Volume 7 Chapter8 – Fantastic Fengming River (Part 2)

When Aiwa bent down, he immediately smelled a strange fragrance emanating from the girl’s vulva, which made him very excited.

He stretched his hands under the girl’s buttocks and held her up, making her beautiful crotch stand up. So Aiwa could just kiss her full vulva.

When Aiwa’s lips just touched the girl’s vulva, the girl’s delicate body shook uncontrollably and moaned, “Whoo…”

The closer to the carcass of a girl, the clearer and more attractive the strange fragrance. At this point, Aiwa could feel how attractive her vulva was depending on his own sense.

Aiwa almost stuck his whole face to the mound above the girl’s vulva. His slippery tongue clung to the girl’s vulva and licked it.


The girl’s vulva has tightened up, Aiwa’s tongue could clearly feel the tightening force from her flesh lip, while a burst of liquid squeezed out from her delicate lips.

After that, the girl’s lips loosened and her legs curled up unconsciously.

In this way, the door of the girl’s vulva opened.

This was Aiwa’s favorite position. Her legs were almost curled up in shape O, and her vulva was cracked. Aiwa’s tongue poked in from her lips and flicked it up in her flesh at great speed.

No man’s tongue could reach the bottom of a woman’s hole, but it played a special role in arousing a woman’s sexual desire. When Aiwa’s tongue tips flicked fast in the girl’s inner lip, the girl’s whole body tightened up.

“Um… Oh… Ah… “

The girl moaned and criss crossed her legs, but she always held her hips up, trying to make her vulva have closer contact with Aiwa’s lips and tongue.

Suddenly, a burst of jade liquid sprayed out. Aiwa seemed to have been ready to put all the liquid into his mouth and swallowed it. It’s a girl’s sex fluids, with incredible nutrition and energy.

He believed that this was by no means an ordinary girl. She must have some secret energy that nobody knew.

Because he had drank two mouthfuls of water in Fengming River, so that he gradually developed a strong desire as well. Fortunately, he specialized in the practice of prostitution Dou Qi, which naturally would not be greatly affected. Moreover, his desire was completely concealed by another kind of emotional desire, that was, the male desire aroused by the temptation of the young girl’s carcass.

Despite Aiwa’s intense desire at this time, the reasons for this desire were neglected. Because whoever saw a beautiful girl, especially a naked girl, would have this strong desire. If even this desire was lost, it must be a physical problem.

When Aiwa’s tongue swept back and forth in the girl’s private place, the girl’s delicate body shook uncontrollably.

And the more he licked, the more abundant the sex fluids sprayed from the girl’s private place.

Aiwa did not let any of the sex fluids leak out at all, but sucked them all into his mouth.

As he licked the girl’s vulva, he put Dou Qi in motion, which soon turned the energy emitted by the girl into his own body.

Even without Aiwa’s licking, the stream of Fengming River was enough for a girl. So, at this time, the girl felt that the desire was strong enough to make her unbearable.

“Ah… Quick… I want…”

She cried painfully, her body twisted more violently, and the honey from her private place had wetted her clothes under her hips.

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Seeing that, Aiwa couldn’t help but lie on her white body.

Only then did he notice how charming her plump and delicate breasts were. Aiwa laid desperately on her breast, opened his mouth and stuck a nipple, then sucked half of her breast into her mouth.

“Oh! Oh… “

When Aiwa sucked her breast milk into her mouth, the girl moaned happily, as if it were more refreshing than just licking her vulva with tongue. But at this time, her lower body was more uncomfortable.

The girl’s hands grabbed Aiwa at random. Aiwa knew that at this point she really wanted him to poke her in with that meat stick.

Aiwa spat out her breasts, kissed her little mouth, lifted her up, and deliberately refused to insert her. The anxious girl finally had to hold Aiwa’s big meat stick and insert it into her burrow by herself.

Aiwa was thrilled, though only by inserting a turtle head.

Her burrows had become rather slippery, and when Aiwa’s big stick entered her carcass, the girl split her legs a little outward.

Aiwa’s body suddenly crushed down.


With a cry, the girl showed a painful expression on her face. But Aiwa didn’t stop attacking, but plunged the root of his desire into the bottom of her hole.

The fragile hymen did not seem to form a hindrance, but only increased Aiwa’s pleasure.

Aiwa, despite the girl’s pain, threw in quickly, and his desire grew stronger. But he didn’t know that it was the Fengming streams that made his desire so strong.

He did not know that if one drank the Fengming stream, as long as men and women intermingled, the power of either side would be doubled.

If one only drank the stream, but no intercourse, he or she would only suffer from sexual torment. And the torture would happen again and again, and it would take a long time for it to fade away.

Few people in the world knew the secret.

It was the girl who drank Fengming stream by mistake before her stirring of love broke out. The mercenaries, of course, drank the stream after their master, but their desires had just broken out, and they were killed by Aiwa and Aini. They had no chance to be tortured by desires, nor to improve their abilities.

If it were not for the function of streams, they would not dare to lay hands on their master even gave them a few more courage. Aiwa felt that killing these mercenaries was a way of doing things for heaven.

