Volume 7 Chapter 4 – Energy Crystal (Part 1)

Aiwa saw there had no chance, so he had to walk out of the room and wander around the base.

In fact, there was no such thing as the inside or outside of the base, because there was no wall here, just a wilderness.

The only sign that could prove someone was here was the huge windmill and the houses like pig pens.

However, no one didn’t know what kind of skill Cartel used to build these houses. Although the houses looked humble, they didn’t feel cold at all when he slept inside.

The temperature difference between day and night was very large here. When walking outside, Aiwa felt that the air in the morning was a bit bitter and that he didn’t eat anything, so the cold was even more terrible.

Coincidentally, he saw Xena doing morning exercises, and her pretty figure became a bright spot in this field.

“Morning, Duty Officer Xena!”

Aiwa excitedly ran towards Xena.


Xena twisted her body while greeted Aiwa. As she bent or shook her body, the full breasts almost came out of her thin military uniform. Aiwa could see that Xena was not only beautiful but also coquettish, she never avoided Aiwa’s somewhat lascivious eyes. Whenever she did a chest-lifting exercise, Aiwa could see the seductive white skin on her breast from the middle of her neckband.

When Aiwa looked in from the middle of her neckband, his heart couldn’t help but race hurriedly. If without mentioning Aini, there was only this woman in the camp. Even if she was ugly, she would make the man hungry, not to mention she had a charming body!

“Duty Officer Xena, you are so beautiful! Look, how can I be so hungry early in the morning? My stomach is always yelled that I can’t sleep well.”

“Tony has already taken your dinner, won’t it be eaten by him?”

Seeing Aiwa, Xena thought he was a guy who liked to make trouble.

“Was Tony take it? Oh, why don’t I know? Well, when is breakfast?”

Aiwa jumped and seemed to be working with Xena’s morning exercises.

“No breakfast. Only one meal a day here. I gave you all the meal yesterday. Go back and ask Tony, maybe he forgot to tell you where to put it.”

As the only woman in the base, Xena didn’t care Aiwa’s envious, somewhat wretched eyes and his worthless compliments.

Xena’s blouse wrapped her restless breasts, which seemed to be jumped out at any time, standing up under the clothes, just like two beans was about to sprout out of the soil.

“Oh, I’m in no hurry, I think I can do morning exercises with the beautiful Duty Officer!”

Aiwa’s eyes always focused on Xena’s breast, as if he could be full since looking at her two breasts.

Xena gave up and ran with Aiwa. Every step she ran, her well-rounded breasts would sway back and forth.

Aiwa concluded that there was absolutely no bra inside Xena’s shirt, at least not now. Only those who did not wear a bra would be so free and arrogant.

When Aiwa was running with Xena, many early-rising members also cast envious eyes, and Aiwa, while his stomach kept growling, but he was pleased with himself in his heart, constantly beckoning to the students who cast their eyes on him.

Xena and Aiwa ran farther and farther in the opposite direction of the barracks. On a downhill slope, Xena didn’t know whether it was intentional or careless, she lost her balance and the body suddenly leaned forward.

Aiwa, who had been trotting with her side by side, cleverly stretched out a hand and hooked her slender waist.

Xena’s body fell in Aiwa’s arms, and the busty breast was stuck between the two. The white breast had been squeezed out of the neckline. Her hands gently hooked Aiwa’s waist, and the two looked at each other with hunger.

The two were also close together, and Xena had clearly felt that Aiwa’s big bird was pushed against her smooth clit.

“Do you want to fuck your Duty Officer when nobody in sight?”

Xena’s eyes were sprayed with a suggestive flame. Anyone of the hot-blooded young men couldn’t stand this kind of flirtation, especially when a faint aroma in her breath was inciting Aiwa’s excited nerves. Her mouth corner curved slightly, the infinite flirtation poured out.

“I’m not as bold as that Duty Officer, but if such a beautiful Duty Officer wants me to massage her, I will be glad to help.”

Aiwa was thrilled to look into Xena’s enchanting eyes in the same way, smelling her body’s faint fragrance.

It was rare to see women in the base, let alone beautiful women! Sliding his big hand down from Xena’s waist tentatively, Aiwa put his hand on her chubby and beautiful hips.

“I feel like a tiny bug has crawled into my pants, you… please help me get it out. You know, girls fear the bugs that are covered with hair the most!”

Xena, who had been proud just then, felt limp and said in a trembling voice, but Aiwa was sure that he didn’t cast a spell on her.

It seemed that in a base like this, both men and women had strong lust.

“Don’t worry. My big bug can eat that tiny bug as long as you allow me to put it into your pants.”

With his heart beat rapidly, Aiwa rubbed Xena’s buttocks hard, bending his head to kiss her sexy lips.

When Aiwa’s lips were about to touch those of Xena, a whistle rang out in the distance.

“It is time to assemble. Go back, or you will be punished!”

Xena lurched her body to the other side and tore herself from Aiwa’s hand.

“Well, will I be punished if I don’t take morning exercise?”

Aiwa said with disapproval, “I think students like us who take part in training on our own initiatives should be rewarded rather than being punished. For example, giving us an extra ration and so on.”

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“Stop being smug. Anyone who fails to reach the assembly station in one minute right after the whistle will receive ten strokes of the army stick as a punishment. You haven’t been aware of how powerful instructor Cartel’s army stick is.”

“Is it more powerful than the Wolf Teeth Mace?”

