Volume 7 Chapter 6 – Magical Potion (Part 1)

Aiwa’s huge dick was firmly inserted in Xena’s flower buds. The energy gathered from her body quickly instilled his body through the veins of Aiwa.

When Aiwa was still lying on her body, the energy in his body began to slowly transform.

Xena didn’t know that Aiwa had such an ability, she only felt that she was exhausted after the love-making as if she had just been pumped out almost 400cc blood. But she attributed this feeling to Aiwa’s powerful sexual function.

She did not encounter such a big man before.

A boy, who didn’t eat anything for a whole day and had finished two sets of 80-kilometers weight training not long ago, could even fuck her like that! So that Xena was both confused and excited in her mind.

“I have two spare energy rations, you can have it!” Xena spoke flirtatiously when Aiwa astride down from her body.

She still lay down and didn’t want to get up, still being addicted in the feelings before, she was a little tired. She felt her body had been evacuated, being weak all over.

“No, I can’t have the privilege.” Aiwa glanced at the two energy rations while wearing clothes. Now that he had the energy absorbed from Xena, he didn’t need any energy food anymore.

“Are you not hungry?”

Xena became even more surprised. For her, it was absolutely an incredible thing. Because of the ration she made was designed according to the daily training of the trainees, so it was impossible for them to do other things besides training.

Xena knew that Aiwa hadn’t eaten for a whole day, and he had completed daily training tasks, plus this extra work – it’s not an easy thing to dazzle her like this.

Aiwa smiled scornfully and walked out of Xena’s lab.

Several trainees were envious of Aiwa’s coming out from Xena’s lab, but what made them more envious was the smug expression on Aiwa’s face.

“What did this guy get from Xena? Looking so smug!” A trainee asked in confusion.

“It must be one more ration.” Another trainee said affirmatively.

For the students, the most important thing in the base was food. They never expected to be able to get something from Xena’s body. Relying on the limited energy rations, it was impossible to play the man’s prestige normally but would only become Xena’s laughing stock.

Aini certainly knew how long Aiwa had been in Xena’s lab, her room was closest to Xena’s lab, so she could faintly hear Xena’s screaming.

When Aiwa pushed the door open, Aini squinted at him and turned her back.

Aiwa thought that Aini was jealous of him since he had eaten her energy crystal, but he had a ball with Xena after his strength was restored.

“Dude, calm down, I will give you my energy food today, I owe you.”

When Aiwa walked past Aini, he took a pat on her ass. He felt that he would not owe him since giving his energy food to Tony.

“Give yours to me? Then you will eat mine tomorrow?” Aini turned and asked.

“No, huh, I don’t need anything.”

Being very contented, Aiwa was lying on his bed as if he had never been so satisfied as it was today. Because it was easy to get a woman in peacetime, but it was different nowadays. In this deserted place, it was uneasy to see a woman, not to mention that Xena was such a beautiful and skillful woman.

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Now Aini was no longer afraid of Aiwa’s physical touch, Aiwa liked to take a pat on her ass, and she seemed to enjoy this closeness.

Just, living in the same room with Aiwa, it was somewhat inconvenient for her to take a shower.

Aini was a princess who had always been hygienic. But after she came to the base, in order not to attract attention, she had changed her bathing frequency from once a day to twice a week.

Fortunately, Aiwa didn’t ask her to take a bath with him, otherwise, it would be troublesome.

The training in the afternoon added a Stick Array. Although it was not a complicated training, it did torture people, because no matter who it was, he would be a swollen face after coming out from the Stick Array.

After Aiwa passed the Stick Array yesterday, he began to know its power, but his heart was full of resentment, because yesterday he was hungry and was dizzy on the Ferris wheel before he passed the Stick Array, so he hadn’t brought into full play his flexibility.

After Pienne and others passed the Stick Array, they were almost disabled. If it was not Carter’s mercy, who only had set the left and right sticks, maybe someone would have been stunned directly.

Cartel stood there with his arms folded, and the gear was operated by Xena.

She was not going to hold her hand, because the strength and intensity of the sticks were arranged by Cartel before, what she needed to do was to press the switch. Even so, it was unbearable for trainees, who all climbed out of the Stick Array. When it was Aiwa’s turn, Xena couldn’t help but glance at Aiwa tenderly, but she couldn’t help Aiwa.

Aiwa did not believe in the eyes of women at this time. He first ran Dou Qi in his body, so that every nerve would be excited and his limbs would become very agile.

He knew how cruel this thing was, no one knew from when the phantom sticks would be poked.

Cartel standing aside glanced at Aiwa.

Aiwa didn’t dare to neglect and immediately rushed toward the Stick Array.

Although Xena was a Duty Officer, she was also an assistant in the training base. In training, she had to obey Cartel’s arrangement. When Aiwa just ran into the Stick Array for the first second, she pressed the Stick Array switch.

