Volume 7 Chapter 5 – Flirting with the Female Duty Officer (Part 2)

Aiwa was still lying there, however, Xena had leaned down, which made both of her snow-white breasts approach Aiwa’s face.

Aiwa had smelt the typical fragrance of a lady from her deep and snow-white cleavage.

The fragrance went directly to his heart and lung through his nose, which stimulated his male hormones secretion.

Suddenly, Xena started to knead her breasts while staring at Aiwa, complaining, “After fondling your dick, my arms are sore.”

Her enchanting eyes were like the raging fire, grilling Aiwa’s body.

Aiwa swallowed hard. Xena was holding her breasts in her hands, which almost squeezed them out of her shirt.

Looking at her ample bosom, Aiwa breathed increasingly rapidly. Although he had just entered the base, the vast and empty base and loneliness made time hung heavy in his hands, so his lust for women became much stronger immediately.

However, Aiwa could tell from Xena’s action that she would come onto his body even if he didn’t use any magic. Therefore, he lay still though he wanted to have sex with her.

As expected, Xena with military boosts raised one of her legs, twining it around Aiwa’s belly. She was wearing a knee-length grass-green military doctor’s skirt that could reveal her snow-white thighs if it were rolled up.

Staring at Aiwa, she reached her hand under the skirt and took off her pants.

The bottom of her pants was soaked completely. When she tested Aiwa’s power just then, her body reacted strongly.

However, Aiwa couldn’t see the hole as it was hidden by the skirt. According to his experience, the mouth of the hole must have been wet.

Xena rolled her pants down to her heel and lay prone on Aiwa’s body, raising her feet, taking off her pants and throwing it away.

Although Xena was still wearing her skirt to protect her private parts, Aiwa had felt her smooth legs on his belly and pubic hairs that made his belly itched.

Xena put Aiwa’s hands on her breasts, asking him to knead them. Aiwa obeyed her orders.

“Come on, you told me that you had had sex with many ladies, right? Knead my breasts!”

Before Aiwa started to knead her breasts, Xena couldn’t resist wriggling around her upper body. Although Xena was in her military uniform, Aiwa could tell that her bosom was extremely supple.

Xena reached under her skirt, trying to put Aiwa’s big dick into her vagina.

Although Aiwa’s dick was huge, Xena’s vagina was powerful. Besides, her vagina was wet and smooth at present. Taking advantage of the smoothness, she put his glans into her vagina. She slid down his body, which made Aiwa’s dick go deeper into her vagina.


While sliding down, Xena moaned. Aiwa’s huge dick rubbed in her vagina, which made her somewhat out of control.

Xena kept sliding down until Aiwa’s glans touched her inner clitoris. She continued to wriggle her body to make Aiwa’s glans rub her inner clitoris.

“Oh yeah… done so great feeling…”

Xena’s body could not help but squirm.

Aiwa’s dick was so hard that she couldn’t stand the rub for too long, lifting her body very soon.

When Xena lifted up against Aiwa’s belly, Aiwa’s dick was pulled out from the inside so that the barbs underneath tickled Xena’s pussy more.

“Ah… harder…”

Xena screamed and wanted Aiwa to squeeze her boobs so she felt more addicted.

Aiwa simply hugged Xena’s body and pressed Xena under him. Xena looked at Aiwa with excitement, and Aiwa gasped and looked at her.

“You dare to fuck your Duty Officer, aren’t you afraid of me reporting you?”

Then, her clit was tight, making Aiwa so high.

“You can fuck me, why can’t I fuck you? Ho ho, you can just let Cartel shut me down for ten days, but you will be very trying in these ten days. Can you be so high without a man like me?”

Aiwa tore away Xena’s shirt and let her snow white boobs pop out.

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Without any shackles, the boobs it was free to tremble on Xena’s white breast. Aiwa grabbed her boobs with both hands and held them hard.

“Oh… it hurts…”

Xena moaned, half of her face was half intoxicated, and her buds were tight as if it was to suck Aiwa’s big bird inside.

Aiwa’s body pressed down and stabbed her flower buds, pushing the buds that came out back again.

At this time, Xena’s two long legs were lifted involuntarily, so that Aiwa could bang her deeper.

When Xena saw Aiwa’s huge cock, she had predicted the situation when it was thrust into her flower buds, but she never thought that it could be so hard that it made her buds so painful, especially when the pain and pleasure were mixed together, it became impossible for her to distinguish between the two feelings.

“Ah… you hurt me…”

A painful expression showed on Xena’s face.

“It will be fine later!”

Without stint, Aiwa continued to go deep into Xena’s flower buds.

When Aiwa’s dick was thrust to the bottom, he could clearly feel that Xena’s wet pussy was holding his dick strongly, and there seemed to be a force inside was sucking his huge cock,

but it still couldn’t stop Aiwa’s huge cock to enter and exit in Xena’s tight flower buds.

“Ah… Aiwa… Please, you hurt me!”

Xena squirmed with pain and happiness while sucking Aiwa’s rifle.

