Volume 7 Chapter 6 – Magical Potion (Part 2)

Aiwa clenched his teeth as if he had a toothache.

Aiwa’s limp dick was exposed when Aini took down his pants, so Aini turned around to avoid looking at him.

Aiwa limped to his bed with Aini’s help.

“Help me see how badly I was injured.”

Lying stiff, Aiwa didn’t want to move.

Aini simply took Aiwa’s pants down to his heel, then she saw several bruises on his legs.

“There is blood stasis. Let me help you with medicated wine.”

Aini took the medicated wine for treating blood stasis out of her small medicine chest that she took with her. Squatting by Aiwa’s bed, she forgot that she was a girl and applied the medicated wine to Aiwa’s legs carefully. She did it gently, which made him feel much better.

It was strange that Aiwa immediately felt the pain relieved after the medicated wine was applied to his legs.

“The medicated wine is so amazing!”

Aiwa couldn’t help but marvel.

“I have gone through a tough time with it. I have endured the same hardships as yours. It is due to your showing off that the instructor tortured you. You know his temper. Whether you perform badly or extremely well, he will be angry and torture you.”

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Applying the medicated wine, Aini exhorted Aiwa to be careful.

“Fuck. The damned instructor! He is afraid of being surpassed by others. What about he has a try in the Stick Array?”

Being angry, Aiwa shivered and screamed with pain in an instant, “Ouch!”

Aini was frightened and stopped quickly because she thought that she had pressed on his legs too hard.

“Do not move your hands away. Your hands make me comfortable…”

Aiwa immediately felt that something had gone from his legs.

At this moment, Aini caught a glance of Aiwa’s big dick, which made her face flushed.

Aiwa turned over in bed and Aini applied the medicated wine to every bruise on his body.

Massage could make the medicated wine take effect more quickly. Aini massaged Aiwa on her own initiative.

However, Aiwa’s dick gradually became erect when Aini’s slender and soft fingers massaged his thighs.

Aiwa lay on his back on the bed, which made his dick more easier to be seen. Although Aini looked elsewhere while massaging him, she inadvertently glanced at it, which made her heart beat more rapidly, however, she pretended that nothing had happened.

“Tony, we are brothers, right?”

“Yes. What’s wrong?”

Aini didn’t look at Aiwa. She just massaged him attentively.

“Help me rub my dick!”

Lying on the bed, Aiwa pointed to his dick.

“No. You can do it yourself.” Aini said stubbornly.

While saying that, Aini was about to stand up.

Aiwa grabbed her arm, saying, “Please, Tony. I hurt my dick the most badly, but it is invisible. It will be a disabled one if it is not cured.”

Aiwa said earnestly.

Aiwa always felt differently when he looked at Aini’s face. Especially when they spent time together, his feeling would become intense. However, he found that the temptation of her delicate fragrance was too hard to resist.

Aiwa wondered why this boy could have such an enchanting face.

He grabbed Aini’s breasts suddenly, but he only felt something as hard as muscle, so he withdrew his hand disappointedly, saying awkwardly, “I doubt you are a girl.”

However, Aini was scared half to death by Aiwa’s grasp.

“Well, your pectorals are hard!”

Aiwa smiled awkwardly, saying, “I have no other intentions except for asking you to apply the medicated wine.”

Aiwa lay down again.

In order to avoid being further doubted by Aiwa, Aini squatted again and continued to massage him and apply the medicated wine.

Lying on the bed with his head on the quilt,  Aiwa could see Aini’s good-looking face.

When Aini’s delicate fingers rubbed the potion on the huge dick of him, Aiwa couldn’t help but get excited.

After the potion-rubbing was the finger massage. Her soft fingertips gently gripped Ava’s dick to massage, Aiwa felt refreshing, and then looked at Aini’s face, he was even more excited.


Aiwa couldn’t help but moan.

“Is that hurt?” Aini raised her head and asked.

“Ah, a little!”

Actually, Aiwa’s felt very refreshing.

“Polish up and down…”

Aiwa closed his eyes and enjoyed.

According to Aiwa’s instructions, Aini gripped Aiwa’s dick and polished it up and down.

Beyond Aini’s expectation, Aiwa’s meat stick became harder and harder, but Aiwa never wanted to stop her, and for more than ten minutes, Aiwa hadn’t asked her to stop.

“Is that all right now?”

Aini repeated mechanically, and soon she was tired and her arms ached.

“Don’t stop, longer… oh… hurry up… I have to expel the toxins…”

Aiwa felt his blood afire, and Aini also felt a strange feeling that was beyond words.

To end this job as soon as possible, Aini could not help but speed up, and the stick also became huger and huger.


Aiwa ground his teeth as if he was to sprint, his whole body was straightened up and became shining because of the congestion.

Suddenly, a stream of white liquid was squirted out of his horse eye.

Aini had been polishing it quickly, just wanting to see if the toxin was about to be dispelled, Aiwa spurted the liquid all over her.

Had been ejaculating all the semen before his meat dick was gripped in Aini’s hand, Aiwa breathed a sigh of relief. When he found he had spurted on Aini’s face, Aiwa was embarrassed to apologize, “I’m sorry!” And then he quickly wiped face for Aini.

