Volume 7 Chapter 4 – Energy Crystal (Part 2)

If not for the previous accidents, Cartel wouldn’t lash him the third time, because he had never been so annoyed.

But now he felt that he was jerked around by this guy, so he smashed the third stick on Aiwa’s ribs directly.

If anyone else, this lash would definitely break his ribs.

To everyone’s surprise, however, the stick slipped against his ribs when it hit Aiwa. With Aiwa’s body going limp, Cartel’s strength was dispelled by an invisible force once again.

Cartel didn’t want to continue to embarrass himself, so he had to stop this meaningless punishment.

He stepped back and looked at Aiwa indifferently.

No one knew if Aiwa was really feeling pain or pretended that, the muscles on his face were jerking violently, which seemed very painful. And the expression, however, comforted Cartel a little.

Cartel didn’t want to unmask Aiwa in public, which would only make a fool of himself. But since now, he felt it more that this guy was special. For one thing that the fast running speed before the assembly, had made him start to suspect that Aiwa was a man of too many faces.

Cartel threw the stick away. It seems that he shouldn’t have punished this guy.

“Today’s training subject is 80 kilometers weight tempo. Two sets in the morning, finish it before 12. Anyone fails, cancel today’s ration.”

After that, Cartel immediately ordered an instructor-assistant to be responsible for the inspection.

In fact, no one in this base dared to be lazy, because several students who had reported poor training were severely punished.

So far, they didn’t know how the Demon Instructor knew that they were cheating.

Curiously, Aiwa weighed Aini’s backpack in his hand, then the worry of him vanished because the weight was just a cinch for him.

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An assistant help Aiwa bring his weight-backpack, which looked just like any other person’s, the size was similar, seems to be exactly the same specifications.

But Aiwa failed when he tried to lift up the backpack with the same strength as before. His backpack was at least twice as heavy as else’s backpack.

“It’s not fair!”

Aiwa immediately asked indignantly, “Why is my backpack heavier than their’s?”

Aiwa howled, he was not afraid to be heard by Cartel. That’s going too far, he would be a fool if he remained silent!

At this moment, Cartel suddenly appeared and looked at Aiwa with a cold expression, “What are saying?”

The voice of the instructor was always a deterrent, especially when Aiwa looked into the instructor’s eyes, he felt much more.

“I said my backpack seems heavier than their’s.”

Aiwa was daunted that no arrogance in his voice anymore.

“Whose backpack is heavier than yours?”

Cartel asked coldly once more.

In an instant, Aiwa realized that his doubts might cause Tony to get into trouble. So he immediately pointed to Pienne’s backpack and said, “His backpack is lighter than mine!!”

Unexpectedly, Cartel replied, “If you don’t want to carry this backpack, why do you come to this base?”

Although Aiwa was not feeling well, he knew that he wouldn’t have to carry the backpack if he did not want to grow up and did not come to this base to participate in this devil-like training,

For the first time, Aiwa felt Cartel’s deterrent force, which couldn’t be achieved by the profound power alone. Therefore, he could only carry the heavy backpack honestly.

Aiwa soon finished the first set of 80 kilometers weight tempo.

Now, however, he had obviously felt he was beginning to flag because he had already been hungry since last night.

Aiwa saw it’s early, and Aini’s first set of training was not finished yet, so he sat there waiting for her. A few minutes later, Aini came back.

Aini knew that she didn’t have much advantage, so she didn’t dare to delay a moment, grabbing Aiwa, she ran again.

After they ran for a few kilometers, Aiwa’s feet were really unable to move. The first set of training was done too fast, and his weight was heavier than others, so he had to lie down and take a rest.

“It would be wonderful if there is a girl can give me a lift!”

Both Aiwa and Aini are lying on the ground.

What Aiwa said is not a joke. If a woman gives him some energy, he will regain his strength to continue running.

“Now I know if I can’t eat, can’t I?”

Aini laughed.

“Tony, since you know that food is so important, why didn’t you keep it for me last night? You can help me to eat it!”

Now Aiwa has buried her complaint that Aini is coming.

In the past few days, he was too energy-intensive, and he ran this weight-bearing training, his legs trembled, his body shivered, and his eyes were spent.