Although Aiwa’s move was a bit rough, Xena, who had always liked to abuse, did not object to Aiwa’s torture.

At least Aiwa’s strong dick made her feel that Aiwa was more like a man, and her begging for mercy was also a kind of lascivious vent.

Aiwa’s movements became softer, no longer slamming but slowly hugging her body, poked his dick bit by bit and then pulled it out little by little.

By the time Xena’s buds became tighter and tighter, Aiwa changed the position to make his dick twitch outside the buds. This twitch was fast, which made the woman’s pleasure multiply but kept unsatisfied. Because every time Aiwa wouldn’t let his dick hit her flower bud, Xena could only squirm her body to hit Aiwa.

But Aiwa controlled it well, always kept her flower buds and his dick be neither friendly nor aloof.

Xena squirted, but Aiwa didn’t thrust her flower buds, which made Xena very anxious.

“Ah… Aiwa, I can’t hold, hurry up… Deeper…”

She tried her best to lift her crotch and sought the thrust of Aiwa. At this time, Aiwa suddenly pulled out his meat gun.

“Are you soft?”

Xena thought that Aiwa suddenly failed, reaching one of her hands down and held Aiwa’s flower buds, which was sticky and full of her lascivious water.

“Isn’t it okay? Why do you stop? Ah… quickie…”

Xena grabbed Aiwa’s huge dick and wanted to smack it into her flower bud.

But it was too slippery to catch it, and before it entered the hole, Aiwa lifted it, slipping out. “Hey… bad guys… I can’t hold… I want…”

Xena acted like a spoiled child, wriggling her snake-like body. However, Aiwa didn’t give it to her.

“If you kiss it with your mouth, I will give you it later.”

Aiwa pressed his body down with his hard dick between her thighs, not in her meat hole.

“I am afraid that you will ejaculate in my mouth and then you are unable to meet my needs below!”

Xena pouted.

Her worry was not unreasonable, because whether Aiwa could hold on or not was already a question, not to mention a woman’s mouth would make men to ejaculate very easy. If Aiwa had premature ejaculation, naturally he couldn’t meet her needs below. The most feared thing for a woman is being left aside after being turned on by a man.

“You can rest assured because it’s impossible for you to suck me out with your small mouth! Why not have a try?”

Aiwa rode on Xena’s neck and sent his big guy to Xena’s mouth.

Now, the erecting dick was covered with the secretion of Xena. It might embarrass her to lick her own secretion with her own mouth.

But now Xena’s private parts was tickling, as the desire aroused by Aiwa was burning her like a fire, making her hard to bear. But if she didn’t do as Aiwa required, Aiwa would naturally not satisfy her easily.

Xena looked up and glanced at Aiwa in a coquettish manner. Then she grabbed Aiwa’s sticky dick with her hands and started licking.

Xena’s tongue was long and looked like one that only belonged to a sexy woman. She observed Aiwa’s expression while licking, and Aiwa was nodding with satisfaction.

At this moment, Aiwa was kneeling on this small bed, while Xena was bending over in his crotch, putting his dick deeper and deeper into her small mouth.

What made Aiwa feel so good was that she actually inserted his dick into her throat.

Aiwa saw her eyes roll up and get scared, pulling his penis out hurriedly.

“What happened?”

Xena asked reluctantly.

“Why play such a trick?”

Aiwa didn’t want to get someone dead at this time.

“Do you think that I am so easy to die?”

Xena grumbled in a flirtish manner, unbuttoning her shirt and her two fat breasts popped out accordingly.

Looking at those two big breasts, Aiwa’s dick stood up once again. Xena glanced at that dick and leaned down, holding her breasts to wrap the dick.

Half of the dick showed in that deep cleavage, which made Aiwa quite excited and he simply lay down.

Xena squeezed her breasts to give a comfortable massage to that big dick. At this moment, Aiwa felt that his meat gun was thrusting in a woman’s meat hole.

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Aiwa couldn’t help but groan.

But that was not the end. After massaging for a while, Xena inserted the dick into her mouth again.

As she sucked, she also masturbated it with her hands, and her slender fingers around his dicks were terrible stimuli. At the same time, she rubbed her plump breasts in Aiwa’s crotch as well.

“Okay, come on!”

Aiwa had felt Xena’s blazing desire from her eyes, but Xena didn’t come up, she lay down on Aiwa’s side instead.

Aiwa got up, separated her legs, held his big gun, and thrust into her muddy meat hole.


Aiwa’s cock stroke her flower buds in one go, and her whole body could not help but tremble violently. An unprecedented pleasure along with a chill spurted from her tailbone straight to her hindbrain.

With that one thrust, her virgin immediately constricted and then a stream of fluid immediately gushed out.


After Aiwa quickly thrust a few times, the muscles in Xena’s meat hole started twitching.

Her long legs lifted up involuntarily, shaking in the air.

The fluid continued to spurt out from her meat hole, and her originally flat belly at this time also bulged from time to time. She clasped the handrail next to her with both delicate hands, and the handrail even squeaked.

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