At that moment, all of Aiwa’s senses had become quite sharp. He no longer used his eyes to observe the condition, nor did he blindly dodge. He adjusted his body by feeling the sticks.

It was best if he could quickly pass the Stick Array at full speed, but that was almost impossible. Because while rushing into the Stick Array, almost all the sticks in the tunnel poked out.

But at this time, strange changes of Aiwa’s body had taken place, when the stick was about to stab him, his body dodged the stick with incredible agility. His body seemed to be slippery than a snake.

Cartel’s expression changed significantly, but no one noticed his demonic face at this time.

His face was jerking.

The common person ran out of that tunnel would probably be slammed for thousands, but Aiwa only was slammed less than ten!

Aiwa breathed only half of the breath from entering the tunnel to finish the running completely. It was not until he stood at the exit of the passage that he began to pant.

Compared to the other trainees passed the Stick Array, Aiwa was the most outstanding one. His face unconsciously filled the smile of the winner, but the smile clearly angered Cartel.

For the first time, his Stick Array encountered a challenge that he could not tolerate.

Aiwa didn’t realize this at this time, and stood there waiting for the reward of the Demon Instructor!

Xena apparently noticed Cartel’s dissatisfaction and frequently winked to Aiwa.

What did she mean? Looking at Xena’s strange expression, he was puzzled.

But one thing was certain – every time a student got out of the Stick Array, Cartel would smile smugly, but now Aiwa didn’t see the smile on Cartel’s face.


Aiwa immediately realized that he had made a big mistake, and immediately fell down, showing a painful expression in his face.

“Aiwa, walk again.”

Suddenly, Cartel said distantly.

“What? Walk again? It hurts like hell…”

Aiwa almost knelt on the ground, stealing a glance at the freaky instructor.

However, Cartel had come to Xena, pushing her away and pressing the button with his hand.

The button that Xena had just pressed was an ordinary one that was designed for the students of the ordinary level, so the sticks appeared the least frequently. In other words, the students of the ordinary level wouldn’t be injured seriously and would recover quickly when they walked through the Stick Array. They would have some flesh wounds at most.

At present, the button that Cartel had pressed was designed for the proud students. The sticks appeared much more frequently than that triggered by the ordinary button, so did their power doubled.

Xena put out her tongue at Aiwa, which was obviously a warning sign.

In the base, nobody dared to disobey the Demon Instructor’s orders.

Aiwa had no option but to walk again, but he knew clearly that this time it would be much more difficult.

Aiwa circulated Dou Qi in his body again secretly. He made a simple record of the attacks that he had just encountered in his mind. The record would soon spread to all parts of his body.

However, the following training was far more complicated than Aiwa had expected.

When he walked on the tunnel, he felt the intention to kill coming from every direction.

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He didn’t want to a disabled man. Cartel would do everything to prove how powerful his design was.

Aiwa intended to pass this demonic tunnel as quickly as he could.

It was impossible for him to guard against the varied and fast-changing sticks in the tunnel when Cartel pressed the button.

Aiwa was attacked by several sticks in succession and each of the sticks made it difficult for him to breathe.

When he was about to reach the exit, the Stick Array became denser suddenly. He was smashed and stuck by seven or eight sticks at the same time.

Aiwa showed miserable expression, but Cartel smiled. What made Aiwa angrier was that Pienne and others laughed too.

“Stop laughing!”

Aiwa dared not to curse Cartel, so he vented his anger on Pienne and others.

“Instructor Cartel, what about let him do it again? It seems that he performs well.”

Pienne smirked and said.

“How about you have a try?”

Aiwa roared in agony.


Cartel released the gear suddenly and stopped laughing. The sticks went back to their holes immediately.

Pienne and others stopped laughing, too. They knew that Aiwa was virtually a ferocious beast, whose fierce eyes made their hair stand on end.

After training, Aiwa struggled to his room.

“You damned Cartel!”

Aiwa cursed him with a low voice. Leaning on the wall, he limped to his room. Aini wanted to help him, but she was pushed away by Aiwa.

At present, Aiwa’s legs and waist hurt like hell.

He wanted to know how badly he was injured, so he endured the pain and took off his pants, but his arms also hurt like hell.

“Help me, Tony.”

Aiwa stopped with his eyes closed as if he had just been tortured.

Observing that Aiwa was trying to take off his pants, Aini wanted to turn around to avoid looking at him. However, Aiwa called her for help, she had no option but to help him with her eyes closed as she dared not to look at Aiwa.

“You are not injured. Why do you close your eyes?”

Seeing Tony’s expression, Aiwa couldn’t resist being angry.

“You can ask others for help.”

Raising her head, Aini said unhappily.

Her voice was not powerful, but Aiwa had to stop being angry. He said with a smile, “Please, be careful. It hurts! That damned guy!”

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