Volume 7 Chapter 7 – The Horrible Shooting/Murder (Part 1)

But when he went in, he heard the sound of water in the tub came from the corner.

Aiwa had adapted to the darkness, so he could see the large sheet that was blocking the tub.

“So strange a big man!”

Speaking that, Aiwa walked over and pulled the sheets apart.

“Damn, why you hide when taking a shower! Are you shy?”

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When Aini heard Aiwa’s footsteps, she quickly huddled his body into the water, at least she did not expose her two delicate breasts. If Aiwa found out that she was a girl, she would not blame if she was raped on the spot!

Aiwa was also very careless. After he pulled the sheets off, he didn’t even look at Aini, who was taking a shower, then he turned his body back. The high-intensity training for a whole day had made him a little tired, now he wanted to do his homework first.

It wasn’t until Aiwa went to his bed that Aini dared to rub her body again, but now she could only do it in the water.

Aiwa went to bed, sitting cross-legged, letting the Dou Qi run along with the fixed routines twice, and found that due to close contact with Xena, his power had improved a lot.

Although it was not the level that could make him happy, after all, he was improved. It seemed that Xena also had considerable power. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to make such progress after intercourse.

The greatest improvement was in the increase of his sensitivity. If he went to pass the Stick Array of Cartel now, he would be able to protect himself better.

He also found that his power had also been improved a lot.

However, now he still couldn’t figure out whether it was because the attack of the stick array had enhanced his ability, or because he had eaten the energy food of Xena.

In fact, Cartel designed the stick matrix mainly to train the agility of the trainees. The forced training would force people’s nerves to develop. This was the principle of the survival of the fittest, and the people who were in the worst environment would become even stronger.

But Aiwa still couldn’t understand this. He only regarded Cartel’s stick array as his psychological vent.

The purpose of Cartel had increased the difficulty and let Aiwa run one more time was here. He found that Aiwa was a rare talent, so he wanted to cultivate someone who was better than himself.

After Aiwa ran Dou Qi along with the fixed impulse for a few weeks, he carefully checked the changes in his body.

Not only was his body not damaged, but was more powerful, and his ability to control Dou Qi was much stronger.

“Aiwa, it seems like someone outside!”

Aini whispered to Aiwa while taking a shower.

Aiwa didn’t say anything, slowly coming down from the bed and crept to the door.

When Aiwa went out, Aini hurried out of the water, quickly wiped her body, and wrapped her body with the cloth strips. Waiting for Aiwa came from the outside, Aini had already gotten into her quilt.

“No one is here!” Aiwa said suspiciously.

“But I really heard the sound, maybe I got it wrong!”

Aini took Aiwa out of the room to get out of the tub, otherwise, she would only hide in the water.

“Take it easy! No one will do assassinations in this hell base.”

Aiwa felt that the guy who was in the same room with him was too feminine and returned to his bed with disdain.

“It’s very dangerous even if there are wolves coming here.” Said Aini.

“Even if a wolf will come in, it will choose a big one to eat rather than you.”

Aiwa had always looked down on the courage of his roommate (Aini).

“Tomorrow should be our turn to patrol. It used to be a group of two. Before you came here, I never patrolled. Now we are one group.”

Aini was lying in the bed, and now she didn’t have to worry that Aiwa would suddenly get in and sleep with her.

“Patrol? Good! At least no more damn training.”

Aiwa closed his eyes and Xena’s charming body immediately emerged from his mind. But Aiwa would not easily waste his essence before he saw her in person. After the psycholagny in his heart for only a while, he drove Xena out of his consciousness and went to sleep.

Before daybreak, the two trainees who were responsible for the patrol yesterday came knocking on the door and handed over patrols to them.

The two trainees stuffed Aiwa with a broken map, on which were many routes and red dots. These red dots were the places they must patrol.

According to the scales noted on the map, Aiwa roughly estimated the range of the patrol route.

“So long?”

Aiwa looked at the picture with astonishment and asked, the two students walked away with a grin.

“Your mission is to walk through these routes during the day and charge the base with the safe at night.” One of them said.

When Aiwa turned around, Aini had already sat up from the quilt.

“You sleep in your clothes for a whole night?” Aiwa felt a bit strange when he saw that Aini was wearing clothes when she got up.

“I have got up in the night to urinate, then you are still sleeping.”

Aini went out of bed and leaned closer to see the map.

With Aiwa as her partner, she had no fear of the patrol.

“What time shall we start?” Aiwa asked.

“Of course right now, do you want to start till the sun is up?” Aini cast a glance at him.

Aini began to pack up the gear. She first inserted a dagger into her gaiter, took a crossbow and a few tubes of arrows, and took the energy food that Aiwa had given her last night.

When the two walked out of the base, the sun in the east was not even in sight, it was grey dawn in the skyline, but the faint twilight could already make people see the mountains around.

In Aiwa’s view, the patrol was just another way that Cartel worked out to torture the students. It’s totally unnecessary to patrol such a desolate place.

