Volume 7 Chapter 5 – Flirting with the Female Duty Officer (Part 1)

“I really don’t know where is the energy food yesterday. I gave it to Tony, but I don’t know if he has eaten it or not, I didn’t eat it anyway.”

Aiwa didn’t want to lie to Xena. It seemed that it was wise to be honest in front of her.

“So, by what energy do you run through the two sets of physical training? It’s best not to say that you make it by sucking the air.”

Kicking with the sole, Xena’s seductive body instantly moved two meters away with the chair underneath her booty, then she took an instrument from the back shelf.

It was a rubber product that looked like a woman’s half body, which was the most intimate part.

“Sometimes I can be deprived of food, but to get energy by getting in touch with women, especially women like Duty Officer, who will benefit me more,” Aiwa said bluntly.

“Hum? But there are no women in the base!”

What Xena wanted to say was that there were no women among the members. Even if Aiwa really had this kind of skill, it was impossible for him to get the energy from male trainees.

“Ho ho, is Duty Officer, not a woman?”

Aiwa laughed. He certainly understood the meaning of Xena, but he deliberately misinterpreted it.

Listening to what Aiwa said, Xena was not offended but smiled and said, “It seems that I’m more or less beautiful in your eyes.”

“The Duty Officer is, of course, a beauty, but sometimes you’re too serious to hold me off. Maybe the Duty Officer has never tasted a man’s flavor?”

Aiwa wanted to provoke the only female Duty Officer in the base. This morning, the two of them almost made it outside the camp. Unfortunately, however, Cartel suddenly blew the whistle then and the cooked duck flew away.

“I haven’t tasted the flavor of men?”

Xena cast a contemptuous glance at Aiwa and said angrily, “Tell you, when I play men, you are still wearing diapers! I wonder if you have tasted a woman! And how dare you pull the long bow that you absorbed the energy from women!”

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“I have evidence to prove it. My putz has been blackened by women. You can take a look if you don’t believe me!”

Aiwa stared at Xena, his eyes were focused on her plump boobs.

“Couldn’t you control yourself so soon? I have a good thing here to help you vent, here!”

Xena raised the rubber stuff in her hand, and now Aiwa saw it clear. It turned out to be a part between the woman’s waist and the thigh. It seemed to be a teaching tool, but Xena pulled the two thighs of the rubber mold apart and let Aiwa see the organ between the legs.

What made Aiwa nosebleed was that the color of the teaching mold was almost the same as that of the human body. It was very realistic.

Gosh! Xena wouldn’t play him use that mold?

“Respected duty officer, although I am lascivious, I never used these fake things. I have always done it with real people.”

Seeing these molds, I had the feeling of raping a corpse, uncomfortable! “You haven’t tried it, how do you know it really feels?”

Xena smirked and walked over. She fiddled with the most seductive part of the mold and inserted her slender fingers into it.

As soon as he saw her behavior, Aiwa blushed.

If let him fuck a woman, Aiwa would definitely not blush, but it was a mold after all. If a man went to the point to fuck a mold, it would be very embarrassing!

“No, my beautiful duty officer, if you want, I can satisfy you, but don’t torture me with this stuff!”

Aiwa looked at the model in Xena’s hand and thought it was the most embarrassing thing in the world.

“In your dreams! Do you think that a duty officer will go to bed with someone casually? You are unqualified!”

While talking, Xena reached to Aiwa’s crotch and grasped his meat stick easily with her nimble fingers. However, his meat stick didn’t swell in front of the model, which made Xena disappointed.

“Why is it so small? Don’t you have the man’s sexual function? I remember that it was powerful this morning.”

“It was because the Duty Officer was beautiful and seductive, but this was just a terrible model.”

Aiwa said with his eyes avoiding the model as if he was hiding from the god of the plague.

“You are useless. Even a small model can scare you so much!”

Being unwilling to give up, Xena continued to fondle Aiwa’s meat stick, hoping it could swell in an instant.

She unzipped Aiwa’s pants directly, putting her hand in.

Aiwa felt that ardor surged through him at first when Xena’s slender and soft fingers touched his meat bug that did not swell. Although his genitals didn’t react to the surge, Aiwa was aware of Xena’s tricks to dally with men. Looking at Aiwa’s face in an alluring way, Xena fondled and kneaded his private parts that gradually got goose bumps.

What made Aiwa even more excited was that Xena slid her soft and slender fingers to his testicles from his meat stick and covered them with her palm, bending forward and revealing her seductive and deep cleavage in front of him.

“My God!”

Aiwa couldn’t help but screamed.

“What’s wrong?”

Xena shook slightly, revealing a part of her snow-white breasts. Because her breasts were ample and tightened by her tight top, they stayed close together.

Aiwa’s meat stick swelled quickly and raised in Xena’s hand.

“It is powerful!”

Xena involuntarily moved her hand back to Aiwa’s meat stick that swelled gradually from the testicles and fondled it, trying to know its size.

