Volume 7 Chapter 7 – The Horrible Shooting/Murder (Part 2)

When Aini was less than a hundred meters from the bottom of the valley, she heard the harmonistic sound of water came from the bottom of the valley. At this moment, the sound seemed to be more pleasant than any other kind of music in the world.

Aini began to run towards the bottom.

To the surprise of Aini, the bottom of the valley, not only did not have the hot sun, but also not so cold, the stream flowing down from it was a little warm.

“Is this hot spring water?”

Aini thought puzzledly, looking up, only saw the water but didn’t its source.

But Aini confirmed that Aiwa had already drunk in this creek just when he was passing through here. On such a hot day, she didn’t see him drinking water along the way, how could he stand the thirst since he found such a clear stream?

Aini thought in her mind, “Aiwa is chasing something now. So I’m free. If I can take a shower in this hot spring, isn’t it a rare joy?”

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Then she ran back to the hillside and looked around. It was nobody near so there was no need to worry about being peeped.

She walked down and took off her clothes relievedly.

Aini washed the strips packing her breast first and then dried them on the branches. There, it could get the sunlight, so she thought that strip would dry after her bath.

Aini walked slowly into the stream naked, and the hot spring was just right for a bath.

Aini lies directly lay in the natural bathtub. Taking a bath in such a place was just like taking a bath in a heavenly pool. Her delicate breasts soaked in the hot spring, feeling quite comfortable.

Aini lay on her back, rubbing with her hands against every inch of her skin. It’s more about touching than rubbing, however. Aini, who had entered puberty, paid special attention to her body, especially after hearing Aiwa praised her skin, she liked herself more than before.

For Aini, it was a rare opportunity for self-appreciation. Her slender jade legs, delicate and plump breasts and profuse buttocks were all impeccable. If possible, Aini even wanted to suck her nipples with her mouth. Due to her touch, the pair of nipples had risen steeply, blooming moving cracks, and she even hoped that Aiwa would suddenly come back and see her beautiful and charming figure.

By this time, Aiwa had crossed a mountain, but he could no longer hear the sound of horses’ hooves.

He firmly believed that his hearing would never go wrong, so there was only one possibility that the horse had stopped somewhere.

Did they have perceived him?

Aiwa stopped and stood there listening. No sound could escape his sharp ears.

At this point, Aiwa had concentrated all the auditory nerves. His eardrum flicked gently, collecting stirs from all sides.

If it weren’t for the barrier of the mountain, Aini could hear the sound of bathing.

“Ouch… Ouch…”

Aiwa suddenly heard the voice of a strange woman. The voice came from the breeze as if a woman was moaning.

It sounded like a woman was moving forward with pain and difficulty.

As like a leopard suddenly smelled the blood from its prey, Aiwa got excited.

The sound was about two or three hundred meters away from where he was.

But after all, it’s a mountain terrain, and he couldn’t see farther at a glance. Aiwa slow down his footstep and moved forward quickly. The moan was getting closer and clearer as if it were right in front of him.

Aiwa’s ability was entirely due to the energy he absorbed in his intercourse with women. These women whose bodies contained high-energy often made Aiwa’s masturbation have a rapid increase in fighting spirit. Besides, Aiwa’s hearing, walking speed and agility were closely related to it.

When Aiwa passed through a pine forest, he finally found the source of the sound.

There was a group of men surrounding a beautiful girl who was struggling painfully. The men looked helpless.

At the first glance, Aiwa realized that the girl was the master of those men.

Those men were talking about something. Suddenly, a man among them began to take off his clothes.

Aiwa realized that it seemed that the man wanted to take possession of his master. Because, at this time, his master seemed to be tormented by a strong desire, Aiwa did not know whether this man was to save his master, or to take advantage of the void.

But Aiwa would never let such a man hurt such a beautiful girl.

Judging from the girl’s expression and mind, Aiwa knew that, at this time, not only did the girl not know the direction, but she was also shameless that she even tore up her clothes.

Although the men were her servants, the wildness of the men became fierce at the moment when their hostess lost control. Not only did the first man begins to take off his clothes, but the others also took off.

It was absolutely blasphemous to let such a smelly man stain the body of this beautiful girl, let alone let them to expose their unclean things in front of her.

Meanwhile, Aini was washing her beautiful body in the stream, and she found a way to amuse herself in the bath.

Aini turned her body upside down, her legs apart, and the hot spring water from above fell impartially on her delicate, sensitive vulva.

When the spa hit there, it was like smooth silk touching her vulva, giving Aini an indescribable pleasure.

The hot spring touched her whole body like Aiwa’s big hand touching her delicate skin, which made Aini feel soft.