Aini pulled out a small bag from her arms, which was a small piece of the nail-sized gelatinous body. Aini first dropped half of her to her mouth and the other half gave Aiwa.

“What’s this?”

Aiwa didn’t expect that little thing can help him, but he reached for it.

“I’ll have a try!”

After that, Aini got up from the ground and walked forward with her backpack.

Aiwa stared at the gel for a long time, didn’t guess what it was, but when he saw that Aini had eaten it, so he didn’t worry that it would kill him.

Hunger made Aiwa almost lost the sense to taste the gelatin, just swallowing it.

A minute later, Aiwa felt the heat coming from the abdomen and gradually spread to his whole body. That heat immediately turned into a power that could not be said, not only made him feel hungry no longer but also made him powerful.

Aiwa immediately bounced off the ground and followed Aini.

“Tony, what did you just give me? You have told me that there is only one meal per day in the base, do you? Why do you have one more meal?”

“This is not from the base, I bring it here by my own. This is a kind of energy soft crystal, which is more advanced than the energy food in the base! But an average person cannot absorb it; it seems that you can?”

Aini noticed that Aiwa’s spirit was quite good, which was not his usual self, so she knew that the energy soft crystal had already worked in Aiwa’s body and he absorbed even faster than she did.

Half of the energy soft crystal had not been converted into her energy, but Aiwa had already made full use of it. She had to admit that this guy was much stronger than her.

“Where did you get it? Can you give me more in the future?”

It was the first time for Aiwa to eat such a magical thing, just a little bit could actually produce such an amazing effect.

“Don’t go too far. Today I see you almost cannot hold on, so I shared some with you. I have never given it to anyone before. Don’t count on me later on.”

After that, Aini walked forward quickly.

“Come, give me your backpack, I will carry it for you!”

To please Aini and gain some energy soft crystal, Aiwa reached the backpack of Aini forwardly.

“No need. If the instructor knows this, both of us will get punished!”

Aini was so scared that she dodged hurriedly to keep Aiwa from touching her backpack. If anyone would see them, he would definitely go to Cartel to tattle.

Aiwa didn’t insist, anyway, he had offered his favor. Besides, it was just an energy soft crystal, though he would not eat anymore, it was not a big deal.

When Aini and Aiwa returned to the base, they found that they were the first to complete the training task. Xena stood there with the assistants, they were responsible for checking the completion of training for each student.

Before every time Tony was the first to return to the base and showed no fatigue, but this time Aiwa returned with Tony together. In the first set of training, Xena clearly saw the sweat and tired expression on Aiwa’s face, but now he seemed to walk just a few miles.

“Aiwa, come here, let me check your physical indicators.”

Xena inspected Aiwa’s body, saying. Then she turned and walked toward her lab. In addition to checking the anomalies among students after training, her main job was to study the food distribution for students in the base. That kind of energy food was researched and formulated by Xena in person.

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Behind Xena, Aiwa looked at her wiggling hips, starting to fantasize.

After entering the lab, Xena let Aiwa lie on a bed full of wires. After the test, Xena did not find the residue of energy food digestion in Aiwa’s stomach.

“Didn’t you have the meal given to you yesterday?”

Xena asked in amazement.

Aiwa felt very strange, how did Xena know that?

“Yes, I have eaten it.”

Aiwa had no choice but to lie to keep the secret about Tony’s energy soft crystal.

“Do you know how we will punish the student that deceives the instructor?”

Xena said coldly.

“Hey, I was just joking with you, Duty Officer. I didn’t eat it. The food was so small, I thought it useless so I didn’t take it.”

Aiwa was afraid of being punished again. Although Cartel’s punishments could not put him to death, Pienne and his companions would be glad to see him being tortured repeatedly. So after hearing Xena said this, Aiwa quickly changed his attitude.

“Are you completing these two rounds of training with an empty stomach?”

Xena asked with doubts, looking at Aiwa. This was so incredible.

“No, I drank the spring several times on the road. Hehe, otherwise my stomach would burn a lot.”

“Aiwa, don’t lie to me. Do you think that I am that naive? Tell me the truth, how do you complete these two rounds of physical training? If you can’t make up a good excuse, you’d best not lie!”

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