But Aini had learned from other students that some people would be encountered in almost every patrol. The people met in such a place were much more suspicious than that of other places. However, when the students patrolled, they never caught one of them because they ran too fast.

Aini had seen the running speed of Aiwa. When Cartel blew the whistle that day, she thought that Aiwa would definitely be late, but he reached the venue within the pre-set time. Although he was finally punished, it was Carter who deliberately found fault with Aiwa. Aiwa’s footwork was obvious to all.

“Want to show something?” After a few dozen miles, Aini suddenly said.

“Show what? There is no woman here?” Aiwa pouted and said.

“If you can get one alive back, Cartel will definitely reward you,” Aini said with a smile.

“What will he reward me? I don’t want to insert it even he reward me his asshole. But if you reward me your asshole, I will think about it.”

Speaking that, Aiwa couldn’t help but pinched Aini’s ass.

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Aiwa thought Aini’s ass had a feminine touch.

The two went on for seventy or eighty miles without knowing it. Although they did not have to bear the weight, it was quite difficult to walk up the mountains. The sun had risen to the top of the head, and the scorching sun blazed down on the earth. Especially that the vegetation in this area was exiguous, and desertification here was very serious. Both of them felt like they were being baked by the stove.

Aini drank water again and again, and the water they carried had been no trickle left.

“Don’t worry, there must be springs on the road.” Aiwa encouraged Aini.

With his hands, Aiwa built into a tiny pergola on his forehead, looking around and found that the mountains around swept. Since there were ranges, then it should be gullies, it should not be difficult to find water. And, since Cartel stipulated the route of patrol, it was very likely to find water on this route.

Aini was too tired to sit directly on the ground. Aiwa glanced at her and walked forward alone.

In this wilderness, as a little girl, Aini was still a little scared. Seeing that Aiwa had crossed the ridge, she also forced herself to climb and chase towards Aiwa.

When Aini finally caught up with the ridge, she found that Aiwa was lying on the hillside, cutting a stick with a knife, and four or five very sharp wooden sticks were equipped on his waist.

“Why you stop here?”

As soon as she saw Aiwa lying on the hillside, Aini depressed again and lay with Aiwa side by side.

“Remember, when you find the target, don’t be too eager to move forward.”

Aiwa squinted at Aini as he cut the stick in his hand. Although Aini was sweaty, he still liked to see her smart face.

Even Aini’s breath made Aiwa feel refreshed and pleasant.

“What did you find?”

Aini immediately sat up and checked the slopes full of sand.

But she didn’t see anything. She thought that Aiwa was helping her to boost her spirit, so she didn’t take it seriously. She lay down again and put her head on one leg of Aiwa.

Aiwa looked at her white-skinned neck and smiled, “If you are a girl, believe it or not, I will fuck you on this hillside!”

Aini glanced at Aiwa and threw aside Aiwa. Instead, she closed her eyes and prevented the blistering sun from hurting her eyes.

After Aini closed her eyes, the eyelashes appeared more curved and long.

“Tony, you can dress up as a girl in the future, it will be more eye-catching. Ha ha…”

Aiwa smiled and cut a wooden stick, fastening on his waist.

Just on the way here, he had already discovered the horseshoe. He believed that someone had just passed by. And with his sensitive sense of smell, there was water in the valley, which meant that outsiders must have come here to find water. And from the mark left by the horseshoe, it was in less than half an hour.

When Aiwa leaned over and was ready to admire Aini’s face, a hoof sounded.

Aiwa’s body immediately bounced. Judging from the intensity of the sound, its origin was not too far, about five or six miles away.

“What happened?”

Aini was too tired to hear the sound.

Aiwa didn’t have time to answer, and got up and followed the sound. If his judgment was correct, the person riding the horse should be in a place separated by a mountain.

He leaned down again, put his ear on the ground and listened carefully.

Obviously, it was just a horse. Aiwa’s nerves were immediately excited.

“Aiwa, bastard! Wait for me!”

Seeing that Aiwa’s figure was shrinking in a hurry, and the distance between the two quickly widened. She was already extremely exhausted, and if she wanted to catch up with Aiwa, it just was a delusion. At this point, Aini was still self-aware.

But for one thing, Aini was very confident, which was that even if she was patrolling alone on this barren hill, she could deal with it if she encountered any problems. Since Aiwa was going to chase something, and she couldn’t catch up with him, so It’s better for her to slow down.

When she came to the bottom of the valley from the hillside, she obviously felt the moisture here, which made her spirit alive.

She was thirsty just now. If she was lucky enough, she should be able to find a drinkable water source here.

Aini continued to walk towards the bottom, and at least the mountains here blocked the hot sun and looked much cooler.

What excited her, even more, was that the closer to the bottom of the valley, the more green the vegetation there was. Needless to say, there must be water here.

However, this valley deviated from the route prescribed by Cartel for about two or three miles, but for the two patrol students, this was not a violation of the regulations. Moreover, self-replenishment of water and nutrition was also a skill that any student must learn. This ability to survive in the wild was one of the compulsory courses for the students in the base.

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