Volume 7 Chapter8 – Fantastic Fengming River (Part 1)

Aiwa did not fight, but let Aini go out alone to meet the enemy, was to take the opportunity to observe Aini’s strength.

When Pienne tried to punish Aiwa after Aiwa had arrived at the base, it was Aini who secretly helped him using Dou Qi. That kind of secret support couldn’t be achieved by the general practitioners of Dou Qi.

Judging from the dress and martial arts of the dozen people on the other side, they should all be mercenaries above class 2, but their experience and actual combat ability were above level 3. It was absolutely certain that if the base’s students were allowed to engage with them in hand-to-hand fighting, three-to-one would be the best. But such a condition, it’s almost impossible to use one dagger against seven people.

And it’s amazing when the seven people were stabbed in their throats at the same time, instead of being cut off.

To pierce the seven people’s throats through and stabbed them continuously with the same weapon, there must be a consistent in-and-out movement. It’s easy to make such a move alone, but it’s not possible for a general master to assassinate seven second-class mercenaries with long swords and third-level combat ability in the same way.

More than a dozen second-class mercenaries were completely killed, and Aini killed seven of them alone! Aiwa concluded that this guy must not have killed people for the first time.

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“Good swordsmanship!”

Aiwa came out of the woods… “Not bad, you too! What about this woman? Aini asked, pointing to the girl struggling in pain.

“You won’t have to worry about this. Give her to me. Ha-ha, I’m the best at dealing with women.”

“I think she should be taken to the base and interrogated by the Cartel instructor.” After heard Aiwa’s words, Aini cast him an unhappy glance.

“Well, I’m not going to argue with you. Can you bring her down just like you?Can’t you see the girl is in the heat? Otherwise, to be fair, let’s take a compare, the biggest one takes all?” Speaking that, Aiwa he was going to take off his pants.

“All to yourself! I have no need!”

“Well, that’s good! Looking at your face, I even want to fuck you now!”

Then Aiwa reached out his hand and pinched Aini’s face. Because of shyness, Aini had no time to escape.

Aiwa continued, “I think there will be   on the way, and if there’s one more, she will be yours.”

Aiwa wanted to pinch Aini on her butt, but Aini slipped out of his hand like a loach.

By this time, the girl with charming long hair in disorder was moaning in pain. Aiwa could see that the girl was suffering from intense sexual desire.

Aiwa looked back at Aini, who was walking back toward the woods.

Aiwa kicked away a second-class mercenary’s corpse in front and walked towards the moaning girl.

The girl’s clothes had been torn apart by herself, and a little white skin appeared on her breast. The exposed white skin was almost scratched by her fingers.

To prevent her from injuring herself, Aiwa rushed forward and hugged the girl in his arms.

“Ah… I want…”

Aiwa understood her words for the first time. She still wanted to grab her breast, but Aiwa held her hands so tightly that she could not hurt herself.

But when Aiwa held her, she seemed a little quieter. For the first time, she opened her eyes and looked at the man holding her.

When she found out she didn’t know the man, she struggled desperately again.

But after suffering from intense sexual desire, the girl had felt run down obviously, and she had become weak all over.

Her whole body lay in Aiwa’s arms, like a dough.

Aiwa looked into the woods and did not see Aini’s figure. He thought to himself, “This guy is a good talker. He didn’t peep.”

So Aiwa boldly unlocked the girl’s clothes.

Aiwa’s breathing almost stopped when a larger white boob was exposed.

He had never seen such white and sexy skin, which was crystal clear and indescribable. Unfortunately, there were two deep marks under her neck, which she had just scratched by herself.

With only two buttons unbuttoned, Aiwa saw her tempting cleavage. Aiwa had seen lots of girl’s breasts, but when he saw the cleavage, he was so excited than anytime before.

The part that gradually receded and the part that gradually rose brought him greater temptation. Aiwa bent down and kissed the girl gently on her shallow cleavage.

Despite her burning desire, the girl struggled shyly when Aiwa bent down to kiss her breast, it’s only that now she was too weak to resist Aiwa’s attack.


The girl groaned against her will, but she longed for a man’s comfort in her heart. Aiwa understood her mind and still embraced the tempting girl boldly.

The girl’s eyes, which had just opened, were soon closed again because of shyness and extreme longing. Her shy heart did not allow her to see the greedy eyes of the man in front of her, but her body was calling for his big hands to hold her tighter, even touching and kneading her.

But now Aiwa did nothing, just hugged her like that and looked at her face, which was completely manipulated by desire.

“Ah… I… “

The girl did not know what to say but felt like 10,000 insects were biting her, especially in her sensitive parts.

“Ah… Help me…”

The girl cried bitterly and twisted slightly in Aiwa’s arms.

Although she was wearing thick clothes, Aiwa could feel the exquisite curves.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Aiwa was moved by the girl’s painful expression and wanted to rescue her immediately from this unspeakable agony.

He couldn’t help looking back at the woods again. He didn’t want to be peeked at by Tony when he was mating with this beautiful girl.