Aini loosened her grip and quickly hid to the side to wash her face.

“Hehe, I am so sorry…”

Now, Aiwa felt his body wasn’t painful at all. He put on his clothes and came to Aini, patted her ass.

Aini never had sex with men, but she guessed that the liquid might be the last thing that a man squirted when he had intercourse with a woman.

Aini didn’t say anything and kept washing her face back on to Aiwa.

“Hehe, your potion is really helpful, it doesn’t hurt now. Ho ho, of course, thanks for your massage. If I am injured by the asshole again, I will trouble you, dude!”

Aiwa followed Aini blandly.

“Be careful from now on, don’t aggravate the instructor again,” Aini said in a serious tone.

The two lay in bed and regulated their breathing until the weather faded out.

At this time, Xena’s footsteps approached the hut.

After pushing the door open, Xena woke Aiwa up. If Xena didn’t call him, he would ask Aini to get the energy food.

Xena pressed on Aiwa with three energy foods, and then winked to Aiwa, meaning to keep the secret.

Aiwa didn’t say anything, took the three energy foods, and one of them was put in his pocket.

After Xena left, Aiwa took out an extra one and gave it to Aini. “It’s yours, one will be enough for me.”

Aini was grateful but did not say thank you.

“You keep it! I don’t need it.”

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Aiwa pretended to be angry and cast a glance at Aini. And Aini had to take the energy food before Aiwa turned joyful.

For nothing but the help of Aini before, he had to reward her something.

In the base, apart from the training, everyone had to stay in the dorm and wasn’t allowed to stray too far from the base.

That day Aiwa had unwittingly violated the rule and was also punished by Cartel.

“Aiwa, do you want to take a shower at night?” After eating the energy food, Aini asked. She suddenly wanted to take a shower.

“How? Would you like to take a bath with me?” Aiwa said excitedly as he chewed the tasteless food.

The taste of this energy food is no better than Aini’s energy crystal jelly, but in order not to delay the training of the next day, he can only bear with a little bit of swallowing.

“If you don’t go, I will go first,” Aini said.

“Just do it! But I can’t help you to fetch water this time. You see, I just was injured like this by the damn instructor…”

“No thanks and you can go out for a walk, and you won’t be summoned before the dinner.”

This is Aini’s experience, otherwise, she did not dare to take a bath at this time.

In order to escape the trouble from his roommate, Aiwa walked out of the house after eating the food that was difficult to swallow. But with the last lesson, he didn’t dare to go too far, just walked around the dormitory.

After Aiwa was out, Aini quickly got a large basin of bath water, moved the tub to the corner, blocked it with a bed sheet, and separated the tub from the two beds.

Unfortunately, there was no door bolt at the door and it cannot be locked at all.

She didn’t have to worry about being found by others before, because no one was allowed to go to other people’s rooms, but now it was different. A man lived in the same room with her. Who knew when this guy would come back?

After Aini took off her clothes, she untied the cloth for the corset and quickly jumped into the tub. She suddenly felt that it was a luxury to take a hot bath here.

Her skin was as white as snow, like a white jade without a bit of sputum. The distorted, thick pubic hair lingered on the white snowy field under the lower abdomen, and the two long legs excited the blood of every man.

She was the crystallization of the best woman and the best man in Hass Empire. No wonder she was a beautiful elf.

When she was stripped into the tub, she admired her body.

Her delicate fingers gently touched the skin, letting the daytime stress relax again.

For Aini, when she came to the base, especially after Aiwa lived in her room, now it was her only free time.

She was reluctant to let this wonderful time fly quickly, so she slowly stroked her graceful body.

When her hand touched the sensitive part, she couldn’t help but recall the scene of helping Aiwa massage. Aiwa’s huge dick and the milky white matter ejaculating on her face made her unable to calm her mood.

She couldn’t figure how much she liked Aiwa, but she couldn’t figure how much she disliked him euther. At least among all the students in the entire base, Aiwa was the most lovely and the first man to let her see the male organs, which was a fact that she could not change for a lifetime. Moreover, his strong body and scary dick made her excited.

Aini rubbed her white body, and couldn’t help but feel hot. Her hand could not help but stretch to her pubes and gently rubbed it.

It was very comfortable, but it was a very sinful feeling in Aini’s consciousness. When she had a slight pleasure, she quickly pulled her hand out.

In the cold wind, Aiwa wandered outside, and the sky was dark enough to see the figure, and he walked closer to the edge of the base.

Suddenly, there was a stir in the distance, Aiwa became alert.


Two black shadows on the opposite side screamed.

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“Is it you? It’s so late, what are you doing? Dude, you are not allowed to stroll around at night.”

The two patrolling students heard Aiwa’s voice and laughed easily.

It turned out that the undefended base also needed to be patroled. Aiwa thought, “There is no secret in this broken base, patrolling what?” But he still walked back to his room.

Looking from the outside, the room was dark, Aiwa thought, that Tony must have finished her bathing.

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