Volume 8 Chapter 1 – Lascivious White Hair Bride (Part 1)

Aiwa felt very strange when he heard the angelical voice. Was there another woman who drank the water of the stream in this wilderness?

Aiwa left the girl beside him and ran towards the woods.

He focused all his attention on the angelical voice, and as he was searching intently, he suddenly felt that he had been hit on his back. Aiwa’s body swooped and rolled away.

Getting up, Aiwa turned and saw that the girl who had just had sex with him attacked him.

“Why did you hit me?”

Aiwa roared bitterly. He had saved her from that painful sexual torment, and now she’s gracious enough to avenge it!

“You’ve ruined my virginity. I’m going to fight with you!”

The girl’s eyes were wide open, and the sword in her hand stabbed Aiwa.

Aiwa had no time to stand firm and could only dodge among the bushes.

“Ah! Don’t be so ungrateful, will you? Did you forget the way you felt just now? If it hadn’t been for me, you would have been raped by your mercenaries!” Aiwa defended while hiding among the trees.

“You’re not a good man either!”

Girls still hold long swords, stabbing Aiwa’s key parts. Aiwa had only one knife. If he threw it out, he would sit unarmed until the girl was killed. Aiwa didn’t want to kill the beautiful girl, and he didn’t want to die, so now he had to go around with the girl in the woods.

“Tony… Tony… Come and help me!”

Aiwa dodged in the woods and shouted Tony. In his heart, he scolded Aini, “This damn guy, at the critical moment, he should not be seen!”

He didn’t know that Aini was also sexually entangled because she had bathed in Fengming River and drank two streams when she was making love with the girl.

At this point, Aini had to put her hand into the clothes, kneaded and scratched the sensitive parts. When she noticed Aiwa coming this way, she ran to Fengming River, trying to overcome her discomfort. Now she didn’t want Aiwa to know her real identity.

The girl didn’t stab Aiwa with a few swords, but she didn’t give up. She pulled out a powder from her waist and threw it at Aiwa.

Aiwa thought that it must be some kind of hallucinogen. He quickly hid his face and retreated. But just after two steps, he suddenly felt that his legs were weak and his whole body could not move.

“Damn it! Damn Tony!”

Aiwa complained secretly, thinking, “I’m going to die in the wilderness before any of my achievements have been established.”

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At the moment of his unconsciousness, he could not help cursing Tony who fled from battle.

Aini ran back to Fengming River in one breath. Before she could get her strips, she heard Aiwa’s desperate shout. In a hurry, she could not wrap her breast around and immediately rushed to the spot where Aiwa met the girl with a short sword.

When she arrived there, she did not see Aiwa. Only the grass on the ground showed signs of Aiwa’s hand-to-hand fight with the girl. No matter how Aini shouted, there was no response from Aiwa.

She suddenly felt a chill. Was that girl cheating? Even Aiwa, such a top player, had been plotted by her?

“Aiwa, don’t scare me! If you don’t come out, you won’t sleep in the same room with me any more! “

Aini screamed as she cast her eyes into the more secluded grove.

Nearby, it’s the only place where people can hide.

The silence around her made Aini feel an unspeakable terror.

Holding a sharp dagger, she watched closely the movement around her and entered the woods carefully. At this time, her foot suddenly stepped on a soft thing, bowed her head, it was Aiwa!

She just wanted to wake up Aiwa, and suddenly a burst of white powder came on her face. Suddenly, she didn’t even see the one who attacked her, then she fell down.

When Aiwa and Aini woke up, they were tied to two big pillars.

“Ha ha… You two guys are in good shape and wake up at once! If it hadn’t been for your extraordinary talent, you would have been poisoned by my insignificant little apprentice!”

Aiwa and Aini looked up and saw a white-haired woman sitting upright on a large carved chair in front of them.

Her shrill laughter echoed throughout the hall, and a few rays of sunlight came through the windows of the hall, indicating that it was early morning now.

Have I been in a coma all day? But why did this strange woman say all ‘at once’?

Aiwa only glanced at the white-haired woman’s face and began to look into the hall. It was absolutely unusual that there should be such a luxurious temple in this wilderness.

“Hello, old lady, where is this?”

Aiwa knew that he had fallen into the hands of others. Even if he was groveling, he may not have a good end, so it would be better to be brave.

“Am I so old?”

The voice of the white-haired woman sounded not really old, just like a girl.

“Look at your white hair, don’t you know? Aiwa said disdainfully.

“Hum! Don’t just talk about it. When I finish, you’ll know your situation! ” The white-haired woman glared at Aiwa.

Aiwa noticed that Aini was still tied to a large pillar nearby.

“You were caught, too? Blame me for calling you, I wouldn’t have called you if I knew it! It’s a pity that I can’t even take care of myself now.”

Aiwa said, looking hatefully at the girl he had raped. At this time, the girl was standing neatly beside the white-haired woman.