In the current, Aini could not help touching her delicate vulva. The pleasure became more intense when her fingers were gently rubbed against her clitoris.

Since arriving at this devilish base, Aini had not been free to bathe. If she hadn’t patrolled with Aiwa today, she couldn’t have found such a beautiful and pleasant place.

Now she didn’t know what Aiwa was chasing, but he didn’t ask her to follow. Even if something happened, it was estimated that Aiwa could handle it alone, so Aini was not worried about the safety of Aiwa. According to her observation, Aiwa was the most powerful student in the whole base. If there’s something he couldn’t even handle, then how could she do?

After soaking in the hot spring for some time, Aini felt her bones were softened. But she didn’t want Aiwa to know about this place. Otherwise, when he came to patrol here later, he would surely pull her into the water together. In that case, she would have to expose her true identity to the sex devil.

Thinking that, Aini rushed into the water to soak her hair in the hot spring. Unfortunately, her long hair had already been cut as short as a boy’s.

At this moment, Aiwa was lying in a crack in the tree watching the group of people, one of whom was walking towards the girl with mental disorder.

According to Aiwa’s judgment, the girl must have eaten something she shouldn’t have eaten. From the eyes of the men, Aiwa found greedy desire. The girl was in danger.

The first man came to the girl, not to protect his mistress, but to reach out his hands and grab her clothes.

At this critical moment, Aiwa pulled the long-cut stick from his waist and threw it at the man.

The man who was about to molest his hostess had not yet figured out what had happened, and the sharp stick penetrated his throat in an instant. With a terrible cry, blood gushed from his throat and his heavy body fell at the girl’s feet.

The other men were immediately alert. Just now they had heard the sound of sticks passing through the air, but they were all fascinated by the beauty of the girls and did not notice the threat hidden in the woods.

At this point, the men’s eyes shot towards the side of the woods.

The scream was so sad in the silent wilderness that Ani, who was bathing in the stream, even could hear it faintly.

“Did something really happen?”

Aini, who was intoxicated, suddenly woke up.

She jumped out of the water, wrapped the half-dried strip around her breast and dressed herself neatly.

As she left the stream, Aini looked up and saw the words “Fengming River” written on the cliff.

But Aini was too anxious exploring the name of the stream, and she rushed to the direction of the scream.

When she climbed that mountain, she saw Aiwa lying on the ground, behind a pine tree, waiting for something quietly.

Aini concluded that it must not be Aiwa who screamed just now. So she relieved a lot.

With his talent, it couldn’t be him who had encountered mishaps.

But Aini did not move forward any longer, fearing that she would distract Aiwa or attract the attention of the enemy.

Aini squatted quietly and watched the development of the situation.

Five men slowly and carefully bowed towards the woods, leaving their hostess aside. At this time, the girl was lying on the ground struggling painfully.

When the five men were more than ten steps away from the grove, Aiwa took another sharp stick from his waist.

Aini could see clearly from behind, Aiwa put the four sticks between his fingers. Suddenly he shook his hand, and the four sharp sticks shot at the four men like arrows.

Then, four screams were combined while the four people fell down one after another. The last one man saw something deeply disturbing, ran away.

Then Aiwa threw out another stick, which penetrated the man’s heart. Then, the man fell to the ground, with the stick pierced in his forechest.

The rest panicked when they saw six of their companions were all killed by sticks. They quickly pulled out their swords from their waists, ready to meet the enemy, but their eyes were filled with fear of death.

Now there were seven people left, but Aiwa had no stick in his waist. He was not ready to throw out the only knife he could use as a defense.

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He had noticed Aini’s arrival and turned to Aini’s hiding place and smiled. Aini then straightened up and walked towards him.

“Give me your dagger.” Aiwa said with a grin.

Aini said, “You can’t take all the advantages.”

Aini walked past Aiwa. Aiwa sniffed at the girl’s fragrance on her and forced a sniff.

When Aini came out of the woods, the seven men who had been preparing to walk towards the woods with their swords had to step back. Although the thin boy only had a dagger in his hand, the fact that six men had been shot instantly by sticks before had shocked them, so they had to deal with this seemingly weak opponent carefully.

The seven men quickly surrounded Aini in the middle. Aiwa followed, but stood by, ready to see the fun.

The seven men now had no spare energy to deal with Aiwa, but narrowed their encirclement step by step.

Just as they were less than three meters away from Aini, the seven men suddenly attacked Aini.

When they had just pierced them with their long swords, a sharp cold light flashed in front of the seven people.

The sword in their hands had not fallen yet, but they had suddenly stopped where they were, blood gushing down their throat.

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