Aiwa once fought with Pienne and knew how powerful the Wolf Teeth Mace was. He thought the Wolf Teeth Mace was not as powerful as he expected. Was the army stick more powerful than the Wolf Teeth Mace?

“Run back quickly! Do not annoy instructor Cartel. No matter how severe your punishment will be, do not argue with him, or you will receive a more severe punishment.”

Xena gave Cartel a push. While they were talking, several seconds had passed.

Although Aiwa didn’t fear Cartel, he ran to the campsite as he didn’t want to be punished by Cartel, which would make others jeer at him.

Aiwa’s speed was quite amazing. When he lifted his qi to spurt, his feet were almost left the ground.

Standing at the assembly station, Cartel saw Aiwa’s figure in the distance. He concluded that Aiwa would be punished this time as the whistle was well directed against him.

Cartel had caught sight of Aiwa running to the wild with Xena. He thought, “Aiwa started to hook up with the Duty Officer once he entered the base, so he won’t concentrate on training. I need to deal him a head-on blow at the first encounter to let him know how powerful I am.”

Since students, who had known how powerful Cartel’s army stick was, were disciplined, they immediately assembled when they heard the whistle. They were ready to assemble at any time after the whistle with their nerves constantly on edge.

At that time, students saw Aiwa running towards them. Pienne and others concluded that Aiwa will receive Cartel’s ten strokes of the army stick, because, for them, the long distance would take them at least two minutes.

Unexpectedly, Aiwa had stood in the queue when Cartel’s watch had two seconds left to come to a minute. Seeing that, Pienne and others blew up, and Cartel was disappointed.

If he didn’t punish Aiwa today, he would be a failure. Every time he assembled the students, he aimed at punishing one or two of them.

“Aiwa, fall out!”

Cartel roared seriously.

Aiwa stepped put at once.

“You have arrived one second late. Just one second, but you will be punished in accordance with the rules and there is no exception!”

Cartel walked towards Aiwa with a log in his hand.

Depending on his accurate sense of time, Aiwa was quite sure that he was not late when he arrived.

But he knew that he had no right to defend himself at all. As long as Cartel said that he was late, he had no chance to argue.

“Instructor Cartel, Aiwa isn’t late.”

Aini, who was just watching the watch, suddenly stood up and spoke for Aiwa.

When the whistle just blew, Aini timely checked her watch again. As she was worried about Aiwa so she looked at her watch from time to time. Aiwa arrived two seconds earlier, but Cartel said that he was late for one second!

“Tony, in this base, who is the boss, you or me the instructor?”

Cartel’s cold eyes glared at the troublesome Aini.

Aini provoked the Demon Instructor in order to protect Aiwa. Before she spoke, Aini had long anticipated the risk, as yesterday she had been warned by the instructor.

Seeing that Aini was no longer arguing with him, Cartel shifted his cold eyes to Aiwa. Cartel didn’t want to punish this fair student who was sent by Queen Sofia. Though he didn’t know his true identity, he at least had to show some respect to the queen.

This so-called “Iron Face Instructors” or “the Demon Instructor” was not completely merciless, it depended on who was asking him for a personal favor.

If it was not for the queen, the punishment for Aini would be more serious than Aiwa. Cartel had to stifle his anger, and he turned to Aiwa, saying, “I have said that when you receive the punishment, no use of Dou Qi and stand still.”

The added “No resist”, Cartel did not speak out. After several admonitory talks, he was used to leaving the last phrase. Because for these students, that was superfluous. Even if they wanted to revolt, were they capable of doing so?

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Aiwa stood there quietly, waiting for the punishment from the instructor who picked the bones in the egg.

Cartel directly stood less than a foot from Aiwa.

That little army stick less than a foot long was spun in his hands, as if controlled by the qi field instead of by Cartel’s fingers.

However, at this time Aiwa was not interested in appreciating the instructor’s stick technique, because a stream of blood qi was flowing in his blood vessels out of his control.

Since that time he took Ruth to bed, his blood vessels inflated drastically; then Aiwa had several affairs with a number of powerful beauties, and each time there would be some subtle changes in his body.

The most striking manifestation of these changes was that when his body was attacked from outside, or when the attack was about to come at him, there would be a strange blood qi flowing in his body.

Perhaps it was this strange blood qi that confused Ruth, a major member of the Dragon Blood Evaluation Committee. She was unable to determine what it was, because she had never seen such a situation in all previous evaluations, but she was sure that this was a strange thing.

Now, the strange blood qi was flowing at an incredible speed in Aiwa’s body.

Aiwa didn’t know that even when he was asleep, the blood qi would also flow in his blood, but the speed was not as fast as it was now.

Cartel’s stick suddenly slammed into Aiwa’s stomach without warning, but it seemed to break into a sponge and did not work effectively.

Then, Cartel slammed with the stick again. His stick technique was always random and unpredictable, and at such a short distance, no one could predict where he was going to hit.

As average students, they could only react after suddenly suffering a terrible blow, but when they just reacted instinctively, the second blow had already hit them. The second attack was more fatal than the first, and before the third one hit their body, they were already breathless.

But this time, Cartel was a little unhappy in the first hit.

He hit the second time with doubts, still got no obvious effect. The stick was almost inserted into Aiwa’s ribs, but Cartel didn’t have the pleasant feeling of hitting. Instead, he felt his strength was absorbed by Aiwa, which made him annoyed, so he hit the third time on Aiwa’s left ribs.

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