“You ungrateful woman! I saved you, but you hurt us!” Aiwa roared.

“Huh?” The white-haired woman looked up at the girl doubtfully.

The girl’s face turned red and said, “They killed my underlings! Master, don’t listen to his nonsense.

“You talk nonsense! It was they who were going to rape you that I killed them!”

Aiwa quickly defended. Although it was not likely that they would be released, Aiwa wanted to tell the truth.

“Xuan Er, you’ve done a great job. Today, Master just told you to fetch some Fengming River water. Unexpectedly, there was an unexpected harvest. You helped Master to get such a good talent!!”

The white-haired woman glanced admiringly at her disciple Xuan Er, expressing her satisfaction with her performance.

“Old witch, what do you want to do?”

Aiwa heard that the white-haired woman saying he was a talented person and thought, “This old fellow won’t have to accept me as an apprentice, will she?”

“Why, are you in a hurry now? You can’t run anyway. I might as well tell you the truth. ” The white-haired woman paused and held out her hand for a sign. Xuan Er immediately handed her a glass of liquid. Her fingers were long and slender. They were beautiful hands, but in Aiwa’s eyes, she was a devil. The white-haired woman took only a small sip and seemed to be tasting it. Then she laughed.

“Today, the soup cooked by the girl has made great progress.”

“Old witch, I won’t be your apprentice. Don’t bother!” Aiwa struggled and felt the rope tied firmly.

Aini looked at Aiwa helplessly, feeling desperate. It seemed that neither the white-haired woman nor her apprentice in front of her were evils.

“Xuan Er has said that both of you are good at martial arts. You seem to be talented people. It’s really good luck to send you two babies to me. Hehe, want to be my apprentice? It’s not that good. I just want to use you as a guiding drug.”

The white-haired woman said slowly.

“Guiding drug?”

Aiwa cried out in astonishment. Only then did he see a large, long table full of bottles and cans. It seemed that the devil woman was making some potion to increase her power.

“Yes, I’m looking around for people with extraordinary talents like you, just to make medicine. You know what? I trained my apprentices in order to achieve the highest level of my ability. Xuan Er, Master has raised you for more than ten years. You should do something for Master too! “

The white-haired woman said as she drank the soup.

“Xuan Er is willing to do anything for Master!”

Xuan Er said firmly that there was no hesitation in her eyes.

“Are you willing to do anything Master wants you to do?”

The white-haired woman suddenly lowered her cup and looked at Xuan Er seriously.

Xuan Er hesitated for a moment and then simply answered, “Yes.”

“Take your Price, would you like it?”

Xuan Er was stunned when she heard the words. Everyone who practiced martial arts knew that a person’s Prime was the foundation of the promotion. If Prime was taken away, she would never want to practise martial arts in her life.

Of course, it’s not something that could be taken casually. The predator must first reach a very high level, otherwise, even if he had achieved the Prime of others, he would not be able to turn into his own essence.

As a martial arts practitioner, Xuan Er would hesitate to hear that Master wanted to take her Prime.

“It’s Xuan Er’s pleasure…” Xuan Er answered hesitantly.

“Of course, the Prime of ordinary people is a dime a dozen! After all, Master has nurtured you carefully for more than ten years, which is incomparable to others. You… are not bullied by this guy when you went to fetch the stream, aren’t you?


Xuan Er heard Master’s question and quickly denied the fact that she had been raped by Aiwa.

“You Old witch is too vicious, aren’t you? You even want to take your apprentice’s Prime!”

Aiwa felt that the white-haired woman was so evil. Of course, the most important thing for him to provoke contradictions between the two sides was to get a chance to escape.

“Of course I won’t hesitate to take your two Primes. Just now when you were unconscious, I checked it out. You two little guys are really rare talents. I will take your two Primes in a minute, and my ability will be doubled quickly. Ha ha ha ha…”

The white-haired woman laughed furiously again. Aiwa and Aini sounded rather harsh. Even Xuan Er was a little afraid of that kind of laughter. She didn’t realize that Master had raised her for more than ten years just to get her Prime.

However, as a disciple, she had little room for resistance. Obedience to Master’s intentions was nothing more than a lifetime of not wanting to practise martial arts, but if there was any resistance, she would be killed.

“Take our Primes?”

Aiwa was shocked. It was more serious for him than killing him.

“We’re both clumsy people, or we won’t have been caught by your apprentices. What kind of talent can we have? You’d better go to somebody else. Lest you muddy your own primordial Qi, and in vain for decades.”

The white-haired woman laughed and said, “As I said, I’ve just checked, you two are rare talents, and I don’t want to give up. Ninety-nine beautiful girls outside, together, are not as good as my Xuan Er, and you two are twice as strong as my Xuan Er. How can I give up on you? You don’t have to worry, when I suck on your Prime, you will get pleasure that ordinary women can’t give you, and you just lose the chance to improve your ability in the future, you are worth it.”

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