For any girl he liked, Aiwa wanted to keep her purity and holiness, and never let any male eyes stain the girl’s body, even if it was a small piece of skin that she inadvertently exposed.

He did not see Aini for sure.

Aiwa embraced the girl and headed for a more hidden place. No one should have seen him having sex with a girl in a place that was blocked by a small mound.

Aiwa walked on the soft sand holding a beautiful girl tormented by desire and felt no heavy at all. The special dragon blood that had been deposited in his body began to roll up gradually.

Indeed, he drank two mouthfuls of water in a hurry when he was crossing the stream because he was too thirsty, but he did not know that the water in Fengming River would arouse people’s sexual desire.

Nothing would occur when one drank it first, but after a while, it would permeate into the blood from his stomach and ignite the hiding animal nature.

Aiwa certainly did not know the water in the stream was so strong, nor did she know that the girl had ever drunk the stream. Judging from the girl’s performance, she was suffering from impatient sexual desire, and Aiwa was confident that his big bird could solve the pain for the girl.

From walk to gallop, he held the girl behind the dune. It’s not only invisible but also won’t be disturbed by the wind. It’s a good place for quiet sex.

Here was a soft weed, which could be used as a comfortable bed. Aiwa felt that the weeds seemed to have been arranged for them for a long time, and he was overjoyed.

Aiwa laid the girl flat on the weed and began to undress.

The girl was much quieter than before, and her face still had the look of yearning for love. She kept her eyes closed and knew by hearing that the man had taken off his clothes.

The girl’s consciousness was no longer afraid of being attacked by this man, but expecting him to possess her body tormented by desire as soon as possible.

Aiwa slowly knelt down and reached for the remaining buttons of the girl’s jacket.

After all the buttons were unbuttoned, there was a layer of indecent clothes inside. But that layer of indecent clothes cannot cover the girl’s uplifted jade hill, under the snow-white indecent clothes, two rounded Milky hills, revealing a moving outline.

At this time, the girl’s delicate body was still gently twisting, at the same time, the two papillae also trembled gently.

“Oh… Woo… Woo… I want…”

The girl groaned again like a phoenix. The reason why she had been quiet for a moment was that she had some expectations for the man in front of her. However, after a period of time, the strong desire in her body tormented her again.

Her two jade legs emerged from her long skirt, and before Aiwa could see the hidden part behind her leg root, he couldn’t help to grab the girl’s jade hill eagerly, then both his hands held her round breast at the same time.

Although separated by an obscene dress, Aiwa sensed that the girl’s breasts were very elastic, and her nipples had stood up.

His whole body lay on her stomach. The thick and strong dick could not penetrate into the girl’s body at once. But through the skirt, the girl felt the strength of his male.

“Ah… Oh… “

After the girl’s breasts were pressed by Aiwa, she was much happier, as if a force to drive the itch spread from her breast to her whole body.

Aiwa’s hands continued to knead the girl’s delicate and full breasts and looked at the girl’s intoxicated expression, the depth of intoxication also infected Aiwa, the dick between the girl’s legs stood strongly. It was almost an instinctive response of Aiwa’s body, a direct response to the drunkenness he saw on the girl’s face.

One of his big hands was removed from the plump jade hill and stuck his hand into her skirt.

He touched her thighs directly, slid down her slippery thighs into her private place, and felt a sticky wet. Between her two vulvas, it was more slippery.

When Aiwa’s finger touched her already congested clitoris, the girl’s delicate body shook involuntarily, accompanied by her phoenix-like moaning.

“Oh… Woo… “

The girl’s delicate body naturally twisted, and her face was drunk.

Aiwa was not satisfied with touching the girl’s private place with his hands. He preferred to see the appearance of the vulva. He especially liked to appreciate the movement of the girl’s vulva and prefers the feeling of tender lips biting like babies.

He lecherously lifted the girl’s skirt, put it up and pulled it up until it reached her waist so that the bed of clothes was under her snow-white and plump buttocks.

Aiwa couldn’t stand anymore before the girl’s thighs were all exposed. When he saw the vagina guarded by the sparse pubic hair of a young girl, he could not control himself more.

His big male dick stirred up in bursts, like a tempting, restless warhorse.

However, Aiwa was absolutely reluctant to immediately insert his meat stick into the girl’s carcass, he had to slowly enjoy the delicious meal. Now Aiwa did not face any threat. Instead of resisting, the girl expected his possession and aggression.

Aiwa ripped off her obscene clothes, and two plump breasts popped out. The snow-white, moist and plump boobs made Aiwa dizzy, and the special dragon blood in his body rushed up in a moment.

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His breathing became particularly rapid, and his well-developed pectoralis muscles fluctuated rapidly, and he even felt a little short of breath.

Aiwa knelt directly between the girl’s long snow-white legs and separated the girl’s legs on both sides. Thus, the girl’s vulva was more exposed, showing her delicate, bright red bud lips.

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