When she moved her hand up from the bottom of Aiwa’s meat stick and measured its length and thickness accurately, she couldn’t resist showing a rare excitement on his face with her hand grasped the stick tightly.

Aiwa’s meat stick reacted to Xena’s grasp, which made Xena feel its uncontrollable power.

She thought, “My meat hole may not be able to eat that powerful stick.”

She had a strong desire to win in an instant.

Based on Xena’s experience, a young man like Aiwa couldn’t stand the model’s service for three or five minutes, maybe he would ejaculate after a set of services.

Xena took down Aiwa’s pants, hoping to tease him. However, she was stopped by his powerful and erect meat stick.

Xena had to put aside the model in her hand. While pressing the meat stick against his stomach with one hand, she took off his pants with another hand. When Aiwa lay there with his lower body bare, his uncovered meat stick stood like a flagpole in his legs, which made Xena, who was experienced in dealing with men, breathing quickly.

Xena had married more than once and was familiar with men’s meat sticks, but she had never seen such a big stick like Aiwa’s.

“Is your meat stick real or just a fake thing?”

While fondling the meat stick that had blue veins stood out on it, Xena couldn’t help but viewed him with suspicion as his stick was simply like a model.

“Smell it, does it smell of rubber?”

Hearing Xena’s words, Aiwa said angrily.

Xena leaned over, putting her nose close to his meat stick and smelling it. After a day’s training, coupled with his erection in the morning, his meat stick smelled of fish.

“It seems that it is real.”

While saying, she pulled down the prepuce gently with two of her snow-white and slender fingers with doubts, which revealed Aiwa’s glans.

The edge of his glans was high-raised and the skin under it was covered with small pimples, which resembled barbs. Xena thought: If such a thing breaks into the woman’s vagina, these barbs will make the woman suffer a lot. But Xena was not intimidated by Aiwa’s big dick, she thought maybe Aiwa only looked strong from appearance, but in practice, he might not last long.

“Give you a chance, if you can stand this model for five minutes, I am yours, deal?”

When Xena spoke, she still held Aiwa’s meat stick, staring at Aiwa with lasciviousness, and her eyes were burning with blazing flames.

“Will you keep your promise?”

Aiwa had felt Xena’s strong desire from her eyes.

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“Why not? I’m afraid you will give up in five minutes, then even though I want to have sex with you, you can’t do it!”

Xena spoke while unbuttoning the top. Although she only undid two buttons, her plump breasts had almost exposed, while this “partly hidden and partly visible” was often easier to get men excited.

Now Aiwa finally saw it clearly – Xena’s really did not wear a bra.

Aiwa was still on the bed, while Xena pulled the thighs of the female model and filled it with Aiwa’s dick.

Aiwa didn’t like the model very much, but when Xena put Aiwa’s meat stick into that very realistic vagina, Aiwa actually had a strange illusion – is this a model? Why does it feel the same as the real one?

What’s even more strange was that when the model went up and down in Xena’s hand, Aiwa felt like a girl on his crotch making love with him, and that vagina would even contract and relax, giving him a feeling of touching woman’s flesh.

This model was really vivid, even the organs inside were so authentic. He just didn’t know what lubricant was applied inside.


Aiwa couldn’t help but groan.

Xena stood by the bed, kept manipulating and observing Aiwa’s expression change. From time to time, she looked up at the watch because she wanted to see how long Aiwa could last.

After five minutes, Aiwa’s meat stick was as hard as before.

Curiosity made Xena speed up, she wanted to test the durability of Aiwa.

She believed that men’s sexual function was decided by the durability but the size. No matter how big a dick would be, if it was not durable, it would not excite women.

However, after Xena played the model on Aiwa’s meat stick for ten more minutes, he still maintained an erection!

The model was created by Xena, not only authentic, but also doubled the grip of an ordinary woman, and Aiwa was able to stand up for more than fifteen minutes! A man who could keep up to five minutes was quite good, otherwise, Xena would not have bet with Aiwa, as long as he stood it more than five minutes she would allow him to fuck her.

Xena was already tired and her arms got a little bit numb.

“Ah… are you still a human being?”

Xena finally gave up and threw the model aside with frustration.

“My dick has never felt anything about rubber products. If you come up, things will definitely be different!”

When Aiwa was played by Xena with the model, his eyes were fixed at the two white “rabbits” on Xena’s chest.

Xena slowly untied the wires around Aiwa. In fact, based on her experienced visual observation, she could obviously see that Aiwa’s physical condition today was not affected by training at all, She let him lie on this bed just because she wanted to make fun of him.

During the morning exercise, although she pretended to fall into Aiwa’s arms, she did not really want to make love with him in the wild.

Xena liked to tease the boys who showed their heart to her, and then she would throw them away, which was the most joyful thing for Xena. However, today she was teased by Aiwa instead, because after seeing Aiwa’s abnormal performance, Xena was eager to try him.

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