To Aiwa’s surprise, it was not easy for his meat stick to enter and exit the girl’s vagina. It’s incredible that a girl, and a virgin, should have such a strong vagina. Even Lisa, whom he called the Devil Woman, had no such power! But he didn’t know that this was the huge energy Fengming stream produced when it mixed with blood in a girl’s body.

He felt the girl’s vagina clip his dick like two steel plates. But with the slippery vagina, Aiwa still had a hard time getting in and out, and the pleasure became more intense.

Before Aiwa was pulled in, the girl’s body kept standing up, her white abdomen had been oozing out fine sweat beads.

Aiwa lowered his head, kissed her mouth, sucked on her tongue, reached under her hip with one hand, and kneaded her elastic buttocks.

At this time, the girl could not do anything to moan, she could only hum a few sounds from her nose, but it was still so touching.

Feeling the delicate tongue of the girl, Aiwa felt that it would be too boring to end the fierce battle too early. He slowly spat out her fragrant tongue, and concentrated on kneading her delicate and plump breasts.

Although the breasts of young girls were full, they were half soft and half hard, apparently not had been pinched. Aiwa was thrilled by the elasticity and roundness of the breasts shape.

He caressed and kneaded the girl’s breasts slowly, and the thick meat sticks came and went in and out of the girl’s vagina in a hurry. Now that the girl’s desire had reached its climax, the vulva had opened up and it’s much more relaxed.

Her sex fluids gushed out and surrounded Aiwa’s hot meat stick. Aiwa also ran Dou Qi, which absorbed the female’s Yin essence into his body.

At the same time, the girl also absorbed the spirit of his body from Aiwa’s plucking through his jade stem, but she absorbed it completely unconsciously. Soon she felt that she was full of strength and that her body was becoming more sensitive. Whenever Aiwa’s dick poked her stamen, she could not help ejaculating the sex fluids.

They absorbed each other’s essence, but they didn’t lose anything, because what they absorbed was the energy transformed by Fengming stream.

Fengming stream came from a mysterious place, which contained unknown seeds of power, which, once absorbed by gifted people, would turn into unimaginable energy.

The girl and Aiwa were just such gifted people. Otherwise, if one drank more streams, he/she would only increase the strength a little.

The slower Aiwa’s insertion, the stronger the desire of the girl.

“Ah… Hurry up… It’s so…”

The girl had already disregarded shyness and split two long snow-white legs.

If Aiwa’s big meat stick hadn’t been stuck in it, he would have seen her big open door.

However, no matter what the girl called, Aiwa was not in a hurry. Every time he inserted, he had to poke his stick into her delicate bud.

This kind of tardiness was Aiwa’s stunt, because he could survive and wouldn’t shoot before a woman’s orgasm.

“If you serve me with your little mouth, maybe I will satisfy you!”

Aiwa lifted up and suddenly pulled the stick out of the girl’s loose vagina.

At that moment, the girl felt that someone had suddenly emptied her viscera. The unpleasant feeling made it impossible for her to express it in words.

“Ah… Quick… “

The girl had no regard for any conditions, she just wanted Aiwa’s quick insertion to satisfy her desire.

Aiwa hooked the girl’s neck and sat her up. Aiwa stood up and bent his legs to make his dick closer to the girl’s head.

The girl blindfolded, opened her mouth, and carried the huge dick to her mouth with her hands.

She did not know how to serve Aiwa. So Aiwa taught her patiently.

He slowly plunged in her little mouth, and the girl carefully wrapped her molars around her sexy lips for fear of accidentally scratching Aiwa’s meat stick.

Aiwa slowly plunged, looking at the girl’s intoxicated expression. Aiwa was satisfied that such a beautiful and noble girl should serve him with her mouth. Judging from the girl’s white skin and her dress, her identity must be very unusual.

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At this point, Aiwa could not help but quicken the rhythm of his plunge.

As Aiwa watched the girl’s intoxicated expression and plunged his penis in her mouth, he suddenly heard a few moans from the other side of the woods.

To Aiwa’s surprise, he heard the voice when he came here just now. After approaching the girl, he realized that it was the voice made by the girl when she was tortured by desire. So who was suffering from desire now?

Aiwa could not help but calm down and listen to the flickering moans, but soon he could not hear it.

He thought it was his own hallucination. So he held the girl’s face again and pulled her messy hair back to reveal her beautiful face.

The more he looked at the girl’s face, the more excited Aiwa was. His big dick made the girl’s mouth full.

Several times he tried to stick the dick deeper, but he still couldn’t bear to do that, so he just let his dick plunged quickly in the girl’s mouth.

When he accelerated, his pleasure became strong. He knew he was going to ejaculate in a little while. He couldn’t break his promise, however, he must satisfy the girl.

So Aiwa pulled the dick out of the girl’s mouth, pressed the girl on the ground, split her legs, and inserted the big penis into her body of desire.

The girl’s vagina immediately tightened up, moaning and fighting with Aiwa. But no matter how Aiwa pulled in, her vagina kept tightening.

However, hundreds of times later, the girl’s vagina suddenly opened, Aiwa vigorously plunged, both of them were spasmodic.

Aiwa suddenly pressed himself down, lay on the girl’s body, no longer rising and falling, the meat stick tightly against the blooming bud, the hot semen sprayed out.

But Aiwa did not know that, at this time, the great princess of the Hass Empire was suffering from sexual desire in the woods.

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