up and wrapped the cloth around her plump chest.

When Aiwa ran a small circle outside and returned, Aini just got dressed.

“Why don’t you practice more in the morning?”

Aini was nervous, but she pretended that nothing had happened and asked.

“I’m so hungry! Tony, do you… have any food?”

Asked Aiwa obsequiously.


Aini replied sourly. In fact, the food that Aiwa threw to her last night was still there, but Aini didn’t want to give it to him now. Before he understood the importance of this food, he wouldn’t cherish it.

“Hey, what about my share yesterday?”

“I have taken it already!”

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